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What would you do if you were invisable for a day?

posted 3/29/2008 11:22:58 PM |
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tagged: fun, straddle

Okay, what would any of you do if you were given the opportunity to be invisable for a whole day? Take this as a serious question. If given the opportunity for a day to be invisable I think I would get on a plane and visit California and check out the hollywood tv studios. Maybe check out any womens restrooms as well....

This is another Straddle classic blog from a little over a year ago, and I thought that I would repost it for the newbies. But everyone is welcome to comment on it.

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Mar 29 @ 11:30PM  
Of, I forgot....since I would be out in Cali I would go to the Playboy Man.

Mar 29 @ 11:32PM  
Hollywood studios? Bank vaults come to my mind. And soroity houses.

Mar 29 @ 11:33PM  
football locker rooms

Mar 29 @ 11:38PM  
Soroity houses, okay, but as for banks, nah, I couldn't steal anything that didn't belong to me.

Mar 29 @ 11:40PM  
Well...I WAS going to say Hooters locker room or a strip club but with my luck, time would run out & they'd see me standing there givin' ol' Dusty a good yank..
Could go over to this girls house - I kinda' got a thang for her - text her with how I feel & see her reaction.... is the cell phone invisable too?

Mar 29 @ 11:40PM  
Does the name "De Beers" mean anything

Mar 29 @ 11:42PM  
No, all objects would be

Mar 29 @ 11:45PM  
I would head straight for Washington, and the Oval Office, and then to The Fed chairman’s office..... hummm DeBeer's sound nice for my third stop

Mar 29 @ 11:47PM  
What is "De Beers"?

Mar 29 @ 11:52PM  
Diamonds Shawn Diamonds

Mar 29 @ 11:59PM  
I would love to say that I would be drawn to the nobler things, but thieving and debauchery sound good as well.

Mar 30 @ 12:03AM  
I would pobably go take a dump on my neighbors door step........ .........I dont like that guy much. but I will give you a KUDO

Mar 30 @ 12:05AM  
Xdcfx, how come you don't like your neighbor?

Mar 30 @ 12:11AM  
Damn it, Xdcfx, where's my worthless kudo you promised me???!

Mar 30 @ 12:14AM  
Thanks for reminding me about the KUDO I was on the phone when I wrote my comment. But my neighbor is just a noisy jerk he pulls into his driveway at 3 am with the stereo loud as hell and he is always just so damn loud.

Mar 30 @ 12:15AM  
The usual...I'd go tto both a womens and mens changing rooms at one of those swanky health clubs and get my perv on...I'd do a spot of groping too if the talent was good...

Maybe even pop around to BKs house and subject him to some indecent touching, lol.

Mar 30 @ 12:17AM  
Damn lucky Jim!

Mar 30 @ 12:26AM ...ME??...(dances around the room with a feather duster in a pink tootoo)
Please don't be invisable...please don't be invisable teaseing li'l lama you...

Mar 30 @ 12:31AM  
I think the real question here is.......does groping feel the same from an inviable fem, as it would if fem wasnt invisable?

Mar 30 @ 12:32AM  
I'd sneak into the Cadbury factory and see how they really really get the caramilk inside those little squares!!!

Mar 30 @ 12:33AM  
Probably get hit by a car crossing the street.

Does anyone remember the old saturday night live halloween sketch about dangerous costumes? One of them was all black and labled invisible pedestrian.

Mar 30 @ 12:39AM  
Honestly....WHO THE FUCK CARES!!! Just did a google on lamas & it said they have a talent for groping...

Mar 30 @ 12:47AM  
and for some odd reason, I got this urge to find out how they get the caramilk inside those little squares.

Mar 30 @ 12:49AM  
@ Xdcfx's comment!

Mar 30 @ 12:52AM  
Tiz a good question....Kitty...what would you really do in a factory with all that chocolate & caramilk?

Mar 30 @ 12:57AM  
The real question is....

If someone was invisibly stroking your cock or maybe lightly licking your pussy, would you freak out or just let it happen...

I think i'd just let it happen. It'd be weird but kinda hot at the same time...

Mar 30 @ 1:01AM  
Oh hell, I would freak out, but try to enjoy it at the same time...

Mar 30 @ 1:01AM  
Straddle my friend...thanks for initiating this intelectual discussion.
Fem, this calls for some research...anyone got a link for grants?

Mar 30 @ 1:43AM  
I think i'd just let it happen. It'd be weird but kinda hot at the same time...

I'm with you. I think I would too

Mar 30 @ 3:05AM  
invisible for a so much i could do so little time

Mar 30 @ 9:21AM  
I would go to the bunny ranch in vegas & book a room with all the women. Also, would visit my "friends" here on AMD & surprise them

Mar 30 @ 2:01PM  
I wouldn't want to get laid... some dumbass would see a woman spread eagled and cornhole my invisible ass

Mar 30 @ 2:20PM  
some dumbass would see a woman spread eagled and cornhole my invisible ass

Anyone got an extra keyboard? Canu just made me spray Mt. Dew all over mine...
BUt what an ego boost....the guy would think... I'm deep inside but there's 8 inches between us...DAMN I'm HUUUGE!

Mar 30 @ 2:21PM  
@ canu

I would board a plane to Pennsylvania

uh... I guess I'd have to board one twice before the day was over.

Mar 30 @ 2:56PM  

I think I would spend the day licking Deviousfems clit.

Mar 30 @ 3:23PM  
Would be a lot of people running around with sore asses.....
No you pervs....

Would be from me kicking em as hard as I could, for varying reasons....

Apr 13 @ 8:09AM  
I'd be nekkd in public

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What would you do if you were invisable for a day?