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Would you pee on your lover if they wanted you to?

posted 3/27/2008 9:51:25 PM |
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tagged: kinky, foreplay, fetish, straddle

Have any of you ever encountered someone that you were dating, or maybe even your lover that wanted you to pee on them? I have joked with Kim about this. She in no way would ever do this. Doubt that I could ever do that as well to someone I was dating, or with a lover. I couldn't do that to Kim....but then she wouldn't want me to anyway. Would any of you actually pee on your lover if he/she wanted you to?

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Mar 27 @ 9:56PM  
ummmm HELL NO!!!

Mar 27 @ 9:57PM it's back to the kinky stuff huh?

ummmm.....yuk! Nope! No Way!! Not even if he offered a million bucks! (would have to offer a billion...then I might think about it. )

Mar 27 @ 9:58PM  
Yes, done it & had it done to have to understand as long as it's on your body & you can't taste it. It's like having warm cum all over your is hot as hell.

Mar 27 @ 10:00PM  
Damn i like alot of things but couldnt do way...

Mar 27 @ 10:02PM  
Maybe! I would only do it in the shower and wash it off.

Mar 27 @ 10:05PM  
Sorry, Loveyoulongtime, no shower involved in this.

Mar 27 @ 10:32PM  
Straddle, I'd pee on you if you wanted me to.

Mar 27 @ 10:36PM  
Ummm....PurpleP., I'll pass.

Now, for a woman to do the dirty deed, maybe!


Mar 27 @ 10:54PM  
If my lover all of a sudden announced they wanted me to urinate on them, it wouldn't be long before they were not my lover anymore.

Mar 27 @ 10:55PM  
I've had it done to me....Just not allowed anywhere near my face!
But, I don't think I could reciprocate.....If I had a wiener I

Mar 27 @ 11:02PM  

hell no I'm cat food not kitty litter

Mar 27 @ 11:17PM  
I don't think I like that.....

Mar 27 @ 11:20PM  
Yeah why not! I personally don't get off on it, but if my partner does then why not.
I've peed on a guy once before. I can't say it turned me on at all but he seemed to like it!

Mar 28 @ 12:01AM  
Funny you should bring this up.
because just the other day this guy wanted me to do that.
No I didn't until I was intoxicated, and even then I didn't want to, but I just couldn't hold it.

Mar 28 @ 12:17AM  
WIth my very first sexual partner (long term boyfriend) he wanted me to pee on him while I rode him - honestly, I tried, but couldnt relax enough to, so it never happened! Cant see me doing it now either!

Mar 28 @ 12:59AM  
Well as long as it was me on him,and not him on me.In other news,R&B singer R.Kelly spotted in the vicinity of this blog,more news as it develops.

Mar 28 @ 1:11AM  
Well as long as it was me on him,and not him on me sexy, NAUGHTY girl you
In other news,R&B singer R.Kelly spotted in the vicinity of this blog,more news as it develops.
I just peed on myself.... (is that hot?)

Mar 28 @ 1:22AM  
i have had someone thought i peed...he didnt know i squirted...

Mar 28 @ 1:36AM  
he didnt know i squirted... THAT turns me on! Sorry folks to change the subject but a woman who squirts.....oh boy....I gotta' go

Mar 28 @ 1:39AM  
Done it in a shower and he loved it so I guess as long as I'm the Pisser and not the peon, it's all good.

Shawn - you are scaring me again with these questions!! Are things really that boring up in Ohio/WV/KY triangle??


Mar 28 @ 1:48AM  
No way, that "Appalation Triangle" is more to the east of me.


Mar 28 @ 1:50AM  
Oh, and that squirting comment Dumblonde I'm HORNY!!!

Mar 28 @ 1:54AM, ahhhhhhh...........hell's long as it's not MY!!

Mar 28 @ 1:58AM  
Chocolatemilf, you really wouldn't do that while riding a guy would ya?

Mar 28 @ 2:51AM  
What was once considered "fringe fetish porn" has matriculated closer to the main stream with the dawning of the internet.

I was thinking about water sports and scat play just the other day...

At what point are you so over sexed that you feel this activity is what you need for gratification? I mean seriously... How much sex does it take for you to reach this point in your life?

I'm not knocking people for their sexual desires I'm just baffled by those who enjoy being urinated or excremented upon. This bodily functions are not really sexual in nature. While urine is sterile when it leaves the body, fecal matter is not, yet you see people playing in shit on the web over and over.. google scat see what I mean.

How does one broach this subject t begin with? Honey, will you piss on my face?" that just doesn't sound sexy to start with...

I really have to question anyone who looks at another human being as their personal urinal or commode to be pissed and shat upon for their own pleasure... even verbally too for that matter.

Mar 28 @ 3:14AM  
well put hillbilly talkin' ....don' like to git shit on

Mar 28 @ 4:00AM  
hell YA!
would be an everyday thing, but i'm ok with it and kinda excites me reading it.

to each its own.

whats good for one is not good for all. but i would have no problem with it

Mar 28 @ 5:21AM  
i don't know if i want her to pee on me.. if things got so good and it just happened maybe... but as for peeing on somebody else.. i don't think so

Mar 28 @ 8:36AM  
I can't answer that!!!

LOL Just kidding. My answer is no, I wouldn't. But I will say that I've felt a sudden urge to pee (I hate that word...I prefer "use the bathroom" :) during sex, and it seems my lover would prefer I just go than stop and let me go!

Mar 28 @ 3:06PM  
Not on your life!! Or make that his!!

Mar 28 @ 6:49PM  
I knew someone who told me that was one of his turn ons , but it never came to fruition.

Mar 29 @ 3:27AM  
*Considers climbing to the top of the blog and peeing on everyone... changes mind doesn't want a sex offender sign in his yard*

Mar 29 @ 4:05AM  
@ Canu's comment!

Now that I think about it.... even though it would be between two consenting adults, could you still be labled a sexual offender by pissing on that person during sex?

Mar 29 @ 7:45PM  
I have chatted with a few guys that enjoy pissing on a woman;s tits,,, and in theory I can almost understand the appeal. emphasis on the word "almost"

one of the things about sexuality I find fascinating is the sheer diversity. It is mind boggling the different things that ppl find is equally mind boggling to me the things I can get talked into and end up enjoying.

I like to think in terms of priorities rather than absolutes. I never say never, but I have to admit golden showers are pretty low on my list of kinky things to try,

Mar 29 @ 8:17PM  
Been there, done that. He loves it and i doesn't hurt me one bit to fulfill his fantasy.

Apr 13 @ 7:49AM  
Some people in this world I wouldn't pee on if I could light them on fire first.... just sayin

Aug 1 @ 4:58AM  
It is one of my fetishes; I love golden showers.

Aug 1 @ 7:02AM  
There are a couple of graves I plan to piss on. They just gotta die first.

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Would you pee on your lover if they wanted you to?