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Losing my ass

posted 3/27/2008 3:54:57 PM |
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I work in an office with 22 women. Having said that you can understand that you will always find chocolate, somewhere, on someones desk at any given time! Too many sets of ovaries in there not to have it handy! Also the air becomes laden with the scent of artificial butter every afternoon around 3 p.m.! It's popcorn for those that have hit that 3 oclock wall after lunch! So it's really no wonder at all that many of us in that office have weight issues. Plus with that many employees there is always someone having a birthday or something.....cake, pie, cookies......can be found at least once a week in the break room! Let's not forget the holidays as well! When every single attorney or land title company that we do business with bring in armloads of gourmet goodies, luckily the bank sends cases of fruit or we'd all be dead of sugar overload by Jan 1st every year. Needless to say I've gained right along with most of the office in the 8+ years I've been here!

A few months ago several had joined Weight Watchers. An excellent organization, don't get me wrong, but their fees have gone up considerably since their inception! Some of these women were paying $12.00 per week just to meet and be weighed in! Not to mention the cost of the food! We talked about it and came up with a much cheaper solution! One of the women brought in a copy of the weigh in sheets they used there, another brought in a set of electronic scales and we set up our own weigh in! Instead of a high fee, we each throw $1.00 in the pot each week, weigh in and record it on one of the sheets. At the end of the month the biggest loser would get all the money! Believe it or not the skinniest, smallest woman in the office is keeping track of the sheets and the money! We knew she wouldn't laugh, make fun, tell anyone else what we weigh.......and then there was the added bonus of if she did she knew we could all snap her like a twig!

Now I didn't join in the first couple of months. I made plenty of excuses to them and to myself. I'm somewhat of a maverick, a loner if you will, I'll just do it on my own. And I did with limited success. I would lose a few pounds but they would mysteriously come back and usually bring friends to the party they were having on my thighs and ass. But this month I joined in. I wore the lightest weight clothes I could each weigh in day and still not get arrested for indecent exposure! Each time I would write my numbers down on the slip and slide my $1.00 across the skinny gal's desk (which is covered with goodies and snacks ALL the time! disgusting huh?) I had gained a tenth of a pound the second week which just encouraged me to try that much harder through the next week. I had that incentive as someone else was looking at those numbers ya know! Well it was with trepidation that I climbed on those scales yesterday morning. It was after Easter and the boss had brought in chocolate for us all, plus the jelly beans floating around in abundance all through the office. I was pleasantly surprised with yet another loss and slid my dollar across the table as usual! I had lost 4.8 pounds total over the month! I didnt' think it would be enough to win the pot but I was pretty happy with it! So imagine my surprise when I was called to come pick up my cash! $28.00! Not a great windfall admittedly! I won't be retiring any time soon! But hey it was $28.00 more than I had when I came to work today! Believe me it made it alot easier to eat a healthy lunch today!! I passed all those jelly beans right on by!

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Mar 27 @ 4:04PM  
That’s a great idea!
The cash is a nice bonus but the best part was losing the weight.
If you win enough cash pots you could buy a new outfit to show off that great new figure!!!

Mar 27 @ 4:13PM  
Great job!! It is rough and I have noticed the older I get the harder it is...If you need a cyber support buddy let me know...I am going on 37lbs lost so far...been a few weeks now since I got weighed but I think at least a few more pounds have been keep up the good work!!


Mar 27 @ 4:14PM  
Good for you Stormy. I wish I could find something to motivate me like that. I have lost the same 10 pounds about 20 times in the last couple of years.

Mar 27 @ 4:17PM  
The only thing I am loosing is my memory. Here's your Kudo.

Mar 27 @ 4:24PM  
You go Stormy girl... Kepp up the good work sweetie. Way to go. Here's your kudo.

Mar 27 @ 4:29PM  

Stormy I'm proud of you. You keep going girl.

Mar 27 @ 4:33PM  
i looooooove jelly beans.............$28 bucks will buy a lot of 'em......... and if you lose any more ass.........just let me have it..........i'll put a real butt on this blow up............

Mar 27 @ 4:34PM  
Thanks y'all! The weigh in here is really helping me! Just being accountable to someone else! I've lost and gained at least a million pounds over the years and while I never wanna see a size six again (I'm large frame and look anorexic at a 6) I would love to see a size 10!

Mar 27 @ 4:37PM  
Way to go, I wouldn't cry at almost 5 pounds.

Drink Lots of water, easy on the carbs, and walk. You'll be surprised how fast it will come off. I take a tap dance class twice a week. Great fun and it aerobic. Do what you need to do.

I'll challenge you to 8 pounds by April 30th. That's two pounds a week, Any Takers?



Mar 27 @ 4:40PM  
I bet that ass is just fine as your photos are! Women need to stop competing so much since men admire women all the time, no matter what type they are!

Mar 27 @ 4:41PM  
I'm guilty of keeping 3 little cups of candy on my desk. I don't like sweets, so it's not an issue to me, but it's my little way of getting the guys to come in and stop by my desk daily at work....Shhh!!

Mar 27 @ 4:42PM  
Just think of all the chocolate you can buy with the $28.00. Then again use half to buy chocolate and pass it out to the other ladies and you may win again next go around.

Just kidding LBS congratulations and keep up the good work.

I for one know that as I get older it goes on a lot easier than it goes off.

Mar 27 @ 4:52PM  
Yeah HT is it harder the older we get to take it off! Piles on much easier than it comes off!
Bparlog I appreciate the sentiment, But I'm not doing this to help me attract a man! I'm doing this to feel healthier and live longer! I've got arthritis in my feet and knees. So the heavier I get the harder it is to get around without pain! Then there's my favorite past times of riding, both motorcycles and horses, both are much easier with less ass on the seat or saddle!

Mar 27 @ 5:08PM  
Now that is something to be proud of!

I just wish healthy foods were not the most expensive of choices we could all live better....

Keep up the good work

Mar 27 @ 5:15PM  
Good deal and good idea!

Mar 27 @ 5:56PM  
Good Job!!

Mar 27 @ 6:25PM  
Cool idea.Keep doing what you're doing

Mar 27 @ 6:38PM  
First, Great Job, LBS! I have been trying to lose but being onthe truck all the time doesn't really help matters! So, [QUOTE]I'll challenge you to 8 pounds by April 30th. That's two pounds a week, Any Takers?[QUOTE] I will take you up on that challenge Blue! I don't have scales in the Truck, but, I will buy some!
Oh. Kudos LBS!

Mar 27 @ 7:28PM  
yeah for you LBS When i quit smoking my crutch was twizzlers I still can't get off them. Yeah and here is your green kudo no cookie today!

Mar 27 @ 9:25PM  
Maybe we should form a little group here on AMD and call it AssWatchers.

Mar 27 @ 9:41PM  
You know we did something like this at my old job. But we put in more than a dollar and the biggest looser after 3 months won $600+ dollars which was really awesome because she lost 30 pounds. It's great how much the support of other's makes a big difference.

Great Job LBS!!

Mar 27 @ 11:29PM  
Last month our newspaper started a community weight loss challenge based on the T.V, show. You joined in groups of 4 so me and 3 girlfriends joined. They had a total of 57 groups.

Well....for me, February promptly went to hell and I was so depressed all month. Had to go on blood pressure meds and restart taking my blood sugar readings and a bunch of other crap. Weigh-in in March was a joke...I gained three quarters of a pound...consolation was the other 3 didn't do any better.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to knuckle down and get with it. I was doing so good but my scales would go down...then up. I was so discouraged because I was trying, exercising and not cheating.

So yesterday I bought a new scales as the one I had I'd bought used at the thrift shop. This morning I got on the scales to find I've lost 11.4 lbs in just under two weeks!!!

Now I'm confident that I'm gonna make it to my goal by early summer...finally after nearly 4 years and it will be a grand total of 100 lbs!!! (I only have 29 lbs more to go...maybe less.)

You go can do it!! I join the challenge too!

Mar 28 @ 1:10AM  
I guess it just boils down to saying ...nope ..I ain't gonna eat that stuff...old Bort should take his own advice....I've piled on some pounds this year.

Mar 28 @ 3:12AM  
Although if you truly loose your ass... we will organize a search party for it thats just the way we roll

Mar 28 @ 10:08AM  
Although if you truly loose your ass... we will organize a search party for it thats just the way we roll

Believe me when I tell you this, what i lose of my Back side, I do NOT want back. If I loose if from my Boobs, then I start looking for it. Any weight below the waist that goes missing, will not be missed.

What to Join the Challenge, Just e-mail me before April 1. Already have two takers.

LBS, Just gave you a No-Cal green cookie. Great work.


Mar 28 @ 1:05PM  
Luckily or unluckily (depends on how ya look at it I guess) I never seem to lose "the girls" got down to size 6 jeans, 119 pounds, still had to have size 12-14 shirt cos the girls were still with me!

Mar 29 @ 8:04PM  
That's a Great Idea!!! Good Luck with the weight loss!! Save up your winnings to buy yourself something pretty and smaller!!

Mar 30 @ 9:05PM  

Kudos to ya!!!

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Losing my ass