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WTF is going on here?

posted 3/27/2008 9:41:01 AM |
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tagged: rant

I haven't been on this site all that long but feel I connected with some here. Now they are dropping out like shit out of a well fed goose. Good people cancelling their accounts. The long timers not blogging.

But I see more and more of those, I call them "desperate" types blogging with one track minds. No one seems to answer them. That's one good thing. Don't encourage them.

In the past few days I have recieved a ton of mail from "cyber sluts". "Take a look at my nude photos"........ "Can I suck your cock"......."I liked your profile, do you want to trade nude photos"...... ........One even had one that had me thinking she was genuine, in my area and willing to meet.......Then she sent me a link to her website and wanted me to pay to see her nude photos. (that after several emails back and forth)....... Really wasted my time.

If I am getting that sort of mail then what must you women be getting with all the "desperate" here now. Or has it always been this bad and I just didn't notice it until now?

Is anyone turning these people in to the moderator?

Thats my rant for the day................

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Mar 27 @ 9:46AM  
Don't feel bad...I'm still here....C'mon, I'll give you a hug, will that make you feel better?

Mar 27 @ 10:02AM  
Is anyone turning these people in to the moderator?

The reason it's been so quiet around here IS the new mod. With all the fighting that's been going on, a long-over due mod is here to restore order and keep the peace. I know - it's oddly quiet around here...but I hope that in the end things will pick up but without as much negativity.

As for the scammers and desperate wanna-fuckers...seems to be the nature of this beast. We all have to put up with it! I think it's safe to say, if she looks like a model and leads you off-site right out. Most women I know around here prefer to keep things here until they feel good and comfortable, so that might help.

Come around on Saturday...some of us think of it as Sexy Saturday and post nothing but naughty stuff! But not me...I'm a good girl! I would NEVER dream of posting sex stuff!

Mar 27 @ 10:05AM  
It's definitely strange here lately. I got the same one about wanting you to join some bullshit to see her pics. WTF? she doesn't even look that good.

I think most of those folks will be back, it's all about some drama.

Mar 27 @ 10:19AM  
I don't bother with those cyber sluts that there only mission is to take you to their site. Seen them before and I just delete them. But some are quite clever and put in the time to lure you into their "pay webs" I do realise this is a free to join site and everyone has that right to join.

Sexy Sat.................... Sounds like something I would like to get in on. Only problem......I usually work EMS duty on weekends so the married folks can be with their families.

Don't get me wrong......I like to see female nude pixs as well as the next all American male. I just ain't going to pay to see them.
But I guess some are that desperate......


Mar 27 @ 10:21AM  
The ebb and flow of life on the internet it will pick up again.
I go by the rule of thumb if they want to go somewhere other than here before I’m ready that’s a big red flag.
Heck this is a free site why does anyone need to leave Free????


Mar 27 @ 10:33AM  
But not me...I'm a good girl! I would NEVER dream of posting sex stuff!

Oh, who you trying to fool????

.......... ............ ...........

Mar 27 @ 10:36AM  
I qualify as a long timer. I had a blog deleted by the powers that be that was about belching in third grade when all of us kids were singing. What that told me was that if they are going to be that anal retentive, fuck it, it is not worth my time to post it.

I have not commented on too many blogs lately because very few of the posts interest me at all.

In due time folks will come back, perhaps lurk, to see how it is going and if it is worthwhile. Hopefully, we get some blog posts that are more interesting to more people. That is about as politely as I can express it.

Mar 27 @ 10:42AM  
R U saying that Sxze wasn't sincere.........

"picking the wool back off my eyes"...........


Mar 27 @ 10:45AM  
Work has me by the short hairs runnin different hours and shit for the inventory this week. So I havent had time to be terrorizin the blogs or forums much. New story is being formulated during all this time, though....just need time to put it to text....

*Wicked Laugh*

Mar 27 @ 10:50AM  
Welcome to my world...(and others) ! Yes...I turn them in...don't be too is hard to find true blue friends...ya have to work at it...nothing comes easy...Best Wishes! Bunny

Mar 27 @ 10:59AM  
Yes it has been very very quiet around here...glad to see you on everything cleaned up and back to normal well as normal as can be after that?

Mar 27 @ 11:04AM  

Every time I get one of those Emails I report them to the site as everyone should do. They can't do anything about it if you do not report them.

Mar 27 @ 11:14AM  
Some of them will be back and hopefully start blogging again, soon....

But not me...I'm a good girl! I would NEVER dream of posting sex stuff!

You know, Dayna has often told me that a person can go to hell for lying, just as easily as for stealing...... So, with that in mind...would you like to retract that statement, Nomi....

Gee, Bruce, you didn't like my, life is great, head in the clouds, blog last night? sorry..

We all have to put up with it!
Now wait a minute, I got 4 this morning that promised undying love and affection for the rest of my life.. ( well maybe they meant infection until it brought me death) And one said that I was everything he had ever wanted and looked for all his--23--years of life... Is 23 old in other countries?

Mar 27 @ 11:16AM  
I'm here only until my gold runs out on the 16th of April. I enjoy writing blogs, and I know that the new mod has been deleting blogs from certain people, not saying there is a reason, but it makes me wonder if there is one. However I see no point in writing blogs anymore if they are just going to be deleted. besides, I was taught at an early age, if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything. Therefore I remain quiet, and will just refer to myself as J.A.F.O

Mar 27 @ 11:17AM  

Mar 27 @ 11:18AM  
Yes it has been quiet and yes, I'm getting more than usual "wanna talk sex/webcam/do phone sex...sometimes I answer with a clipped NO...sometimes I tell them if they'd have read my profile essay they coulda saved themselves the trouble of asking, sometimes I report them.

As for getting back to some blogs that are interesting...speaking only of my own...I will do that once I get my firvolous story blog finished. Not all enjoy those but enough do that keeps me writing them from time to time...and once I start one I need to finish it.

So better, more "meaty" (no pun intended) will be forthcoming soon from the resident Grandma.

Mar 27 @ 11:50AM  
Yeah it has been that way for awhile harley.... Most men arent looking to get to know you just want you to cyber and be done with it....I have noticed that they arent quiet as bad as they use to be.... Thank God..... but then again there arent many out there like you hon......

Mar 27 @ 12:45PM  
I have noticed that they arent quiet as bad as they use to be

LMAO hon, are you talkin about the same site we are? I think it got twice as bad as it was. J.A.F.O.

Mar 27 @ 12:46PM  
yeah I've noticed alot of quiet time myself and no I don't comment much anymore. Everything happens while I'm at work and then when I get on blogs are gone so I can't even read what happened. So I just don't know I want my friends back All of them and the bickering is just like a real family but we don't kick them out so I just don't know

Mar 27 @ 12:56PM  
cyber sluts

What's a cyber slut? I just know you can't be referring to sexually liberated or open minded women...............right.?

Mar 27 @ 1:21PM  
What is a cyberslut? I think he's referring to those women who would write and say:

"Take a look at my nude photos"........ "Can I suck your cock"......."I liked your profile, do you want to trade nude photos".....
you know, that sort of thing.

Mar 27 @ 1:23PM  
Oh, I see how you are, Sunshine79 and casuallylooking...I thought y'all would cover me on this one but okay...I'll spill it...

I love porn and erotica!!!

Whew! I actually so much better now! Thank you!

I just ain't going to pay to see them.
*pssssst! find a nice exhibitionist and hang on for dear life! I don't know any personally, but I hear they really do exist! I'm just sayin'...*

Mar 27 @ 1:24PM  
Oops...I meant, I actually feel so much better now! They got me all flustered!

Mar 27 @ 2:05PM  
I'm not on much because.. well the weather is nice... and uh... If you sit facing your computer, you have your back to the rest of the world....

Mar 27 @ 2:42PM  
I'd tell you but its so sci-fi you'd think I was lying....

Mar 27 @ 3:54PM  
I have been a member for about three years, and I come on for maybe 5-10 minutes a day to read the blogs and see if anyone local has joined. In three years I put up 11 blogs and about 160 forum comments.
There is a lot of drama on here and basiclly one person stirs it up. That person is just laying low now and waiting to attack people. That person fools a lot of people with kindness at first but will turn on them in private e mails to the "Friends List" and stir it up in the background. That person is one unhappy person. That person sees this site as their make believe world and if anyone wants to change that make believe world they are in for nasty attacks.

Mar 27 @ 4:21PM  
I seldom comment on blogs; generally by the time I get around to reading them anything of value to be said has already been said.

I believe you actually have two topics in your bog.

1. Where have some of the people gone? The answer to that may be subjective according to who you want to listen to. Lately there was a lot of bickering and word fighting going on in the blogs. Now every time I have ever seen an argument, fight or bickering going on there were at least two parties or sides engaged. Such was the case on AMD. Now I for one am not sure how or why events happened the way they did or who did them but it seems that some how the moderators or moderator chose to bring things under control by eliminating one side of the squabble. Now that is JMHO but it does seem like one side of the dispute is deleted, suspended or cancelled yet the other side is still here. Hell, my making these comments may result in my being cancelled. In the past I have commented on blogs that if you disagree with the topic then debate or attack the topic. Sadly some tend to want to make it personal and attack the individual. I have always believed that to be a common ploy generally used by individuals who are losing the debate. For prime examples all you have to do is turn on the TV and watch what is going on in the political arena. As soon as one person or party seems to pull ahead because they have better ideas, plans, etc they start being attacked personally rather than their ideology. Enough said on this but in any event as a result a lot of individuals are gone and it seems that suddenly the blogs have become very dull and uninteresting for the most part though there are still a few good ones occasionally posted.

2. Where has all the "cyber sluts" come from and is anyone doing anything about them. Some women have discovered that men will pay to see them strip and/or play with themselves on camera. But first they have to find cliental and what better place to find horny men with PCs than AMD. And as for anything being done about them; well every time I get one of those I hit the abuse or spam button. I have discovered that most are cancelled within 1-2 hours though a few lasted a little longer.

Like to also say that if you are going to have a rant for the day at least you had a good one.

Mar 27 @ 4:41PM  
Now that is JMHO but it does seem like one side of the dispute is deleted, suspended or cancelled yet the other side is still here.

I'm not sure who all is gone now, but I do know of 3 people who canceled voluntarily. I also understand that some people chose to do some "house-cleaning" of their own and deleted their own blogs and pictures. I also can see - as well as anyone else can - that several members had some of their privileges temporarily suspended...people on both sides of the most recent fight.

Blogs being deleted..well, personally, since 3 blogs that were very specifically intended to hurt, bash, or embarrass me were deleted in this wave of housecleaning, I don't really care who deleted them - they should have been deleted right away, not weeks, months, or in the case of one - over a year to be deleted. Now, some blogs we're not sure why they were deleted, but I know that many that were should have been. If I owned this website, I certainly wouldn't keep hatred-filled crap around for the whole world to see. Of course, that JMHO.

Sometimes things seem one-sided when really it's a matter of only knowing one side.

Mar 27 @ 5:41PM  
You correctly state,
Sometimes things seem one-sided when really it's a matter of only knowing one side.
However, the key word in your statement is “sometimes”. Since I did not know either side that is why I felt that I was justified in expressing what I believe to be MHO.

For the record I did not post my comment to stir the pot, cause another debate, fight etc.; I was only attempting to respond to what I perceived an unanswered question. As the old saying goes “I never had a dog in that fight” and had I, then I would have stuck to the topic and debated the issues without attacking anyone’s character or them as a person.

I did not side with any party or parties on either side because I do not get embroiled in personal attacks and as an unbiased, impartial observer the few blogs I did read I saw character assassination going on from both sides. Also, as an unbiased, impartial observer, I do not care who, what, why or how got suspended, deleted, cancelled, removed etc. but it still remains MHO that the end results appear to have been one sided. I will not say anymore on this topic because all it will result in is stirring up the embers and enflame individuals into new or further animosity; especially those individuals who only know or only want to know one side.

Hatred and personal attacks are wrong in any venue. They achieve no purpose except serve as someone’s attempt to make themselves feel superior while attempting to make another feel inferior. I did not see the blogs to which you refer so I cannot comment on them. However, I do know that whenever I had a problem with anything I saw posted I voiced my complaints to the moderators and it was always resolved.

In any event this issue has been overcome by events and is best left buried. It cannot remain buried if it continues to circulate in the blogs. Therefore anyone wishing to elicit further response from me regarding this issue should email me directly. Otherwise I am done with discussing it.

Mar 27 @ 6:45PM  
a person can go to hell for lying, just as easily as for stealing.

Can a person also go to hell
for lacking a sense of humor at a flatfoted deadpan obvious


Mar 27 @ 7:05PM  
Gee, I wouldn't know. Can a person see the little whistley guy and figure out that I was joking in return? DUH!!

Mar 27 @ 7:13PM  
Hey harley, you will find what your looking for just ignore those type of women..they come & go your a good guy. Tease.

Mar 27 @ 7:34PM  
Yep...I'm here. I got grounded too for a couple hours or so first...not really even enough time to notice...than again for a whole day! Ah well...I'm sure someone thought I deserved it...

As for the blogs...yep I had at least one that I know of removed...a few more I deleted on my own because I knew the reasons I wrote them were not for the good of the site.

As for moderators...well, it's not as bad as I thought it would be...but still...for now everyone (pretty much)is being nice and getting least were they can be seen. Who knows what's going on behind the scenes...or for that matter...who cares?

Not me.

Mar 27 @ 9:03PM  
Wow, I sure have missed a lot around here lately.
This is very sad.


A Mod? HERE?

Why in the world would they delete this:

about belching in third grade when all of us kids were singing

?????????? I don't understand. I guess I better go read the TOS now.

Mar 28 @ 9:00AM  
Good morning my friends. First thank you for all your comments.

Another morning, a different attitude. I logged in to read some good blogs and found several with "looking for someone to take pity and "fuck me" types. Then found my mailbox with 3 that all I can describe as "cyber sluts". Check out my nude photos...for a price.....Wanna fuck.....Translated....wanna jerk off to my cam or photos...... The worst part is having to take my valuable time to delete all that shit........ .......

If you feel it or think it.......... blog it. Then hope to get some people with an IQ higher then their middle finger to post comments to it. I'm please to say, with this blog, as some of my past ones.................mission accomplished........

Hey Sxze......happy to see you finally admitted your as warped as the rest of us. I was wondering if you just found the wrong site here when you were really looking for the "Virgins Unite" site...............

"itsallforfun"........yup......the mess is pretty much cleaned up and life here back to some resemblance of normal.


Mar 28 @ 9:24AM  

I love porn and erotica!!!

Same it movies..watching..being watched..

pssssst! find a nice exhibitionist

Sxze..hush girl!! Don't be giving away my secrets's even harder to find a voyeur for that exhibitionist

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WTF is going on here?