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On Becoming a Man

posted 3/27/2008 3:55:19 AM |
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Well folks...Today is my birthday. Yup sixty two years old....

Several years ago, I suffered from a life threatening illness, that almost killed me, but changed my way of thinking in a profound way. Before that fateful time, I was one of the most self centered people on the planet. I thought the whole world revolved around my wants and needs.

When I arrived at Hospice, I was barely able to walk from chemo therapy and was clinically depressed. They took me in as one of their own and helped me get back on my feet with compassion, love and understanding. They taught me the greatest gift you can give someone is yourself.

I got rid of the macho shit and finally became a true man. A man who needs to help others less fortunate than himself. Now that I am healthy, I still go to Hospice on a regular basis and give my time and energy to those who need it most. I can hold my head up like a real man and fight the good fight.

One thing for sure is ...I'm not a saint..I've got lots of problems just like everyone else, but I like myself now and I don't take myself too seriously.

Thanks for reading this...Professor Pan.T.Borty

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Mar 27 @ 4:00AM  
Happy birthday man

Mar 27 @ 4:01AM  
Happy Birthday, Borty!

Mar 27 @ 4:05AM  

Dear Professor Borty !

Having known you for about a year now. I can truthfully say.
In my book you have alway been not just a man,..but a very
caring, loving man who gives joy and pleasure to all who know
you, and to those who read your blogs. I think you are a great
guy and a good friend,

Yes you are a MAN.

And here's a greeny.

Mar 27 @ 4:08AM  

Darn my friend. I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Mar 27 @ 4:34AM  
Happy Birthday Borty..


Mar 27 @ 4:38AM  
Happy Birthday, Borty....

I hope you have a beautiful and rewarding day.


Mar 27 @ 4:52AM  
Hope you have a wonderful day and many more trips around the Sun.

Mar 27 @ 4:57AM  
I have know you online only for about 9 months. You have been an inspiration to me with you lite heartiness and words of wisdom. I am truly honored to call you a friends.

Mar 27 @ 5:09AM  
Happy Birthday You're The Best!!!!

Mar 27 @ 5:25AM  
Happy Birthday Borty, what kinda panties do you want for a present??

Mar 27 @ 6:07AM  
happy birthday professor.........

Mar 27 @ 6:14AM  

way cool !!

and THIS is the bomb.....i can relate...thanks for the reminder....
I suffered from a life threatening illness, that almost killed me, but changed my way of thinking in a profound way.

your gift from me n mrs ynot.................

check em out whenever you want

Mar 27 @ 7:20AM  
I love you sweetie

Mar 27 @ 7:41AM  
They taught me the greatest gift you can give someone is yourself.
Wouldn't it be nice if more people learned this lesson......

Happy Birthday, Borty. You truly deserve to have a great one!!

Mar 27 @ 7:56AM  

Mar 27 @ 8:10AM  
HAPPY BIRTDAY Professor Pan T. and many more my friend.

Mar 27 @ 8:30AM  
Happy Birthday, Borty!

Mar 27 @ 8:36AM  
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dearest borty happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu

be grateful you can't hear my voice

Mar 27 @ 8:51AM  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETY!! Have a great day!!

Mar 27 @ 8:55AM  
63 fancy panties heading your way!! Enjoy!

Mar 27 @ 8:58AM  
Happy Birthday you old phart.......... 62.... Despite your setbacks you have done well.

"throws borty a greenie as I am out of panites to send him"

Mar 27 @ 9:10AM  
Yanno Borty sometimes it isn't a life threating illness that grips you and gets you turned can also be an emotional illness that renders one dysfunctional. Mine dogged my footsteps all my life and it's taken me 5 years of self applied "chemo" to stop the slow destruction of who I am as a person and I had to travel that road alone.

The end results for you and I are the same...I know now it's not all about me. It's in the giving that we receive. Healing comes in many ways and it's not always in a pill we take, and it will always start in a heart change.

To me you are a man in every sense of the word...and I see it coming from your heart.

Happy are catching up to me... but don't let that scare ya...I'm not getting older...just better...and so are you!

Mar 27 @ 10:15AM  
Happy Birthday Borty!!!!!

I’m glad you’re healthy now!
That you give of yourself by volunteering is a greater gift than you know.
It is the only gift that helps both the receiver and the giver.

With all my best wishes have a great day!

PS I’ll send you some panties to add to your collection!

Mar 27 @ 10:20AM  

And welcome to your new life. You've chosen well.


Mar 27 @ 10:36AM  
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Happy Birthday Dear Bortttttttttttttttty!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Hope they're the right size and color!!!!!


Mar 27 @ 10:40AM  
Happy Birthday, Bro...

Mar 27 @ 10:41AM  


It feels good to know you've become a better person, doesn't it? Feels really good.

Sorry I don't have any panties to send you, I haven't seen any in quite a while.

Mar 27 @ 11:23AM  
Happy Birthday Borty and a kudo to you!

Mar 27 @ 11:42AM  
Most know that I'm far from a Saint as one could be;but learned from a different experience how to be a man. Jess and I regularly work at the local womens and homeless shelters and I can tell you that it is much more satisfying than "giving at the office".

Mar 27 @ 11:56AM  
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Mar 27 @ 1:10PM  
Happy birthday, Borty!! I enjoy reading your blogs. Hospice people are the greatest!! About 3 years ago, I had a fiance that was diagnosed with liver cancer. He only lived for another 6 weeks, but he was in hospice care and I can never say enough good things about them.

Best wishes to ya!!

Mar 27 @ 1:38PM  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Borty! Thanks for's a Kudo (Idot' have any panties to give)

Mar 27 @ 1:49PM  
What a beautiful blog! You deserve to feel good about yourself - your life, accomplishments, and revelations!

Happy Birthday, Borty Baby!


Mar 27 @ 2:50PM  
Go party in some panties and enjoy your day! Happy Birthday!

Mar 27 @ 7:07PM  
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y BORTY!!! Hope you get everything you wanted on your special day.

Mar 27 @ 7:39PM  
Happy Birthday Professor!!!!

My but you don't look a day over 59..............

Mar 27 @ 7:42PM  
Hope you have a Wonder Filled Day!!

Happy Birthday!!

Mar 27 @ 7:53PM  
Hope you're having a great Birthday Borty!!

Mar 27 @ 10:01PM  
Happy Birthday Gary, Another year wiser my friend. Love you........ Kimmie.

Mar 28 @ 7:41PM  
Belated Happy Birthday. I hope my second chance works out the same as yours. I can use your birthday speech as an inspirational speech.

By the way, any word from your attorneys on the edible panties deal for my GPS units.

Mar 29 @ 3:52AM  
We gotta talk.... your tin foil panties block my pussy control ray... I been working on a gizmo that shoots a horny ray at women....

We need to compromise here

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