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What's the gas prices where you're at?

posted 3/26/2008 11:43:03 PM |
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tagged: gas, straddle

Damn, a barrel of oil has gone up another $5 today. Looks like gas prices are going to jump up .75 cents more maybe before the weekend hits. Generally in good ole' southern Ohio gas prices are much more than other parts oh Ohio it seems. Here it's $3.39 a gallon for the regular unleaded. In the Cincinnati area I know it around $3.26 a gallon. Now, in southeastern Ohio it's about .5 cents cheaper there than here. What's the gas prices right now where you live?

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Mar 26 @ 11:49PM  
An arm, a leg & my left nut !! LOL !!

Was $3.19, now $3.25 for unleaded.

Mar 26 @ 11:52PM  
@ Paladin's comment. Well, at least your gas is cheaper where you're at than here.

Mar 26 @ 11:53PM  
Here in Marysville Ohio it was 3.25 a gallon a couple of hours ago...fraid to see what its going to climb to now...this is why I dont go anywhere...cant afford to drive...

Mar 26 @ 11:54PM  
About 3.17 near me at the moment.

I don't remember if it was straddle or someone else that brought this up a long time ago, but there is a site that can be very helpful to find the lowest prices for anyone's area, and you can also join and help spread the word about prices in your area to help others find the cheapest available.

gaspricewatch dot com

Mar 26 @ 11:56PM  
Yep, DKW, that would be my blog from last year where I did a gas prices blog, and I think it was you that threw that same link up as well.

Mar 26 @ 11:58PM  
Not sure of the conversion but up here in Canada its $1.23 a litre where I live

Mar 26 @ 11:59PM  
Btw, why do I get the feeling that gas prices in my area are going to be one of the highest if not the highest in the country?

Mar 27 @ 12:00AM  
It was 3.09 for regular, this morning. No telling what it will be tomorrow.

Mar 27 @ 12:00AM  
Well, when I used to have to drive back and forth from illinois to alabama and back a lot, it saved me some decent cash, thats for sure.

Mar 27 @ 12:06AM  
Here in my part of Ohio.. It is 3.45$ a gallon.. and going up... really sucks...

Mar 27 @ 12:10AM  
$4.10 for Diesel last week
Using my seeing eye card from now on....I dont' even want to know

Mar 27 @ 12:11AM  
$3.22 High Point, N.C. but a few places seem to be "out" of regular, so you have to buy higher octane which is around $3.70

Criminals running our country.

Mar 27 @ 12:13AM  
In the Atlanta area...regular is running about $3.15/gallon....but i've seen $3.13/gallon too.

Mar 27 @ 12:14AM  
3.39 by work
3.55 closer to home
and probably around 4 downtown - the loop

Mar 27 @ 12:34AM  
Paid $3.23 today......Stupid gas guzzler.....

Mar 27 @ 12:37AM  
Sunday it was $3.38 a gallon.
Diesel was $4.09 a gallon. that is just so rediculous. It costs less to produce and when diesel vehicles first came out the big selling point was it was so much cheaper to run them..

I found an old check book registry a couple weeks ago and I went through it. I had my Honda Accord then and I had filled my tank after running back and forth to work all week and probably the store and whatever else the prior weekend, for $9.00...... If I would put $9 in my car now,it would probably laugh at me...

Mar 27 @ 12:38AM  
I think I'm going to fill up tomorrow before it really hits us Friday, or soon after that.

Mar 27 @ 12:43AM  
Hovers between $3.09 and $3.19.

Mar 27 @ 1:02AM  
Since I'm always being told I live in the past, gas prices here is at high. Nearly $1.75.

A report I was trying to watch while being attacked by three "starving" children stated that gas prices are so high is due to a record high profit margine by the manufacturers. That kinda dumbfounded me more than normal. The price per barrel is being driven by investors and the manufaturers are taking advantage of the situation.

So if you are one of them rich people investing in oil shares please stop because it's affecting the rest of us.

Mar 27 @ 1:04AM  
It's $3.89 for the cheap stuff right now here on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

Mar 27 @ 1:09AM  
saw an article last week - week before
price of oil was dropping due to fears the economy was crashing
guess it's recovered

Mar 27 @ 1:23AM  

In So. Oregon $3.43

Mar 27 @ 1:28AM  
Chuck, Kim tells me that Oregon is the only state that requires an employee of a gas station to fill up one's car in all of Oregon. She jokes around that people in your state can't put gas in your own car. Is your state the only state that does this, or is there and other states out there that does this as well?

Mar 27 @ 2:32AM  
It's $3.09 in Houston. If you get 50 miles of more away you will see $3.25.

Mar 27 @ 2:32AM  
Low: $3.23

High: $3.79

Mar 27 @ 3:32AM  
im glad my grandpa drives and i dont
it saves me money lol

Mar 27 @ 3:36AM  
too damn high

thats how high

Mar 27 @ 3:36AM  
As of my trip all over the state last weekend Eastern Washington is 3.46
Middle Washington was 3.79
Way Western Washington was 3.43

Mar 27 @ 5:24AM  
around $3.70 for me

Mar 27 @ 8:40AM  
It's $3.15 a gallon here in middle Tennessee but they are cutting it with at least 10% ethanol and charging regular gas prices. My Hemi don't run very good on corn juice.

Mar 27 @ 8:48AM  
$3.25 for regular, but I can get it at Costco for $3.09

Mar 27 @ 9:15AM  
Cheapest I found is S. Carolina. Hot Spot at $3.08. Augusta, Ga. cheapest is $3.18.

New Jersey also don't think people are smart enough to pump their own gas. You can't pump your own in Joisey. Least last time I was through there.

What pisses me off is that when you use your credit or debit card to get gas, at the pump, it will shut off at, either, $50 or $60. A couple of my trucks will take $100 if they are around 1/4 when I fill them. You can't fill it without redoing another transaction. What's up with that shit?

Mar 27 @ 11:10AM  
unleaded is 3.23 and the premium stuff is like 3.50 where i'm at now

where i came from which was northern va... unleaded was 4.10 and i didn't even want to look at premium

Mar 27 @ 11:12AM  
this is probably the worse and most horrifying blog you have put on here... why would you need to remind people that gas sucks?

Mar 27 @ 12:33PM  
Not sure of the conversion but up here in Canada its $1.23 a litre where I live

That's $4.67 per us gallon...and with the exchange rate being so close to par...that's a lot...

Mar 27 @ 2:49PM  
Everybody fed up with gas prices thank a republican!

Mar 27 @ 3:23PM  
Oh I forgot to thank a republican

Mar 27 @ 6:21PM  
Now Canu, we all know that it's the oil companies that are paying their employees outragous salaries to where gas prices are so high!

Mar 27 @ 9:01PM  
When I left work was at $3.35 for regular unleaded, and diesel was going for $4.19 a gallon.

I am seriously considering riding a bike to work this summer. The cost of filling up my car is killing me!

Mar 27 @ 9:13PM  
Sugar, still a little cheaper than here.

Mar 27 @ 10:07PM  
Got some at $3.03 today.

Mar 27 @ 10:11PM  
Damn, Loveyoulongtime, now that's pretty damn cheap!

Mar 28 @ 8:17PM  
here in Australia its an average of $1.47 per litre,not sure what that equates to in gallons.

Mar 28 @ 8:20PM  
Oil production hit a 15 year high.... what is the thing about supply and demand?

Vote Democrat

Mar 29 @ 1:03AM  
Folks, if you think gas prices are going to be any better with a democrat in the oval office, better think again. They will tax more on the gas we use, more than what it is right now. Watch your wallets!

Vote Republican!

Mar 31 @ 10:28PM  
Prices run between 3.15 and 3.19 (for now). Thursday morning it was 3.09 in Jefferson City, and a girl I work with said she'd seen the prices going up (she lives down around Lake Ozark) as she was coming to work. So I ran down and put a few bucks in the gas tank. Sure enough, on the way home, I saw it had gone up to 3.15. I try not to let the tank get below 3/4 tank--too damn expensive to try to fill up past that. It's bad when you have to budget to be able to get a full tank of gas. Let's on the table or gas in the tank? You decide!!

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What's the gas prices where you're at?