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Should sex offenders be required to have a sign in front of their house?

posted 3/25/2008 10:58:38 PM |
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tagged: sex, crime, straddle

I heard earlier tonight on tv that a sexual offender in Kansas plea bargained in court and was then ordered to have a sign in the front yard of his house, and a sign on the side of his car stating that he's a sexual offender. Don't get me wrong, I don't sexual offenders, but I feel this goes too far. Raw emotions fly everywhere in todays society over things like this. But to have a sexual offender advertise that their a sexual offender is asking for problems. Last year I did a blog on something like this when Ohio started forcing sexual offenders to have special license plates for their car. My blog was split on agreeing with that and not agreeing with having to sport that on someone's car because of other family members having to drive the same car which could put their lives into danger with peoples raw emotions. Do you think this is going too far with both a sign on a house and car?

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Mar 25 @ 11:04PM  
They might as well keep them in jail. Not saying the punishment shouldn't extend for a lifetime, but no matter where they go they'll be run off.

Mar 25 @ 11:05PM  
no scarlett letter?

I have no opinion
none I'll voice til I've read
"the rest of the story"

Mar 25 @ 11:06PM  
I guess in a way, it's nice for us to clearly see and know who that person is. But, in turn, it can be a very bad and hazardous thing. I'm not sure I agree with it.

Mar 25 @ 11:13PM  

Think before I'd state an I would want to know if he is a Sex offender,
or a Child Molester. It would make a big difference in their treatment
as far as I'm concerned.

Mar 25 @ 11:17PM  
That is going to far.
It's like what the Nazis did to the Jews. Making them wear the Star of David.
I think that's terrible.

And I understand you would want to know, but I wouldn't. I want to judge a person on who they are now, and not what the government says they are.

Mar 25 @ 11:22PM  
Once you step over the line and rape a woman or molest a child you are basically forfeiting the right to...well....Rights.

Molestation and Rape are both so psychologically damaging to a person. Why should a sexual predator be allowed to coast through life happily while their victims have to bare a very real and horrific internal cross for the rest of their lives. So it embarresses them?

So they get beaten up? So their lives begin to seriously stink? To be honest, they deserve it.

I assume that it would all depend on the severity of the offence as well.


Mar 25 @ 11:31PM  
Consider this Straddle...actually consider this everyone who defends a sex offenders rights...

If your daughter was raped
She was held down, slapped around and restrained and forced into submission by a man she doesn't know who then degrades and humiliates her and strips her of her right to safety. She's shell shocked. She refuses to leave her house because she's afraid of being attacked. She can no longer be intimate with her husband or anyone for that matter because she feels dirty, worthless and used...And she spends 2 days a week for the rest of her life trying to put the peices back together while on the couch of some therapists office.

...As an adult, would you say "Aw, let the guy live his life, it was a one time thing, he's learned his lesson"....

Imagine your Daughter, your grandoughter, your neice...being fucked and manipulated by a Paedophile. The internal scars she'll bare for the REST of her life. The trauma, loss of trust, feelings of isolation, god SO many things that will contribute to a very tortured and at times unhappy life.


Mar 25 @ 11:38PM  
Well, you know I wouldn't like it if my daughter was in that situation. But really, you have to draw the line somewhere on how far people, the government take it. Seems like murderers get off easy more than sexual predators these days. I feel that once that person has done the time then they should have to continue registering with local authorites to keep track of them. But to have it advertised in such a public way, no, I don't agree with that at all. For one's safety on either side, it's not the best move in my opinion. Now, if a sexual offender has done this more than once, then you should be required to have surgery taking away his "manhood".

Mar 25 @ 11:38PM  
In many states a 17 year old that has sex with a 15 year old is labled as a sex offender. And will be listed as such for a lifetime. Should a 24 year old teacher that has sex with her 16 year old student be labeled a sex offender forever? If there are signs, then they should at least state the severity of the crime. But one thing for sure, I'd rather over protect my kids then under protect them.

Mar 25 @ 11:43PM  
You're right, PurpleP. about a 17 year old and a 15 year old. That to me is no big deal. Even a 19 year old being involved with a 17 year old isn't that big of a deal when they're seeing each other. As for someone passed 20-21 being involved with a minor that's 17, that's where you should draw the line in my opinion. I think people take the "mob mentality" a little too far in todays society.

Mar 25 @ 11:53PM  
I would hope that they''d be discerning and not just label anyone a "sex offender". Such a severe punishment would obviously be completely unfair if it was merely sex between a 15 year old and a 17 year old....

BUT rapists and child molesters definitely deserve all that comes there way.

Mar 26 @ 12:08AM  
Got a couple comments to add here. First, I don't think such overt lables are a good thing. Simply from the perspective of the people who have to LOOK at the signs, why should such an unsettling fact be brought to the forethought of our minds everyday when we pass a sex offenders house that may happen to be in our neighborhood? Thats just the beginning of why I don't like it, but I feel just for the peace of mind of the innocents, not having these glaring signs is better than having them.

Second, there is much more that can be done to punish, deter and remind sex offenders of their crimes behind the scenes, without making everything public. One such thing they do to repeat offenders (I think this is who they do this to) is chemical castration....i.e. they kill the offenders sexual drive and capabilities through hormone therapy and what not. If a rapist has his balls figuritively chopped off, then we don't need to put a sign on his car to make him pay for his crimes after his sentence is up.

I had more thoughts, but they escape me at the moment. If I remember them I'll add more.

Mar 26 @ 2:09AM  
I think they not only should have a sign in front of thier house , I think they should have it painted on thier car, I think it should be fingerprinted into their IP address on thier computers , and tattooed on their fourheads as well.

Mar 26 @ 2:34AM  
"A man on a crowded bus slips and jostles a woman" yeah give him a sign....

I think I'd be more okay with severe penalties for sex offenders if we make only severe crimes sex offenses...

There are too many things that get you labeled a sex offender that shouldn't... we clear those up then we can talk....

Mar 26 @ 3:38AM  
There are too many things that get you labeled a sex offender that shouldn't

As far as that goes, I agree, The poor sap that gets lied to by a 17 year old that looks like a 20 in a bar? no. But the bastard that rapes a 90 year old lady, or an innocent child? yes stack the signs as high as you can.

Mar 26 @ 5:11AM  
Figuratively, if not literally, yes. But I agree it would/could definitely present a problem for any family members/other residents who happened to live in the same house or drive the same car.

But, having said that, I believe the neighbors have a right to know there is a sex offender living in their neighbor, particularly if he/she is a pedophile.

Of course, we should also just assume there might be predators living among us (because there are) and take reasonable precautions to avoid them and especially to protect our kids. When my daughter was little, I didn't let her out of my sight for a minute. I don't remember what age she was when I even let her walk to the store by herself, but I remember it wasn't until I thought she clearly understood the rules about strangers (and even acquaintances) ...and even then that's not total protection. But you can't be with them and hold their hands the rest of their lives; at some point you have to let go and trust and hope that they will be kept safe from harm.

Having said all that; I don't think convicted sex offenders should be allowed to live in society at all. If they were in prison (preferably on death row) where they belong, then that would take care of the housing/car problem, for sure.

Mar 26 @ 5:19AM  
I don't see how I can edit the post I just made, so I'm forced into making a double post...cuz if I wait til later, I'll forget..

There is no comparison about doing this to what the Nazis did to the Jews. The Jews were innocent. Sexual offenders are not.


In another post it was mentioned about sexual offenders being labeled as such unjustly.

I'm curious to know in what way people are accused of sexual offenses when they are not legitimate..if you're talking about outright lying, I'm sure it happens sometimes..but I think I read somewhere that it's like 1 or 2 percent of reported rapes are determined to be questionable.

Anyway...if you don't mind, could you elaborate on your statement so I can keep on track with your thought process?

Mar 26 @ 6:11AM  
Can we go a step further and make them wear a large funny hat that would be a complete inconvenience to them and anybody so that way they can be picked out in a crowd and people can point at them and go "eewwww its a bad man" and people will know from a distance to keep your kids away.

Mar 26 @ 9:58AM  
such contraversey! Sex offenders are as stated above if your boyfriend is 18 and your 16 he is labeled for life! I don't think that is fair yet when a man rapes a woman in reality he is a sex offender. But does that mean he should be destroyed for life also?? Since when does 2 wrongs make a right? Are we so blood thirsty that man no longer has compassion?? Amazing isn't it??

Mar 26 @ 12:01PM  
As someone who deals with pretty much the scum of the earth on a daily basis. I see more to this argument. I believe laws should be changed, to differeniate between sexual offenders and sexual predators. Most know I live at Lake of the Ozarks, one of the largest tourist drawing lakes in the Midwest. Until August 28, 2004, if you were caught peeing off the side of your boat you were charged with sexual misconduct and required to register. However rapists that commited their crimes prior to 1995 are not. Laws have changed and I do believe that government is working on better legislation for dealing with such offenses. I see many cases where the guy was in his early twenties, the girl was 14-15 and led him to believe that she was 18. I feel she should also be charged with something! However a man or woman in their 30's or even much older that is having sex with a 15-16 yr old or even younger.......bullshit. You can tell they are young....shouldn't be so stupid!
As for ruining the rest of the offenders life, anyone that molests, rapes or harms a child or a grown woman for that matter......has in effect ruined the rest of her life. Yes, that rapist/ molester should feel the pain on a daily basis for the rest of whatever life they have left. Once you've sat through testimony and watched a child choke back tears while trying to tell what the bad person did to them, tears of horror running down their little red and embarrassed faces, you can just imagine thewhat they've been through, then the horror of a trial itself and the fact that their lives will never be the same. Never normal. All of the firsts that they should enjoy as a maturing teen, first kiss, first caress, first time.......all taken away. Many never form solid loving trusting relationships. Others become overly prosmiscious in an attempt for attention. I have my own private thoughts on what I deem proper punishment for these perpatrators, but they're probably too graphic to post even here. Sorry for such a long post Shawn but it's one of my biggest peeves!

Mar 26 @ 12:29PM  
Lisa thats a good point...

Okay i giant sign that says what you did... because if you are 18 and your girlfriend is 16 then sure thats not as bad as being like 40 and you had sex with some 8 year old...

So just being on the offender's list isn't it you should say what you did... because hey if were dating some girl that was 2 year younger then you i would be fine with that if you moved next door vs that creapy old guy who has the large econo van with no windows and a bed in the back with no kids and he has the playskool Christmas line up in his yard

Mar 26 @ 1:26PM  
Sorry...I have 0 tolerance for sex offenders, past and present....It's just wrong, period.
and until the punishment begins to outweigh the perceived benefits of doing the crime, we will always have them...

Yeah, I know, it's all fun and games until YOUR daughter/son/wife gets you won't object to the authorities keeping track of the culprit, and informing EVERYONE about his past activities...and if the culprit is a convicted sex offender that had moved into your neighborhood, you'll be screaming "Why wasn't I TOLD he was living here".....just sayin'...

Mar 26 @ 3:52PM  
The human capacity for persecution of minorities and pariahs
is too common and intense
to encourage further public persecution of people with a severe medical problem.
People who have committed all severe crimes --
including sex crimes -- should receive maximum physical and psychiatric rehabilitation
while they are serving their sentences so they can be discharged into the community safely.
Persecuting them further accomplishes no legitimate social purpose.

Mar 26 @ 7:18PM  
I want to address what Deviousfem said,
I understand I wouldn't want that happening to any of my children, but at the same time, there are people who are labeled Sexual Offenders by the state, or the government, when they didn't do what any regular person would consider a crime.

Mar 26 @ 8:11PM  
Imagine your Daughter, your grandoughter, your neice...being fucked and manipulated by a Paedophile. The internal scars she'll bare for the REST of her life. The trauma, loss of trust, feelings of isolation, god SO many things that will contribute to a very tortured and at times unhappy life have a very good point. I know from what you are talking about as my niece was the victim of a pedophile. He put her through hell for a long time before her brother finally told us what he saw....he is now in prison...and personally..I would rather he NEVER see freedom again. But, that's my opinion I guess. But I say this now...that sick s.o.b better NEVER go near my niece again if he ever gets out of prison.

As to the original first reaction would be to say "yes"..but, that's a reaction based on what happened with my niece...When I actually sit back and really think about it...I hate to say this..but no, the shouldn't be made to put a sign of that nature in front of their house. Simply because it would cause more harm than good. Neighbors not wanting to stay in the neighborhood, those who stay, could take the law into their own hands, etc.

Personally, as far as I'm concerned, a convicted pedophile should be locked up for life. Just my opinion though.

Mar 26 @ 9:26PM  
If the boyfriend is 18, he's an adult and she is 16, she's still a minor (unless the age of consent is 16) so, if he has sex with her, he's committing a crime. He should find someone his age or older, or at least wait until she is an adult before he has sex with her. I don't know why an adult who's already graduated from high school, presumably, would be dating kids who are still in high school....of course..I didn't think anything about it when I was not yet 17 and got pregnant by my 22-year-old boyfriend but my mother was absolutely livid. Knowing what I know now, I can't blame her.

Mar 28 @ 2:26AM  
I thought I would revisit this blog...

I read most of the comments and really can't help but wonder if others did the same. The term sex offender paints with too wide a brush to use it to say "should pedophiles and rapists". Sex offender covers too many people who really are not sex offenders.

First I want to say "what if" What if it was your brother, dad, or husband who had a sign in his yard saying "3d degree sex offender lives here." when his crime was urinating behind a tree in a deserted park?

Secondly I want to remind everyone that the purpose of laws are to promote civility. A law such as this would promote vigilante justice. That may sound good to some, but vigilantism is the antitheses of law and order and a massive crack in the foundation of civilization.

The government already oversteps its constitutional authority with the sex offenders registry. We do not have a "home invasion registry" or a "drunk driver registry" ...

If we are to be a nation of laws then all laws need to be applicable to all people, lady justice does wear a blindfold for a reason.

I am not condoning rapists or pedophiles these crimes are heinous, reprehensible, and the perpetrators deserve sever punishment. People who feel strongly on this issue should turn their strong feelings into positive changes.

Work to rewrite the laws drawing distinctions between the heinous crimes and the ones which are lumped into sex offender's category which should not be. Then push for tougher sentencing guidelines for reprehensible crimes.

The notion that ostracizing any person will make them a better member of the community is fallacy. We can not make good community members of people who are not a part of the community.

Granted there are those crimes and criminals that warrant a person to be locked up for life... and removed from society, lets paint with a fine enough brush so that only those persons who deserve that strict of punishment are punished that way.

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Should sex offenders be required to have a sign in front of their house?