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Email Blues...

posted 3/25/2008 9:39:37 PM |
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I am fairly new to this site, and so far I have been dissapointed with the way Men have approached me on here so far. Yes, I understand this is a Sex Dating site. But seriously...Why do Men have to be Sex Pigs...? Most of the emails start off saying..."I want to fuck your brains out" " I want to lick you till you die" "I want to ram my hard cock in your wet pussy" "I need to pork you" ...ETC...ETC...ETC... None of these lines get me in the Mood, as a matter of fact they really TURN ME OFF...!!!...

I have had a few appropriate emails and I have started communicating with a few gentlemen. Their not all bad, but the majority are.

I am a woman and I need to be approached with some class and dignity. Even if it is just for a 1 night stand or to get FUCKED...!

Most Guys Don't Know What Women Want & How Attraction Really Works...So here is a helpful site to get you Men in tune with what women want...

This is not to Man Bash...I just think it may help a few men get to the next level with a woman, verses getting their emails deleted and to be BLOCKED.

I hope everyone is having a great evening...


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Mar 25 @ 9:41PM  
Because thos are the men that have no morals and had to resort to this website as their only way of 'gettin any'. But dont worry hun, those messages are easily deleted and you can make time for the more respectful men out there, like me lol, j/k

Mar 25 @ 9:45PM  
There is more than a few idiots on this site but there is an abundance of nice guys too. If you'd like i could give you a nice foot rub until you find what you are looking for.

Mar 25 @ 9:48PM  
it's cyberspace
it's anonymous
do what ya wanna
who's to know it's you?

Mar 25 @ 9:58PM  
I think a lot of it has to do with the provocotive picture you have posted as your primary pic. Try posting a toned down one and having the one you have now in your photo folder. Also the nick kind of attracts all the horndog's.

Just saying... men are wired for the visual... but there are some awesome respectful, intelligent and funny men here too. Like real life you have to dig through some crap to find them.

Mar 25 @ 10:02PM  
No big mystery. Guys who can't get laid in the "real" world turned to surfing the web because they have heard all kinds of great stories. They find an "adult dating site" and immediately assume it is FULL of horny women who will fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime. I mean, why else would they be here, right?

So, they join a site like this, send the same letter to EVERY woman within 500 miles and just wait for the good times to roll in. They spend about 2 weeks either getting ignored, or told to piss off....... and they leave in search of that holy grail, the honey hole...... the dating site with horny women who'll fuck any..........

Oh..... wait....... the question was WHY do they do it...........
Because they are lazy morons.

Mar 25 @ 10:06PM  
it's not your pic
or the name
and they aren't "lazy"
although they are moronic
they don't have to own up for their actions
a pig pen gone wild
yep - men are pigs
it's the degree of piggishness that separates us

Mar 25 @ 10:08PM  
Thanks for the input Dangerous...

My passion is photography and I took the photo of my tushy myself ( took 52 shots to get it perfect) and It was done in good more exposure than one would find on a beach...right>?

I think what you said about "you have to dig through some crap to find them" Hit it just right.


Mar 25 @ 10:16PM  
Sorry, KissMyThong... but the guys here are probably overwhelmed with hormones when they see your pic, and their other "brain" takes over if you know what I mean... I couldn't help but feeling a little frisky myself.

Mar 25 @ 10:17PM  
it's cyberspace
it's anonymous
do what ya wanna
who's to know it's you?

Keep thinking that, you would be very surprised at what some can find out when they go a searchin............

Mar 25 @ 10:21PM  
well its all part of the cyber thing i guess...

out of the 3 sites i'm on its all the same...some people just don't have the scruples that others desire.

but don't let it get you down, i have a feeling that the people that (male and female equally) do that ignorant stuff just don't care if you block them and get a kick out the attention they get through these blogs. it feeds their egos and they get even more offensive and insulting when you give them any kind of satisfaction that they pissed you off.

Mar 25 @ 10:26PM  
too bad that the one's who need this information can't/won't read........

Mar 25 @ 10:31PM  
Whew...Nice jeans kozmik_wave...

OMGosh...I`m turning into a SEX PIG...

Mar 25 @ 10:32PM  
O.K.... but you have to admit its confusing .

Sorry, but you have to admit it is funny... on the bright side you have managed to keep that ass of yours rather toned. I was going to hit on you, but then I realised you were just a tad bit to close to my mothers age... and that would just be wrong.

Though you do have the ass of a 17 year old.

Just take us in stride.

I wish more girls would approach me asking to fuck. I haven't had that happen since christmas two years ago (if she hand't had had a child my age...). Can you imagine just how much we guys pray for that kind of attention? Kinda hard for us to see it from your perspective.

It may be best to be a little more understated if you wish for understated responses. Keep the thong pic, but perhaps use another as your main picture. A nice facial shot would do the trick. If you have what it takes to show your face on the web that is.Otherwise perhaps just a shot of the thong by itself (sans ass...perhaps covering the face). That would be enough to discourage some of the dogs and perhaps even encourage some shy gentlemen to approach (lets admit it ladies, the only gentlemen there are... well they are either shy or ugly).

P.S. yes this is me joking. I'm actualy come off as a rather nice guy in personal letters. This is just an impersonal form of communication, blogging. Uh "blog"... sounds like a dirty word from startreck. Oh "blog".


Mar 25 @ 10:34PM  
You're just experiencing the dumbing down of America honey. It's very real and beginning to be very scary! My hot little wife is afraid to even answer an e-mail now!

Mar 25 @ 10:54PM  
Those coments are from the same guys who don't get laid in real life either...and if they do, it's either a miracle or they pay for it!

No matter how sexy or slutty a woman is dressed or appears in her pics, you never use the opening line "Let's fuck" unless you have a relationship with the lady and she knows you.

Not all men are pigs, just PLEASE ignore the A-holes and find the good guys out there and don't hold the idiots perfomrances against the rest of us.

Mar 25 @ 11:04PM  
I agree, opening emails statements like that are pretty tastless.

Mar 25 @ 11:05PM  
loved the chappelle clip....

Mar 25 @ 11:13PM  
Most men need all the help they can get for sure. No respect for themselves anymore so why should they respect others.

Mar 26 @ 12:06AM  
but i like gittin blocked

Mar 26 @ 12:12AM  
Bear in mind that we men are very visual people. We see something we want, and we go after it. I do admit, I find it disturbing that so many men act like twits when sending email, but seriously, it may get a reaction too, right? I know that I have written respectful letters to all the women in my area that I'm interested in meeting, answered and referenced parts of their essays, and yet I have to date, no responses (not counting the one advertising robot posing as a woman on this site that I found). So basically we're damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

As was suggested by someone else, use the disrespectful messages to weed out the trash, and keep the hidden gems that you filter through.

Mar 26 @ 12:17AM  
I might leave a vulgar comment, but I don't send vulgar e-mails.

DLS up in ya long and strong, biatch.

Mar 26 @ 2:28AM  
i agree those are pretty rude about nice to meet you.

Mar 26 @ 6:03AM  
I don't know about most other men on this site... but quite a few of us with mannors that open with a "hi" and or "hello how are you doing" get the same reply of not a damn thing. as if we were going out and saying "wanna fuck" or "Can i bang you all night long"

eventually you will get through the usual "wanna fuck" email and into the just spam/scam email. then it will die down for a while... just hold out

Mar 26 @ 1:42PM  
Don't take this personal, KMT...I'm just having a weird day....but, "Wanna Fuck?"

Mar 26 @ 4:47PM  
Thanks for all the great comments...!!!


p.s. Hell NO...... straightup_9

Mar 27 @ 8:34AM  
My passion is photography and I took the photo of my tushy myself ( took 52 shots to get it perfect)

Me, too! I take all of my own pics - MILLIONS of them to get 1 or 2 good ones. *giggle* And, I'm not sure about you, but when I manage to get one that looks good (tasteful as opposed to raunchy - which can be fun, too...don't get me wrong! ), I am actually kinda proud to post it! I like your pic...though, I do wonder what color your eyes are :)

That said, there is definitely some truth to how men (people, in general, I think) respond to the main profile pic. I got far more emails like you've described when my goodies were used as the main pic; that died down considerably when I changed it back to my mug...and I still get comments on the "sex pig" pics more than the face pics (so they most certainly will look! :)


Mar 27 @ 5:02PM  
That is why I always say Hi or as if you are Looking for a Friend. One line openers asking for sex is just lame, just as lame as first replies asking to send money to some other country... It is all about age and maturity these days. Some people grew up with manners while most were raised in a barn! Sorry if I offended any one born in a barn, but you get the drift...

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