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posted 3/25/2008 8:58:30 PM |
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This is Christene and what I am about to post is my feelings. My Hubby is likely to post his own if it so strikes him. The last couple of days I have watched as people staredt dropping off of this site. Ya know, it really isn't any of my concern, but, I have been dragged into this against my will... . I do not intend on flying off the handle at anyone, but, I am truely growing weary of all the freaking B.S.! The "He said She said" is getting old. Peeps making fake profiles just to aggravate someone. Accusations and threats flying like snowflakes in a blizzard. Suspensions and deletions. Geezzus crimminie people! Get a handle on it! If ya'll can't ACT like Adults, then please feel free to find another site on which to do your bickering because those of us who ARE Adults are really sick of seeing it. Yeah, ok... I know the old saying.... If you don't wanna see it, don't look. That gets kinda hard when I get emails from those who are fighting thru blogs. Don't involve us! We really don't care! Don't get me wrong... we care about our friends and the things that matter, but, we really don't give a 2 cents about "He said that She said that He said".Sooooooo, if ya wanna write, fine. If ya do a good blog, we'll comment. But if your are gonna try and drag us into a slap fest, see ya! We are not gonna chose sides with anyone. Period. We are here for fun, not head games. If ya wanna flirt, GREAT! Otherwise, please feel free to keep us OUT of the free-for-all that seems to be draging on...and on... and on... and on.

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Mar 25 @ 9:04PM  
Oh no, you just pulled my chain. Except I really don't have anything to say on the matter.

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Mar 25 @ 9:07PM  

Mar 25 @ 9:13PM  
Hopefully "War is Over"

Mar 25 @ 9:21PM  
why is it still being brought up?

Mar 25 @ 9:43PM  
I have chosen a side and it's for AMD and community...THIS is where my loyalties are...not in any one person. I intend to see this site back to it's happy place if I have to drag everyone who cares about having a happy place kickin' and screamin' but writing wonderful blogs.

No one has asked me to take sides..DON'T..because I won't. I love AMD and I'm going to do all I can to see order restored and the fun times returned.

How 'bout a big HELL YEAH everyone???


Mar 25 @ 9:57PM  
It's really no big deal and not unique to a so called sex site, it happens n car sites, boat sites and gawd knows whatever sites. This place, a lot like others is cyclical in nature, people on here get enough of someone and start taking shots. The heat rises and the next thing you know, it's full scale pissing match leading to the odd person being banned. Right after that everyone seems to mind their P's and Q's for awhile and everyone sighs a breath of relief. A few months later someone fires a volley and the gloves are off once again. Feel free to re-read this in a couple of months when some bitch or bastard gets on someone's probable derserving ass.

Mar 25 @ 10:09PM  
I have chosen a side and it's for AMD and community
I like that! Yes, I have also chosen AMD as a whole, too. :)

I don't know you very well but you've commented very nicely on some of my blogs. You seem to be very nice people here just for a good time - like most everyone else - and I really hope you'll stay! There is much fun to be had, yet! (If all else fails, there's Sexy Saturday to shoot for! ;)

Mar 25 @ 11:06PM  
Hey, this site is suppose to be fun and relaxing.

Mar 26 @ 12:26AM  
Ok ya'll.... Thanks for the comments and ya'll are right. We are here for AMD and for all of those fine folks who cum here for fun and adventures.... . I am sorry if I stepped on any toes... ... as that truely was not my intention. I just didn't feel ... ... that it was fair of ANYONE to expect ANYONE ELSE to chose sides on a battle that has been far too long in the works. Please... ...Let's all return to our regularly scheduled program.... .... errrrr, ummmm.... Let's all play.... ...... Aww crap.... let's all just get naked!

Mar 26 @ 1:28AM  
Aww crap.... let's all just get naked!

NOW she says this...I was naked and waiting for the party to start, but did anyone show up? Noooooo! Well now the temperature has dropped and I put my footie pajamas on! Have you any idea how hard these are to get in and out of??? I'm not sure how the Whos in Whoville do it...

Back to fun tomorrow! Nighty-night!

Mar 26 @ 1:58PM  
How 'bout a big HELL YEAH everyone???


HELL YEAH....The AMD Wars are drawing to a close...

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