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Nothing Personal

posted 3/25/2008 9:39:07 AM |
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*picks up stick and draws a little circle around my feet*

There. It's done. It is with a heavy heart that I draw this circle. This tiny space with room for only myself. But I consider it a prime piece of real estate. The land is very rocky and the view is rather bleak. But for now it's the place I choose to be.

I wanted to let folks know that tonight I will be cleaning out my friends list. Completely. Everyone. It's nothing personal, I still love each and every one of ya. But it was brought to my attention last night that I needed to choose a side. I refuse. I didn't choose sides in Jr. High dodgeball and I refuse to do so now. So perhaps with no one on my friends list I won't have someone upset that I have someone else on there. It will be an easier job tonight than say a couple of weeks ago as many have already left the site and some have removed themselves already. For those that did the latter, I'm sorry you felt that was your only option. But I care enough about you to support you in that decision.

I will not be leaving the site. Not yet anyway. Guess I'm getting old and set in my ways. I figure I've been here this many years I might as well stick it out a while longer. But I won't be here nearly as much as in days past. So if I don't comment on your blog or answer your email message right away, please understand, it's nothing personal.

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Mar 25 @ 9:48AM  
We must each make our own decisions, and this is yours...and I support you in it. After all....being friends with someone doesn't depend on them being on a "list" somewhere....

Mar 25 @ 9:49AM  
Guess I'm getting old and set in my ways.

Getting old at 45? Hell no! You're in your prime.


Mar 25 @ 9:51AM  
I'm sorry you feel that way LBS! I am proud to say the people on my friends list are just that MY FRIENDS and I WILL NOT lose them to make anyone else happy. have you had your today?? have two

Mar 25 @ 10:07AM  
What did I miss last night?

Mar 25 @ 10:09AM  
i hear ya scooter........loud and clear........

Mar 25 @ 11:44AM  

We must all stand our ground. I refuse to take sides also. I understand your position. And wish nothing but the best to you. List or NO list. I will still be your friend if you'll have me.

Mar 25 @ 12:32PM  
Can I borrow the stick?

Mar 25 @ 12:35PM  
I'm with wordsofwit.. what did I miss last night?

Mar 25 @ 2:26PM  
Yeah, what the fuck is this...taking sides, choosing one friend over another, you can't be friends with me if you're friends with him/her...

What the fuck...are some of us here in grade school or something?!

If friend A has a problem with friend B...that is between them, and I should NOT have to get in the middle of it...and I won't!

And if either of them were to ask me to choose, I won't! And if either one tells me I must choose...whichever friend tells me that...well, that "friend" can kiss my Red, White, and Blue American Ass!

Seems to me if friend A asks me not to be, or tells me I can't be, friends with friend B just because friend A doesn't like him/her...then as far as I'm concerned, friend A was never really a friend, so no skin off my ass!

Grade school hell, what the fuck...are some still in kindergarten!

Mar 25 @ 2:51PM  
LBS, I understand how you feel and your friends should not have wanted you to choose. We all have all kinds of friends for different reasons, some are your friends because they share the same interest in art or music, others because you love to read the same books etc. Friends should be a melting pot of people, they enrich us with their own interests.

Mar 25 @ 6:18PM  
You do what you gotta do, you are your own person and I understand you have to do what you feel is right. Take care and I hope everything works out for you.

Mar 25 @ 6:26PM  
well i'm with everyone else i have no clue what's going on but then i've been here for over a year and never know what's going on .sorry to here you have been stuck in the middle what's right for you.

Mar 25 @ 7:12PM  
Great blog!! I am sorry things came to this, I too, feel the exact same way - I am friends with different people for different reasons - I will NOT choose a side! I am neutral, and if someone doesnt like that, too bad!! Good luck sweety and lets keep on having fun as much as we can!!

Mar 25 @ 7:21PM  
Are you serious?!?!?! Someone actually thinks it's a mature, adult behavior to make their 'friends' choose 'sides'? OMFG! But, I see why you feel the way you do. Sorry it came to that for you, LBS. Pitiful that some people can't grow up (the one telling you that you have to choose, not you). For me? The 'friend' that told me I would have to choose would be the one not chosen. I don't always agree on all things with those that I call friend...and that includes, sometimes, those that they choose as their friend. And that is okay!

Mar 25 @ 7:45PM  
You got to do what you feel is the right thing, be true to your convictions.

Mar 26 @ 12:30AM  
I'm not sure what's going on about last night either, but I agree with you. I too am set in my ways and if I like a person as a friend I'm not asking them to choose a side. That's pretty juvenile in my opinion. If someone feels that they no longer can be friends with me because of another person I have as a friend, well, I can live with that.

Mar 26 @ 12:33AM  
Lists we don need no stinkin' lists your true friends won't even ask you to choose . send me the stick when you're done

Mar 26 @ 8:04AM  
No offense taken, sweety. Sometimes you just gots do what you gots do.

Mar 30 @ 6:51AM  
Thanks for drawing that circle. Feel free to stay out of my blogs and you won't never have to worry about making it to my friend's list

I'm so not interested in the little game you "females" are playing on here.. all the bitching and backstabbing!! I have a bitch with a couple of females but Im sooo not involved in this bigger war. And I'm prettty sure those couple of females that I do have a bitch with..well..really who gives a damn..

Apr 12 @ 3:44AM  
*walks into blog picks up stick and walks out*

Apr 13 @ 11:13AM  
People shouldn't have to defend themselves for having standards.

Apr 13 @ 11:23AM  
Its not about defending right now Dom; unfortunately it deals with the need for isolationism on an adult social site...

The circle around herself signifies she is an island unto herself; strong and independent.

I came to pick up the stick because I want to go play fetch with a lap dog....

Apr 13 @ 1:31PM  
I keep telling you Billy, you can have the stick but there's not much left of it. All these damn Ozark rocks wore it down to a nub.

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