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Would you go to your high school reunion?

posted 3/25/2008 4:17:24 AM |
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tagged: fun, straddle

Would any of you go to your high school reunion if they ever put one together? Hell, I would, but it seems like my class and the rest of gen-x'ers from my old high school days aren't that interested. Me, I loved high school, and I would love to have the opportunity to go to one of these class reunions with them playing music from the early to mid 80's. Now there is this high school reunion that my high school has, but it's for all classes ranging from the 40's to now (generation y people). Never been to those, but looking at what my mom's (she went to the same high school and graduated back 40 some years ago) newsletter with all the ones that were there that night, none from my time era seems to be going. So why bother going the next year if I don't see any of my people there?

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Mar 25 @ 4:24AM  
nope I don't bother,its usually only a case of who ended up successfully ripping off the others the most to end up with all the cash to rub in the noses of the ones who didn't.
I prefer to live for the future not in the past...

Mar 25 @ 4:25AM  
Damn, Tassie, that's pretty sad.

Mar 25 @ 4:39AM  

Never went to any of mine, and never had the urge to go.
A class reunion is a time when old school mates get together to find out who is falling apart.

Mar 25 @ 4:45AM  
But, but, I'm still in good shape and still have all my hair. lol However, there are a few guys I went to high school with that are totally bald, and I don't mean by choice either that I have seen a few times over the years.

Mar 25 @ 4:57AM  
No, never went to one. Not worth the airfare to go 1,300 miles. I have looked up the people I wanted to check in on.

Mar 25 @ 5:22AM  
since I got kicked out of high school I'm not even eligible to go to mine. I talked to a good friend from high school a few years ago and they were having a reunion. He tried to see if they would let me attend just for the hell of it but I was denied

Mar 25 @ 5:31AM  
I've been to all of my high school reunions... held every five years.

Last time I went, my wife was pregnant with our twins... now 4 1/2. Since then, she's passed away... so going this time around (in May, in fact) isn't on the top of my priority list for the first time.

So.... Yes... I'd go... but don't know if *I'm* going to this time around for obvious reasons.

Mar 25 @ 5:41AM  
Nah, I would only wind up beating up a bunch of people for bullying me when I was weaker.

I was in the B.D. program (they put me in there becouse "I wasn't trying"... they had a rubber room for fucks sake).

Besides just about everyone I liked has either overdosed or killed themselves.

Not sure why I'm still here.

Mar 25 @ 6:09AM  
i switched schools in my Senior year and since I was painfully shy I didn't get to know my people so I probably wouldn't bother.

Mar 25 @ 8:21AM  
Yes I would go, didnt really hang out with anyone in my class, but would be curious to see what everyone has done with their lives. I know about a few but other than that I never bothered to find out. I partied with the older kids my age group was to lame and boring...

Mar 25 @ 8:31AM  
I've passed them all by. I went to school but never hung out there. I preferred hanging out with people in other towns. I'd much rather have a reunion with people I truly hung out with no matter where they were from.

Mar 25 @ 8:32AM  
nope I've been asked twice! After they found me I hated school and the few I wanted to find have found me well except for susan and I'm still tryin to find her.

Mar 25 @ 8:44AM  
I always go to mine every 5 years. Plus always keep in touch with some I graduated with. Might only be a Christmas card or the occasional email now thats available.

I like to see how "old" my old classmates look now. Then after I see how many extra pounds they gained and how much hair they lost, or how gray its all become and how many wrinkles the women have, its party time................

Mar 25 @ 8:46AM  
I've gone to all my class reunions. It's fun seeing old classmates I only get to see every 5 years

Mar 25 @ 9:03AM  
I would love to make it to one of mine. Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to. The next one should be coming up in a couple of years. Hopefully I will be able to attend it!!

Mar 25 @ 9:11AM  
I actually set my 10 yr grad reunion up! It was lots of fun and went off without a hitch - a whole weekend camp out! But, not much had changed, and there will always be little groups of people who have more in common than others. It was fun though!

Mar 25 @ 9:34AM  
My High School era is from the mid-60's......could you imagine a bunch of old stoners getting together...playing Acid Rock...In a room with flashing psychedelic lights?....

Mar 25 @ 9:57AM  
I would be willing to bet you went to a fairly small high school.

I went to a fairly large one, by the standards of the day. My mostly rural grade school was on the boundary line between 2 districts and most of my friends went to the "other" HS school. Anyway..... I HATED it. Worst time of my life. I don't go..... I don't even fill out the darn paper they send for info. Fuck em. They didn't care then...... why should they care now??

On a different note, a couple years ago, we had a multi year grade school class reuinion and we had a blast. Old friends are always friends.

Mar 25 @ 10:13AM  
How about an ALL SCHOOL REUNION??? East Liverpool High School as All School Reunion every 7 or so years over 4th of July weekend. You talk about Party, yeah that's a party. Alway was in the planning committee, always worked with my class on our float for the parade. Won't be this time around, too far away. Last time w held a three class reunion 75.75.76 together, the guys who played together in H.S. got back together and did the music and don't laugh, one played with the OUTLAWS at one time, the other was is REBA"s backup band. They were no sloches.

Yeah I'd go. Why now I had a great class.

Mar 25 @ 10:17AM  
Absolutely YES!
My 30th is coming up next year and if they have one I will be going. I still talk to a handful of people from school and would be curious to see the rest. Of course my class wasn’t too big just over 100 students so you did know everyone, you weren’t close with them all but you knew them.


Mar 25 @ 10:22AM  
My school has them but I don't go. I do go on and see about folks though.

Mar 25 @ 1:02PM  
No... I hate those asshats....

Mar 25 @ 2:14PM  
I went to my ten year HS reunion in '87, and was totally bored. Didn't remember most
of the people who attended, and I didn't recognize most of 'em, either, since long hair
had gone out of fashion between graduation and the reunion!

I had much more fun at my 20 year grade school reunion! Some old teachers attended,
even some of the old nuns, who everybody thought had passed away LOOONG ago.
Aside for some missing teeth, they were still kicking...

Funny, but I haven't attended any reunions since that last one; nobody kept in contact,
and apparently didn't feel the need to, and my curiosity was satisfied, so what the hell for??

Mar 25 @ 3:45PM  
I've been to most of mine and had a blast every time!!!

Mar 25 @ 4:12PM  
Never heard about any so never went to one...I don't know if they've ever had one for '82...


Mar 25 @ 8:58PM  
We moved the beginning of my junior year from a little small town school here in Missouri where everyone knew everyone to a huge school in East Texas. While I graduated from that big school I've never been invited to a reunion there. However the school here not only invited me to our 20 yr, but put me on the committe as well! When I pointed out that I didn't graduate from there, they informed that I was with them from Kindergarten through the beginning of that 11th year so face it I was one of them whether I wanted to be or not! We had a blast! Our 30th is coming up in 2011 and I will definitely be there!

Mar 25 @ 9:14PM  
Yeah, I might drop in...have a lot of friends from back then. In fact, last year I ran into an old flame I hadn't seen for 25 years! What memories...sigh. Too bad he's married now.

Mar 26 @ 6:09AM  
i would go just to see how many of my classmates could actually make it to the reunion...

My Graduating class had the most car accidents in 47 years my school had been open. with 983 kids actually graduating. we had 412 accidents with 37 deaths. out of all of the friends i hang out with i'm the last one with a drivers license that hasn't been in a accident at all... i think that should be a achievement for my class. how bout you?

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Would you go to your high school reunion?