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Fat kids

posted 3/24/2008 4:26:25 PM |
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I was so bored this morning that I decided to take a shift at the ER here on post. I'll be damned if a 13 year old kid came in with a laceration that weighed more than I do. I was doing the usual deal of taking vitals and grabbed a suture kit when I struck up a conversation with his mother. It was the usual small talk about children(how you always think you're going to kill the first one, you don't think you can kill the second) while I was stitching up his thumb. When I asked her about the kid's diet.

Her: Well, he really likes McDonald's.
Me: That's not what I asked. I don't care what he likes. I want to know what he normally eats.
Her:That is what he normally eats.
Me:How often?
Her:Close to every meal.
Me:Well, let me ask you something. What do you think it'll feel like when you outlive your son?
Me: I'm not kidding. This kid weighs more than me and has a higher heart rate and blood pressure. He'll be lucky to get to 30 without having a heart attack. Does your kid run your house or do you?
Her: I do.
Me: Well, then slap the damn cheeseburgers out of his hand and cook him some healthy food! It isn't hard. There's healthy food out there that takes about ten or twenty minutes to cook. Otherwise, invest in some life insurance so you don't go broke burying your kid.

I found out that she lodged a complaint against me because I was "insensitive". Screw that. I'm not going to consider the feelings of someone who is slowly killing her kid by not making him go out and be active and taking time out of her busy damn day to cook somewhat healthy meals. I'm not asking parents to turn their kids into triathletes. I just think there's something seriously wrong when an otherwise healthy teenager is a perfect candidate for blood pressure medication.

Am I the only one who thinks this is jacked up? Hell, and my doctor thinks there is a special place in hell for me because I'm a medic that smokes. I'm damn sure not going to toss a pack at my future kids and say "Light up". Which is essentially the culinary equivalent to what these folks are doing. Or maybe I'm just an asshole. I don't know.

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Mar 24 @ 4:30PM  
Here-fucking-here! 'Bout time someone said it.

Mar 24 @ 4:34PM  
I agree!! Parents are way too permissive with their kids today. It's much easier to just give in to them instead of putting your foot down and running your house as the parents are supposed to do.

Mar 24 @ 4:44PM  
well, i have to say you gave me a good laugh and on a serious side i would also say you have better bed side manners than other doctors and nurses in the particular person...i really won't go into details cuz it would take up the entire page or more...this woman was so rude to my mother when my mom had less than a month or 2 to live .....guess it's a good thing i wasn't there at the time and it was my sister and dad ....i'd prolly be in jail and the woman would need to see the doctor ...perhaps a dentist too....

Mar 24 @ 4:48PM  

Man, am I hearing shit wrong today...sounded more like you were being DAMN sensitive to a real issue and giving a shit, while making complete common sense.....

Man, I gotta lay off the crack...

*Sarcasm all the way through, for anyone who cant figure that out. I dont do drugs.*

Anyway, keep right on bein insensitive, if thats the new meanin, Bro.

Mar 24 @ 5:00PM  
I agree with you. Been over weight all my life, but not inactive. regular tom boy growing up. Played Basketball for hours, and loved my bike. Ate right, mom cooked those day. Can't tell you why, but then you didn't have video games to fall back on. you made your own entertainment.

have a suggestion, Since summer is coming up. start a Summer PT. boot camp for all the kids, Not in the true sense, but you know what I mean. Give them something to work for, make teams that kind of thing. never know what you may start


Mar 24 @ 5:08PM  
have a suggestion, Since summer is coming up. start a Summer PT. boot camp for all the kids, Not in the true sense, but you know what I mean. Give them something to work for, make teams that kind of thing. never know what you may start
Good idea. Sadly, since Haji decided that he doesn't want to play nice, I have to walk around with a cane. It doesn't lend well to doing aerobic activity. At least not the kind that takes place outside the bedroom.

Mar 24 @ 5:23PM  
I hate going to Wal-Mart, but sometimes ya gotta go cuz its so cheap. Anyways, there's a certain ethnic group thats always there every time, not gonna name the ethnic group, but i live in Alaska, and these people came from a close island state west of California. (hint, hint)
Anywho, every time i go shopping there, i see these overweight parents and their god-awful looking fat kids. And in there shopping carts are always soda, doritos, ho-ho's, chex mix, and every other conceivable high-saturated fat, processed food, carb-loaded junk food you can imagine. Do these people own mirrors? Do they notice how ugly excess fat looks? Do they realize that they're shortening their lives, and even worse, the lives of their innocent children. I dunno about you, but i kind of want to keep my ass off of the surgery table. I like my heart the way it is. Don't really want a triple-bypass anytime soon....

Mar 24 @ 5:31PM  
i do agree with you, mc donalds and fast food places are extremely bad especially if your eating them every meal but that was alil bit harsh on her

another thing *question* okay im a little overweight not obese but im chubby, a lot of my friends do make fun of me because of my wieght except the thing is my blood pressure's perfect for my age i do weight lift so i have a lot of muscle and supposedly muscle weighs more than fat and i skateboard or do some outside activity sport everyday, with skateboarding i dont me just cruise around i have a brother and we skate till were sweating bad lol, so what does that mean for me do you think i have or going to have health problems or am i just fine as of right now? (from a doctors point of view)

Mar 24 @ 5:46PM  
what does that mean for me do you think i have or going to have health problems or am i just fine as of right now? (from a doctors point of view)
I'm a combat medic. Not an MD. Your case sounds fine to me as long as your BP and heart rate are good, and you have no other health problems. However I don't know enough about you to say anything with good authority.

Mar 24 @ 6:06PM  
I would have done the same thing and if anyone complained
I would say it was a matter of conscience
and I would do it again.

Mar 24 @ 7:08PM  
I am a mother, and as such wish that more people would talk like that to parents who obviously don't care about the well being of their children.  I also wish some would say things and insist on treatment for those who dont' eat enough.

My son was on medication than made him gain weight and the doctors didn't listen to me until he'd packed on 5-60 lbs in less than 3 months. When they did they switched him to one that made him feel full all the time and we then couldn't get him to eat. Fortunately he is now off all of those meds and doing fine. But I wish we had a doctor that had listened when i first said something. Things would of been easier for him and me.

Mar 30 @ 12:25PM  
I for one am glad you said something, I am the art teacher but also work in the Gym on Friday seems as though they need an extra body there to keep up with the kiddos.. But that is beside the point we have a lot of fat kids and the coach got a lot of flack at the beginning of the year because she had the kids "Walk" laps when they first come into the gym..

I can say that this has sort of tapered off but we have grossley obese kids and parents who bring Mc Donalds in the lunch room to feed the fat.. We also have a crappy nutrician system in place in school, where the kids get "choices" the choices being crap and good stuff, I can say ok for the older kids but the little ones don't know how to dress themselves much less know about sound food choices.. last week I had to do lunch duty and the main thing was potato chips granted they were baked but the sodium is tremendous and none of the kids had fruit or veggies on their plate.. I went crazy screwed up the count by going to the free choice bin and passing out fruit and vegies telling the kids they had to eat the good stuff before the bad.. Yes I got a little talking to but my admins love me and know I am for the kids and their best interests, I appologized to the head of the cafiteria and she also said I know you did it for the kids, it is like we at the school are tied to crap because the parents are tying us there.. And the kids are the losers because nutrician and grades go hand in hand..

My ceramics professor always said... "Shit in, Shit out" as what goes in the kiln that looks like shit or is built like shit will be shit on its way out of the kiln.. If it is built solid and well and the glaze is mixed and applied well then it will look and be well...

In the meantime we have a new coach a permanate sub as our coach took over a struggling second grade class who's teacher is a drub.. I like both coach's the sub though is fab he makes them work out and NO ONE has complained, GRIN... gotta love it...

PS I know I am supposed to be an expert on spelling being a teacher and all, but I suck so pardon the spelling errors.. Besides I am the Art teacher LMAO...I can draw you a picture..

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Fat kids