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posted 3/23/2008 10:52:59 PM |
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tagged: friends, newbie, blog, comments, amd

Well, some of you may know me, and some of you may not. Those of you who do, know that I have only been here for a few months. Really, just barely enough time to be past my "newbie" status.
However, I am a gold member, and I have had, 647 emails,(a good amount are spam mail) 13 winks, (one third of them are from fake profiles) I have posted 32 blogs, (not including this one) I have 15 photos, (even one of my naked ass LOL)51 forum posts, 3 videos, 1 shout out, I had 13 friends on my friends list, (now there are only 9)

I post comments on blogs that I feel, and I enjoy reading. If I dont like what I'm reading, or just think its just the type of blog that is going to be a trigger in the blog wars, I try to stay out of it. I first came into this site with the hopes of meeting someone. I emailed a few of the ladies here, they either got ignored, or I got a friendly "go screw yourself" I am not really one to send "wanna fuck" emails.
and some of the ladies even turned out to be good friends. Not that I'm complaining, you know who you are, I hope. I wouldnt trade ya or the world.

I have made friends with a few of the guys here in AMD as well. You also know who you are, and I big thumbs up to you guys as well.
I know your probaby sayin, Holy sheep shit Thom get on with it already.
I have given this plenty of thought, and I'm not doing this for any other reason, it has nothing to do with any of the events that have accured here, I'm not being threatened, or asked to leave, but this has just become another place for me to chat with friends, which dont get me wrong, I love you all. But I think I'm looking for something else.

I am going to ride out my membership, which expires on the 16th of April.
If there are any of you who would like to keep in contact with me, either through yahoo, or AIM let me know. I would love it. If not, I understand.
Thank you all for just being there, and being my friend.


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Mar 23 @ 10:55PM  
If I dont get a chance to see some of you before then. Good-bye

Mar 23 @ 10:58PM  
Well you have been a great addition, wish you would stick around longer, sometimes things take more time. I had been here a long time before I really found anyone of interest and it really is worth the wait!! Good luck in whatever you choose to do, and know that you will be missed too!

Mar 23 @ 11:01PM  
Thom.. I'll miss ya man.. and them purty blue eyes..

Mar 23 @ 11:03PM  
I'm lost - or don't get it
which is par for for course
so you've made friends and - ?????????
why not
let your paid membership expire
and stop in every now and then to say hi?
just a thought

Mar 23 @ 11:08PM  
Seems like alot of us are riding out the membership thing, and some aren't...but seems like alot of good people are leaving the nest. I will be one of them also, but not until August.

Although we never spoke Thom, i have read your blogs and poems, and you seem like a really nice guy.

Good luck to you and I wish you well.


Mar 23 @ 11:09PM  
let your paid membership expire
and stop in every now and then to say hi?

I am going to stay until it expires on the 16th of April.

Mar 23 @ 11:11PM  
Thank you Brenda, and I hope you find whatever it is your looking for as well.

Mar 23 @ 11:15PM  
You do what's best for ya, Bro. This place will be around.

Mar 23 @ 11:15PM  
People come and then they go.. Sorry you have not found what your looking for yet but ya never know she may be just down the street from ya.. I had given up them bam I met someone so maybe it will happen for you to.. best of luck... Smile

Mar 23 @ 11:18PM  
Thom.... I thought we really had something! Guess you're just another one of "those guys" who shows me his ass and leaves welll....

Kiddin' man (OF COURSE) You've been one to welcome me, given me some great advice, made me smile, laugh and think about the deeper things with your writing. Here's to you Do what you feel is best for you. Know you will be missed if you leave but give clicke's idea some thought. Cheers man

Mar 23 @ 11:20PM  
I've said it just never know what you might miss...the person you've been waiting for may just show up the day you leave...

But you gotta do what's right for you.

You'll be missed!

Mar 23 @ 11:24PM  
Thanks sunny so will many of you as well.

Mar 24 @ 12:29AM  
Thom, I hate to see one of the good guys leave. Best wishes to you.

Mar 24 @ 12:37AM  
I too am sorry to see you go. If you're ever back in the neighborhood, check in for a laugh.

I'll miss you and your poetry.


Mar 24 @ 3:01AM  
Do what is best for you... though I will say you can just fade off let the paid expire and keep the free, just orphan it so you can drop in and say hi....

Just a thought....

Mar 24 @ 4:06AM  
.. Truthful and honest .
""YOU DA MAN""!!
the best of luck in the future !

Mar 24 @ 4:51AM  
Hi Thom , Sorry , to see you leave .... but we all must do what is best for us and be happy w/ that . Good luck ...

Mar 24 @ 6:01AM  
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!!
I have enjoyed your comments and need to be a stranger completely.
I think...for me and maybe others...this is just a place to hang out and maybe even connect in a friendly way....if anything else happens that's great but I have found that looking tends to frustrate one.....or maybe thats just me

Anyway, best of luck to ya , hon

Mar 24 @ 6:02AM  
Even though my rep isn't high enough... i've been there commenting behind you most of the time. and well... my hats off to ya.

Mar 24 @ 9:07AM  
As we had already talked about this the other day, it comes as no surprise. I'll miss your wit and input around here, but we already know where to find each other off here so that makes this goodbye a little easier!

Mar 24 @ 10:28AM  
Thank you Stormy, otherwise I'm sure you would kick me in the ass with them spurs

Mar 24 @ 11:47AM  
Why not just stay on for free?
But hey your life and time do with it what you want.
Good Luck to you whatever you decide to do.

Mar 24 @ 12:08PM  
I'm glad that I got to know you. As Straddle says, you are one of the good ones.


Mar 24 @ 12:17PM  
Thank you Jenn that really does mean a lot to me, I just didnt know that it would take me leaving to get you to comment on one of my blogs You know I'm just joking with you.

Mar 25 @ 9:55PM  
Too bad you're leaving, I was just getting used to you being here. I like reading your blogs and the poetry is outstanding. You will be missed.

Mar 26 @ 6:10PM  
Thank you Stormy, otherwise I'm sure you would kick me in the ass with them spurs
Oooooooooh! Would that get to stay??
If I threatened to do it??
Or would it work better if I threatened to not do it???

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