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The First Thing that You Did to Get Sent to the Principal’s Office? - Tommy

posted 3/23/2008 11:32:10 AM |
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In the third grade we had a singing teacher that came to our class once a week, Mrs. Dunlop. She was one of the most unusual people I ever recall seeing physically. She was the only person that I can recall that had two different colored eyes, one was green and the other hazel. Those eyes were huge as was her lips and mouth backed by a booming voice. She was around 40 and quite tall. She was a large woman who was very buxom, had a curvy waist, and a butt so big and wide that you expected to see a tail on it.

On this particular day, we had sung a few songs. We then began another and I recall some of the words and what happened quite clearly.

Rickety, rickety, clickity clack
The train goes rolling down the track

Through the valleys and over the hills
The train goes rolling farther still

Rickety, rickety, clickity clack
The train goes rolling down the BELCH

All the kids broke out into laughter and turned looking at me while I had this sheepish grin. Mrs. Dunlop was not laughing. “Quit laughing, that is not funny!” Well, she was wrong, it was funny as everybody kept on giggling and doing burp imitations. That prematurely concluded singing for the day and Mrs. Dunlop stormed out of the classroom as the giggles and burp impersonations continued. Yours truly got sent to the office by my red faced teacher, Mrs. Newman, following Mrs. Dunlop’s hasty exit.

I went down the hall expecting to be arrested. When I got to the office, I slipped in unnoticed and sat on the bench with two other condemned souls. However, I chose to sit at the far end in the corner where there was a cart with a 16mm film projector on it to hide behind. I waited for several moments and nobody acknowledged me. It was just about lunch time and when the bell rang for lunch, I left and went to lunch. After lunch I went back to class and nothing more was ever said about it, at least by any adults.

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Mar 23 @ 11:47AM  
Are you kidding? We didn't DARE get into any trouble at school. Why? Well, we had a nickname for my father: Hitler. Maybe that'll explain it. LOL.

Mar 23 @ 11:51AM  
I don't remember ever being sent to the principle's office for getting into trouble...but I did get called down once when I was in high school...

I was a bit of a wyldchild in my teenage years...and frequently snuck out of the house to meet my friends, then take a bus to a rough part of town in the middle of the night...

My dad caught me and told me to call the person I was meeting...I refused and I probably said something disrespectful at least...

He...being both scared for me and my behavior, and frustrated and pissed that I wasn't seeing how I was putting myself in danger...slapped me and gave me a bloody lip. Now my father was not a violent man and was never needless to say I was shocked into silence.

When I got to school the next day, the Principle (Sr. Jackie) called me to her office to ask about my fat lip out of concern. I told her "My Dad hit me!" in a very indignant and probably whiny tone...hoping for sympathy...
She just said...ok, then I'm sure you deserved it. Fortunately she knew my dad as well as anyone and knew he would never hit his kids without cause.

Mar 23 @ 12:00PM  
I never ever got in trouble in school.
I was a good girl!

Mar 23 @ 12:25PM  
I waited until I was in the eighth grade for my second classroom excommunication. In English we all had to read a novel from a list and do a written and oral book report on it. I chose Herman Melville's classic, Moby Dick. After I gave my oral report I was talking to another guy during a lull and our teacher overheard our conversation; "Do you know how they knew he was a sperm whale. They saw him sucking Moby's dick."

Mar 23 @ 1:00PM  
In second grade, I was terrified of my teacher, and so I passed a note to a friend of mine to ask her to tell the teacher that I wasn't feeling good, and the teacher saw me pass the note............she grabbed me out of my desk and drug me into the hall and started screaming at me about passing notes in class..........and the louder she yelled the more scared I became............and unfortunately.........I vomited all over her shoes..............

She sent me to the principals office who called my mother to come get me as I was sick............

Btw after that if that particular teacher wanted to holler at me, she did it about 6 ft away from me...........

Mar 23 @ 1:06PM  
I was in junior high. I stood up to one of the girls in a group that took pleasure in torturing others and had a reputation of being a tough, kick ass type. We were in the girls room. I tried to ignore her and her friends and just walk away, when she grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and force me face her. I dropped my books and spun my fist right into her face. We tussled for about 3 minutes before a teacher broke it up.

Principal spoke to us together, then later, me alone. He said he sympathized and knew I was telling the truth as others had been in his office complaining about the "gang." But... I broke the rules, so to be fair, he had to suspend me for three days.


Mar 23 @ 1:28PM  
In 2nd grade, a pretty little girl named Amy sat in front of me. She usually wore her hair in a ponytail, and I decided to cut it off with some scissors during art class one day.

We were in love for years after that.

Ah, the memories.........................

Mar 23 @ 1:34PM  
In 2nd grade, a pretty little girl named Amy sat in front of me. She usually wore her hair in a ponytail, and I decided to cut it off with some scissors during art class one day.

We were in love for years after that.

Ah how truly is the little things in life that counts...........

Mar 23 @ 2:20PM  
I was in 4th grade and my teachers daughter was writing notes to me about wanting to fuck...
yeah 4th grade ...and while she was passing the note to me..her mom saw it and I got yelled at...
so I........

Told my 4th grade teacher to go fuck herself...

That was in Coral Springs , Florida and they still had the paddle rules in effect.
Got my paddling and the principal got his desk cleared off...needed cleaning anyway

Mar 23 @ 2:39PM  
7th grade my first experience skipping class got busted big time! Cindy's mom accused us of foolin around ( I took everyone back to my house and the beds weren't made) She called the police I called mom OMG was she furious!!! first at that woman for coming in her house then the police yeah she was great till everyone left then I couldn't sit for about a week then the next day the prinicipal busted my ass with mom's permission! I didn't skip again till I was a senior I was afraid

Mar 23 @ 3:53PM  
Oh have mercy - you think I can remember back after all those times??? heh-heh...actually, I was sent to the office once that I can think of - for talking back to a teacher, don't remember about what. It didn't need to be much; she was a bitch! Mrs. Meyers - turned me off to my favorite subject (history) just being mean and cranky...Until her, I was a top notch student - after her, I became proficient at cutting class. See, it's true - it only takes one teacher to turn a kid around...

Mar 23 @ 6:25PM  
Umm.. I know this will come as a huge surprise to everyone.

I beat the hell out of the third grade boy at the bus stop. I was in 1st grade and he broke my friend's lunch box.. I beat him good. This would not be so big a deal except that when I went to first grade.. I was still wearing size 2T. Yeah.. mini me.

Needless to say it wasn't a very effective punishment as the principal was laughing about how mini me had kicked hell out of the moose bully in the 3rd grade.. but I was grounded at home for a whole two weeks. And my mom had to go to the bus stop with me too.. that sucked.

Mar 25 @ 6:03PM  
My mother died just before the end of my second grade. When I started back that fall I developed a chip on my shoulder because it seemed everyone tried to pity me. As a result I spent so much time in the principal’s office during the third grade that I thought it was my classroom.

Apr 25 @ 12:36AM  
I was the one who took bets...for money of course, to do what the idiots could'nt get anybody else to do. My first time going to the principal's office was because I took a 10 dollar bet to stick a paperclip in the wall electric outlet....I did it 3 times, for 30 bucks...and blew the power out of that whole side of the school....unfortunately, the principal was my neighbor too....that didn't go over too well. Maybe that's why my hair gets so curly ....

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The First Thing that You Did to Get Sent to the Principal’s Office? - Tommy