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Should SEX PREDATORS get school grants?

posted 3/22/2008 9:33:30 PM |
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Across the nation dozens of sexual predators have been taking higher education classes at taxpayer expense while confined by the courts to treatment centers. Critics say they are exploiting a loophole to receive Pell Grants, the nation's premier financial aid program for low-income students. Prison inmates are ineligible for Pell Grants, as are students convicted of certain drug offenses. But sexual predators qualify once they're transferred from prison to treatment centers. Moreover, some instituations report that sex offenders are putting the financial aid to questionable uses by buying such things clothes, a DVD player and music CD's-sometimes they have dropped out of school. There Pell Grants can legally be put toward expenses that areeduatin-related. But the unused portion of a grant is supposed to be repaid when someone withdraws from school.
Rep. Ric Keller, R-Fla is pushing to stop the practice. Keller's plan would effect 20 states that allow authorities to hold violent sex offenders indefefinitely after their prison sentences. He predicted the measure would save taxpayers millions. But some say taking away the financial aid would be a mistake. They say education could help sex offenders build stable lives and reduce their chances of committing another crime if they are ever released. Dr. Henry Richards, superintendent of the Special Commitment Center in Washington state said these are people who we want to prepare to go into the communities, and that they need to have access to educational programs.

This is my opinion. I don't agree with sexual predators getting these grants and having us pay for their "treatment". I read this in the newspaper yesterday from the AP and I have no doubt that they don't deserve these grants because I feel they're not deserving of them. In my opinion, these people are such low lifes and scum, and anyway they can abuse something like this, they will.

What are your opinions on this?

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Mar 22 @ 9:36PM  
In MY world....
Sexual Predators dont live to draw shit.....

Just my view.

Mar 22 @ 9:36PM  
Execution. Let me solve the problem with 23 cents of lead, powder, and primer.

Mar 22 @ 9:41PM  
I gotta agree with the two men, course they need to be tortured first!!!!!!

Mar 22 @ 9:47PM  
I feel that sexual offenders that are convicted for a second time of this should be required to have surgery to remove their....well, you get the drift.

Mar 22 @ 9:52PM  
Depends on the one determined to be a sexual predator.. I know several young men who were 18 or 19 and their girlfriends just happened to be 15 or 16 and kinda lied about the age difference? Those boys are now branded for life as sexual predators.. but aren't. It's another one of those things where you can't make a blanket statement.

If it's someone who prays on young children or commits rape... then by all means they should be executed before I have to pay their room and board. Otherwise.. there might be mitigating circumstances.

As for Pell grants? Fuck I can't even get a Pell grant.. why should someone in prison get one?

Mar 22 @ 9:52PM  
Bullshit! I didn't qualify for a Pell Grant but some sex offender does?? Bullshit!

Mar 22 @ 9:57PM  
OK I am in no way now or ever wanting to fall onto the side of defending a sexual predator. However........

Our government wastes many more millions of our tax dollars every minute of every day. This money they are talking about is small.

They whole school loan, school grant program is awash with bad policies and practices. It all needs to be fixed so that those who truly need and have worked hard to qualify get the money . regardless of their backgrounds.

Dr. Henry Richards, superintendent of the Special Commitment Center in Washington state said these are people who we want to prepare to go into the communities, and that they need to have access to educational programs.

If you lock up people for X amount of time and you don't train them, educate them. ( or at least try) you create nothing. They will come out with no goals, no way of changing any behavior , so they will re-commit. I don't know about sexual predators. I've read that it's not a behavior that can be changed or modified. Constant treatment is probably the only answer.


Mar 22 @ 10:00PM  
I feel that sexual offenders that are convicted for a second time of this should be required to have surgery to remove their....well, you get the drift.

I agree, the only problem with that, is not all sexual predators are men. I live in an ocean resort town, and believe it or not, the amount of sexual predators is probably about 20% of the population, and on a rise. Because when they get out of jail, and have no place to go, they go to welfare, and welfare pays for them to live in the motels during the winter months, and sometimes half of them stay through the summer, where there are small children, and families on vacation. But to answer your question, I think that Megan's law should be more harsh.

Mar 22 @ 10:10PM  
Pell Grants??? Hell no!!!! Throw all of them in a cold, dark and damp cell...throw away the key and forget they are there.

That's just my personal opinion.

Mar 22 @ 10:24PM  
I have to agree that people of certain crimes should be educated to return to society. But sex offenders in my opinion should not recieve special grants to get the education I have to pay for. When will people learn if you reward people for bad behavior, you cant expect the to learn good behavior.

Mar 22 @ 10:32PM  
PS Predators should not get free education but maybe put them in a cell with Bubba and let em get schoolin on how to be a prison bitch....... that'll learn em....

Mar 22 @ 10:50PM

this is a good place to check out people you are thinking of dating, and i dont' mean a place to find them either.

Mar 22 @ 10:59PM  
I agree with Nacho...some guys are branded as sex predators unjustly, usually young guys just trying to get fucked. It is my understanding that there is no reliable treatment for real sex predators...they should be jailed until there is. If they want to pursue an education in jail ...why not?

Mar 22 @ 11:00PM  
Sexual predators are also if they were living by the school before the law went into affect allowed to live right across the st. from a public school..I know this because there are 20 right around my kids school & unless they offend they can't kick them out & I can't make them leave. Not only in my kids school district but every school I have looked at has them right across the street from the schools. How's that for safe.

Mar 23 @ 12:15AM  
If and when they are released, and If they qualify under the same guidlines as the rest of us, then sure.
But NOT while they are locked up....... be it in prison or a "treatment center".

Under the current situation....... NO WAY the money should be going to them. The money should be paid directly to the school....... half when the start classes and half when they have completed the class. That leaves no room for inmate abuse.

Mar 23 @ 12:49AM  
Dead people don't need Pell grants.

Mar 23 @ 12:55AM  
sexual predators should be put in general population and dealt with accordingly. Only 2 things in life I wont put up with and they are 1 of them. I say rape em until they fuckin beg for mercy.....then fuck em to death.

Mar 23 @ 12:58AM  
Fuck those cornholers.

Mar 23 @ 1:03AM  
just in case I wasnt predators should be raped and tortured like their victims are....then they should be raped and abused some more....then they can ask for their rights to be restored

Mar 23 @ 1:07AM  
My kids couldn't get a grant and these predators do???? OH COME ON!!!!!!!! What is this country coming to????

Nuff said!!

Mar 23 @ 1:39AM  
I hate to be repetitive but this blog really fuckin irks me. I don't respond negatively to many people but people who commit crimes like this I have serious problems with. I dont get violent often but I have no sympathy for people who do this and I feel no sorrow for them when they get what they deserve. I'm not a violent person until it comes to someone who has abused someone physically or sexually, then I really dont give a fuck. I wish nothing but pain and everlasting misery on those people and I am more than happy to contribute to that for them.

Mar 23 @ 1:43AM  
Rnj, I just hope that you don't hold this blog against me for doing such a blog.

Mar 23 @ 2:29AM  
not against you shawn...only against the fucking sick bastards that do shit like this

Mar 23 @ 8:25AM  
I don't think sexual predators deserve to live..nor do people who rob convenience stores, drug dealers, thieves, burglars, murders, rapists, etc., etc. I personally think all criminals should be locked away on an island somewhere (oh, I hear Alcatraz is available!) and left to fend for themselves.

But since that's not going to happen anytime soon...I'm not sure of the point of giving a sexual predator the opportunity for a college education as a means of reform. All that's going to happen is that he's going to turn from an uneducated sexual predator into an educated one.

If these people by legal and medical definition truly have a mental disorder, then our tax dollars would be better spent on therapy, medication, counseling, secure prison systems, and even castration, if need be (although that lulls some into a false sense of security because a predator doesn't necessarily have to use his penis during a sexual attack. It's not about sex, remember; it's about violence, hatred and control. Having said that, though, some say that chemical castration (shots to reduce their testosterone levels) works because it controls their aggression.

So whatever. But that's what our money would be better spent for, and especially since there are plenty of law-abiding citizens who never hurt anyone in their lives who can't afford an education, can't afford healthcare, etc, while these and other scumbuckets like them are in prison getting three hots and a cot, free medical care, and a free college education. Bullshit, I say.


Mar 23 @ 10:03AM  
I know of many people that spend their Pell grant money on things besides school.

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Should SEX PREDATORS get school grants?