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Loose or Tight????

posted 3/22/2008 6:18:44 PM |
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This question is mainly for the guys, but of course all comments will be approved!

I have been with guys that say they like to fuck a tight pussy, and I have been with other guys that would rather have it sloppy (fucked before they put their dick in with either a dildo, their fingers or another cock)......

what do you guys prefer?

Does one make you cum faster than the other?

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Mar 22 @ 6:26PM  
Just give me pussy damn it!!! Ooops sorry...I lost the head...I mean my head.

Mar 22 @ 6:29PM  
I prefer a moist tight pussy

Mar 22 @ 6:36PM  
Dont know about most guys But i seem to be quite pressure sensitive. The tighter it is the better it feels and the faster I release.... That being said. The second time around can last for a long time and is much better for the lady...

Mar 22 @ 6:37PM  
i thought straddle was gross...

Mar 22 @ 6:38PM  
Tight absolutely.

Faster or slower is a matter of control...... but still, tight would would have to qualify for faster...... as too loose just doesn't do much of anything.

Position actually has quite an effect on the topic at hand.

Mar 22 @ 6:41PM  
I think its all about friction. I mean if a gal possesses a bucket pussy the guy isn't gonna get that much sensation out of it.
Girls, always do your pelvic floor exercises to strengthen and tone.
Our Home Economics teacher told us that! Wise lady.

Mar 22 @ 6:48PM  
Wet and tight is good. I never experienced a really loose pussy. I don't think I would complain....never had bad pussy!

Mar 22 @ 6:49PM  
As long as it's in the same room, I'm good.

Mar 22 @ 6:50PM  
What's that saying? Something about throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

Mar 22 @ 6:52PM  
What's that saying? Something about throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

Mar 22 @ 7:00PM  
What's that saying? Something about throwing a hotdog down a hallway?

**snorted iced tea out my nose** I got to clean this mess up off muh keyboard!

Anyways...doing Kegals works wonders! That way a woman can be either mighty tighty or loosy goosy! Whichever works best!

Mar 22 @ 7:06PM  
I'm with the guys that say I just want to fuck, as long as we (both male & female) also kiss, suck, lick, and caress other parts of the body before and after.

Mar 22 @ 7:10PM  
Dumblonde, you call this a gross question? Geez, this is mild one compared to what I have come up with....

Tight is always good!

Mar 22 @ 7:26PM  
doesn't matter to me...its what's connected to that pussy that makes all the difference, the whole package

Mar 22 @ 7:28PM  
gezzzz, is somebody givin' some up? Is somebody complaining about gettin' some?

I'm no expert, only had sex once or twice but if my memory serves me. It was good when it was bad. Hell we was neked !

If they fuss too much, hand them a dirty sock and point them to the bathroom.

Mar 22 @ 7:33PM  
its good to have it warmed up a bit... like no more then 2 fingers... because sometimes its too tight and you can't get in there

Mar 22 @ 8:00PM  
At this point, I prefer a heartbeat...loose or tight is secondary.

Mar 22 @ 8:19PM  
a bucket pussy

I never heard that one before...

Mar 22 @ 9:24PM  
Buddy of mine complained once a long time ago that an encounter he had had was like
"trying to fuck an open window."

But for me...
Tight ass...
Loose mouth...
And this pussy is jusssst right..... ( 3 bears reference )


Mar 22 @ 9:27PM  
well I wouldn't exactly use the word sloppy(hey lets keep my ex out of this,I hate echo's )

but when it cums to the ultimate,all you need is a fantastic lover like the one i have found who truelly knows how to work their body and then you get the best of all worlds,that tight you have to nearly force yourself in,to unbelievable muscle control to put you well and truelly above cloud nine.
maan,she's gonna kill me braggin about this if she reads it. but hell I'm pleased as punch.

Mar 22 @ 9:40PM  
The right personality and either one is great!

Mar 22 @ 10:55PM  
any pussy will do for me

Mar 23 @ 1:07AM  
Has there ever been a blog on fisting? Does that really effect long-range tightness if one continues to do their Kegels?


Mar 23 @ 2:26PM  
hotdog...............down the hall way.............was that a foot long..............or a cocktail weenie???

Mar 23 @ 3:13PM  
For Shox. I figure, who would know the answers better to this than the gay community, so off to Google I went. Personally, and this is just my thought, Kegels are always helpful, there's only so much control we can have over our own bodies. There are body parts we can keep toned through exercise or even plastic surgery. There are some we'll never have control over... hands and knees for example. Labia, scrotum, sphincter muscles, too.

BTW, I've never been fisted unless you count the one time my Ob/Gyn had to go back inside and manually remove afterbirth that wouldn't expel itself. I can promise you even immediately after giving birth, the pain was excruciating.

Bleeding: most often from hemorrhoids or a tear. Stop and take stool softeners and soak in a warm bath. It will usually heal on its own. No more toys or fists until the bleeding stops.

STDs: Infections can pass between partners from fists or shared toys. Keep your toys to yourself. If you share, cover them with condoms, and always wear a latex glove for fisting. Remember, your favorite dildo won't get gonorrhea, you will.

Pain: usually a fissure (tear) or muscle spasm. Stop and take stool softeners and soak in a warm bath. It will usually heal on its own. No more toys or fists until the pain stops.

Lost Toys: The old "it got away from me" problem. Choose a toy with a wide end that will keep it from getting lost inside your anus. If it does get lost, your sphincter muscles will close. Don't try to reach in and grab it, or flush it out with enemas. This will only push it up higher. Squat down and try to move your bowels. Most of the time this will work and the toy will pass on its own. If it doesn't come out, get to an emergency room. A toy left in can perforate your colon.

Perforation: Toys and fists are not as pliable as a penis and can be much longer. They can reach the bend in your colon (approximately 8 inches up) and may not negotiate it. If they don't make the turn, they can break through your colon wall. This is a life and death emergency. Go straight to a hospital and tell them what happened. This is no time to delay treatment because of embarrassment.

Incontinence: Thick toys and fists can injure your sphincter muscles. Injured muscles heal with scarring and do not contract well. This can lead to an inability to control bowel movements or gas in later years.

Mar 23 @ 3:43PM  
Thanx Gina..I was asking about vaginal fisting..I am pretty tight for a gal my age, but Master has been working with me on fisting. Lube and latex gloves are a must for the reasons you state.

I keep doing kegels..but still have a bit of worry about becoming too loose.. that is why I thought I would ask the question here.

Have any guys had experience fucking a gal who has been fisted? Has that turned her into a "loose" woman?

Mar 23 @ 4:38PM  
Oops. Sorry, I definitely blotched blogs. lol

Ok, here's an interesting Q n A response from Dr. Carol Queen:
You didn't ask about it, but let me tell you one of the biggest dangers with vaginal fisting. It's moving the hand from side to side while the fist is in, which can stretch the ligaments that hold the vagina in place within the pelvic cavity. This is not a good idea -- ligaments aren't elastic enough to resume their prior shape when stretched.


Mar 24 @ 8:26PM  
Aftershox - yes I have fisted a couple of woman and then fucked them, both were still tight as a drum, so no, it doesn't make them loose.

Mar 25 @ 9:24AM  
I thing DKW hinted that ya'll have three openings at your disposal. If the pussy gets too loose and sloppy then remove and aim an inch lower....or higher depending on the position your doing it.

I have never found a bad pussy.....some better then others......Some that know how to work their muscles (# 1 in my book).....and move their ass.... there would be a challange to you women with my big clubs. Be like inserting a bowling ball.....


Mar 27 @ 5:44PM  
Personally, I like it tight, but it does make me cum faster since I can feel the warmth of your insede better and your musles working it! If you are too loose, then I would not fell that much and might last longer, but problably would just lose interest or something. Just my tastes though!

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Loose or Tight????