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kiss and tell

posted 3/22/2008 11:38:17 AM |
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  SirenJade I ended up getting with this guy about three weeks ago.. .I've known him since I was 17 (now 26) and I've always wanted to get a hold of him ....well the ass comes back to town on a visit (lives out of state) and we got together....

he never came across the type to "fuck and tell" being as he's usually got a G/F...

I am the same way....I don't reveal names or talk about who I have sex with(except this one time because I'm extremely pissed) because you never know who someone knows....

talking to one of my great guy friends last night....Hey what's this about you and Mr R(that's what I'll call him)?

Ugh nothing.

Oh really, because he told me and nick that he fucked the hell out of you!!!


That has so severely pissed me off that I want to go off on someone....
I can't believe the nerve of him....OH GOSH!!!!!

Sorry just needed to vent...

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kiss and tell
This is funny!!!!


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Mar 22 @ 11:44AM  
Loose lips sink ships.....get it out...vent

Mar 22 @ 11:49AM  
Still the double standard.

He considered the Big Man because He NAILED a great lady

The great Lady is now on everyone wanna Fuck list, because she did it with the Big man, why not us.

My answer would have been. Gee Did we? Must not have been aything special, because I don't remember a damn thing.

and walked away


Mar 22 @ 11:49AM  
Yeah, that's wrong.
Some guys feel the need to prove their masculinity and some are just assholes. I would fall under the latter in most cases.

If he's like that, maybe he's not the catch you thought he was.
Sounds like he has little respect for you.

Mar 22 @ 12:05PM  
He is a fuckwit. Plain and simple.
Don't waste another minute being upset over the lil asshole.

Mar 22 @ 12:12PM  
Playing Devil's Advocate here...

Yea...the guy you were with was an asshole for "kiss and tell"...that's pretty much high school behavior...
On the other hand, the guy that told you about it...gotta wonder about his motives too...if it was his 'friend' that told him this...did he tell you so you could be aware of what kind of person this guy was? Or was he just trying to stir shit up?

There's always two sides to every story...and somewhere in the middle is the truth. I'd ask the guy you slept with why he bragged to his friends that way...he may have a different perspective of the he was just telling them what a great time he had with you...

Or maybe not, in which case he's an asshole and you're better off kicking him to the curb!


Mar 22 @ 12:26PM  
Allow me to offer a different point of view: I can understand that you are angry but never do anything that you are not prepared to deal with if/and when it is revealed.

I'm all for confidentiality but if you and he did not have an agreement, all bets are off that he would keep his mouth shut.

Men talk about their exploits all the time, (from what i hear, women do as well), so don't sweat it, we're all sexual beings. His biggest blunder in this is that he'll never get the chance to be with you again...or maybe he will.

By the way....since you are now kissing and telling, how was it? I hope for both your sakes. it was fucking fantastic!!

Mar 22 @ 12:34PM  
As good looking as you are most guys would brag if you even talked to them.

Mar 22 @ 12:36PM  
Your come-back should have been 'YEAH HE WISHES" and left it at that!!

Mar 22 @ 12:39PM  
That is the difference between a young man and an older guy, we dont feel the need to brag about what we have done.

Mar 22 @ 1:00PM  
He is an ass. That's what you get when you are dealing with a younger man. They are all about telling about their conquests. I only tell my brother and that is it, cuz he is the only person I trust. By the way, you are a very attractive woman. Just thought you should know. :)

Mar 22 @ 1:02PM  
that's the thing he's NOT younger.....he's four years older then me!!!!

Mar 22 @ 1:54PM  
Ya should've done an MUCH older guy and see how much more he appreciates you,and how much better he is "IF"your not too shallow minded Honey, next time broaden your horizons

Mar 22 @ 3:14PM  
Sorry, but I think ALL men brag about the women they have slept with. I don't tell many people, only a few. I really don't see anything wrong with it since I trust them not to run around and spread it everywhere.

Mar 22 @ 3:34PM  
Goes back to my old saying. "Guys are like hamsters. Your hamster is rotten and smelly, flush it and get a new one that looks just like it."

Mar 22 @ 3:35PM  
I'd wait about 3 weeks...... have a friend who can keep their act together and has an official sounding voice....... Call him up, pretend to be the health department, and say that his name was given in reference to a reported sexually communicable disease and suggest that he go to his Dr to get tested.

IF he ask's who..... "referred him" ..... say, I'm sorry that information is confidential..... I just recomment that you and your sex partners get tested.

Dont forget to block call ID and don't ever let on it was you.
Payback is a bitch.

Mar 22 @ 5:32PM  
Well if he's already told all your friends then you might as well be up front and honest about it with them.
"He's a lousy lay and he cried afterwards!"

Mar 22 @ 6:01PM  
Wow, that's rude...I'd be pissed, too!

Mar 22 @ 6:43PM  
You should remain calm, and rendevous with him again.

But leave him high and dry...and when you walk out, kindly remind him that a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

That has so severely pissed me off that I want to go off on someone....

I'd cheerfully let you get off on me. Oh, wait, you said go off. Nevermind, sorry, my bad...


Mar 23 @ 12:00AM  
It's always been a double standard that a man who gets laid is a stud.... the woman a slut. Of course, he line-up of potential dates improves immediately (but includes everyone 'cept the custodian at the local middle school... and that's only 'cause he's searching the hallways there for a fix).

My stance is the Vegas thing.... What goes on in MY bed... stays in MY bed. It's the respectful thing to do.... 'specially if you ever have any intentions of having relations (sexual or not) with the other party again.

To me, keeping things like that in confidence is key/primary. The guy was a douch bag.

Mar 23 @ 12:43AM  
give him some anal that will get them talking

Apr 1 @ 8:09PM  
yea i got a female here running around telling everybody.............

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