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Funny true story

posted 3/22/2008 10:06:00 AM |
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After reading Dayna's blog about her excursions in Ohio...I was reminded of something that happened to me many years ago...while it doesn't involve dumb people (except maybe it was in hindsight still funny.

It all started when I came back from a four year tour in Okinawa. I was traveling with an almost 2 year old, a very small dog and a very large cat (relatively speaking...they were actually about the same size!) We landed in St Louis, MO...a large international hub where alot of military people go thru for customs. It was late at night and the customs area was packed. I had my son in a cart with our luggage, and could see about 100 feet away over the crowd all the pet carriers lined up and stacked against a wall. It was noisy and crowded as I said...but suddenly over the din I could hear a wailing eerily familiar wailing sound. The baby's ears perked up and he yelled "Momma...Tubbers!!" was my cat. The wailing continued for the two hours we were in line waiting to go thru customs...all the while people looking at me either in amusement or annoyance...whether for the cat's wailing or my sons announcement that it was our cat I don't know.

We get thru customs...and manage to get on the plane for the final leg of what was a 48 hour trip. The final destination was MacDill AFB in Tampa...a place I was fortunately very familiar with as I had been stationed there before going over seas.

We landed, gathered our luggage and pets and got a taxi to the base where a room was already set up for us in Temporary Housing. The night billeting officer didn't say anything about the I figured it wasn't a problem.

As we get settled in, the dog starts doing the "I gotta go" dance, so I hook her on the leash and take her outside. Now anyone who has been in Temp Housing knows they have heavy doors that swing shut...and lock unless you turn the little knobby thing to unlock it before going out. I didn't do that...and the door shut behind me...and locked. With my little one the middle of the night!

I got his attention and tried to get him to open the door...but it was too heavy for him to open and the handle was just out of his reach to turn the knob. So, I went to the window and tried to tell him to open that...but that was locked and he couldn't reach the locked to open it. Meantime the dog is getting agitated and barking...the baby is getting scared and crying...I'm starting to panic and ended up breaking the window to get in. This woke up the neighbors...who instead of checking to see what was wrong called the base police!

So...I got back in...settled down a bit and found a pizza place that not only delivered but would also pick up a six pack for me! While I was waiting for food and drink...the police showed up! I answered the door...forgetting about the dog for a minute and she shot out! Well shit!

There were two of them went out after the dog, the other came in and started asking questions...what happened, how did the window break...
The other one caught the dog and brought her back in...letting the cat out as he stood triumphantly in the doorway with the dog! Fuck! So...he marches back out into the night...looking for a black cat in the bushes...I just opened up a can of food in the doorway (after putting the dog back in her carrier!) and the cat came running back in!

While talking to the nice policemen (really, they were!) I let the dog back out of her carrier so she could settle down, and quickly forgot about her by the time the pizza guy showed up. Opened the door and out goes the dog again! My little one was still was about 1am at this point and the cops were still there doing their the cops and the delivery man go after the dog. The cat...having been fed...just looked on in mild amusement, and promptly went for the door as soon as it opened back up again! I left him out knowing he'd come back soon...which he did...right up thru the broken window scaring the shit out of one of the cops!

So, I sat there chatting with the two nice cops...drinking my beer and munching on a calzone, watching the baby drift off on the couch, when the phone rings. In the middle of the night...who the hell could that be! It was the night billeting officer, telling me I couldn't have pets in Temp Housing! How nice!

I told him I would take care of it in the morning...he started to argue and I asked him what he would like me to do with them at 2am? Would he keep them at his house overnight? He didn't like that idea, so he agreed to let me keep them there overnight and gave me the name of a pet boarding place to take them to in the morning.

All in all, it was a hectic and stressful way to come back...but like I hindsight it was funny as hell!

Then again...maybe you just had to have been there!

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Mar 22 @ 10:12AM  
Actually, it was pretty funny without being there!

Mar 22 @ 10:14AM and a calzone ....I'm hungry now

Mar 22 @ 10:18AM  
great Story,.

Was a navy wife, but I don't have any funny stories. Yours was great

Mar 22 @ 10:27AM  
sounds like a pet-go-round!!!

That beer and calzone sounds good to me too................

Mar 22 @ 10:31AM  
Now that would have been a great episode for Army Wives. I enjoyed that short lived "mini-series" and seriously disappointed it didn't turn into another Desperate Wives. Kudo!

Mar 22 @ 10:36AM  
my only question is did the dog ever get to go to the bathroom outside chuckle. Good one.

Mar 22 @ 10:36AM  
That is funny, and you did a great job of telling it. It would make a really funny scene if written into a movie or a sitcom. Yeah, and the cold beer sounds good about now too.

Mar 22 @ 10:38AM  
Sunny you don't do anything half way do you?

Mar 22 @ 10:39AM  
Fortunately, the Staff Sgt I ended up working for knew me from my previous tour...he had heard about the incident before I reported for work, and wanted to know what happened and if everything turned out ok. He had to stop himself from laughing while I told the whole story...until I said it was ok to was pretty funny!

Mar 22 @ 10:44AM  
Oh I've got lots of funny stories about life in the military...

Maybe I'll turn it into a blog series...

Mar 22 @ 10:51AM  
That was a good one!!

Mar 22 @ 11:16AM  
Sunny please keep the funny stories coming, they are great.

Mar 22 @ 11:41AM  
Oh Sunny that was funny!! Hey that rhymes!!

Mar 22 @ 4:04PM  

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Funny true story