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Wet Dream: Think you can keep up?

posted 11/5/2006 11:02:03 PM |
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tagged: sex, porn, naughty thoughts

OK so I am sitting here thinking of this wet dream I had though her face was obscured and I dont have a name we can call her Ilana. I figured I would share it since its (at least to me) one of the best wet dreams I have yet to have. Now if only I could have this in real life (again) OMG that would be unbelieveable. So it starts off:

I come home to my bachlar appartment looking to relax after a hard day. I notice as I enter my room that there has been someone in my bed but think nothing of it. I then start to take off my shirt and then go into the bathroom to clean my face. I walk back out into the dark bedroom to see a shadowy figure in the doorway. I then realize it was Ilana, a young woman that I have only seen in my dreams. She is standing there wearing a extra large T shirt and asks me "how was your day" Sorta seductivly. I reply with "until now...uh its ALL GOOD!". I then ask "Ilana what are you doing here, whats up?" she says "I came because I noticed you have been a little laxed in sex and thought I would wake you up to your sexuality". She then walks over to me with a very seductive look and drops to her knees. I then feel my pants unbutton and then boxers and all hit the deck. I feel her lips start to kiss the head of my dick and then I look down to see her eyes gaze into mine as my cock slowly slides into her mouth. she seems intent on getting me hard but just keeping it at that for now. She stands back up and sugestivly pushes me backwards toward the bed as I fall back on the bed she comes up as well takes off the T shirt and exposes her hard nipples and a thong shes wearing. She now has my full and undivided attention. She straddles me and slides my cock between her pussy lips rubbing the belly of my cock on her pelvis, my hands want to roam on her but she holds me down for now. I lean back looking at her nipples that are hard, she leans foreward to kiss me and then back up. Finally I lose track of my sexual tensions and reach back grab her ass and flip her over. I then twist and roll over ontop of her and its now my turn to tease her. She looks supprized but excited.
I first start out on my knees kissing her belly button and then start south going down each leg and then back up the inside thigh of each avoiding her pussy intentionally. She lays there in intence agony but motionless. I then unhook her thongs on each side and slide them off and then pay my attention to her fine purked nipples which are quite hard. I start to kiss my way up each and then spiral down with out actually touching the top of each mountain bouncing between the twin peaks. I then kiss my way up her neck sucking my way arround until I find her earlobes and suck it then the other. I then find her lips to kiss softly and then back down her neck and chest this time finding her hard nipples and sucking them firmly each. I continue to go further down south to find her tight wet pussy oozing juices and I slowly lick her only to make her ever more wet. I start to eat her out a bit just to taist testing how sweet she is. I then go back up sucking her nipples this time teasing her with the head of my cock which she so elequently just sucked for me.
About this time she starts to breathe harder and heart speeds up and she looks up at me and says with her eyes "FUCK ME NOW!" so I gently slide it inside to find her spots she starts to moan as she feels my thick long hard cock inserted inside of her and then screams making all sorts of noise. I do the same feeling how tight and wet she is and as I find her G spot with the head of my cock I decide to go further and deeper inside faster. I feel how tight she gets as I keep going in deeper. She runs her hands up and down my back and then starts to dig her nails into my back and shoulders as well as the bedding what ever she can grip. She bites her lower lip and says "OH YES HAARRDER" then I decide its time to go in as far as my 8" cock can go.
I flip her up on her left side straddling her left leg keeping my cock inside her the entire time. I then feel the multitude of angles I can hit as I roll her right leg to my right side putting her fully in my control. I start to go deeper than she has ever dreamed possible going faster and harder, wow shes so tight. Her pussy juices run down the belly of my cock down to my balls and drip down on her left thigh. I feel how tight and wet she is and then slide my cock out almost all the way to tease her a bit and regain my strenght and energy. She lays there wondering if I am done but as I rebuild and keep on sliding him in and out of her little at a time she begins to realize something increadible is about to happen. She lies there in uncontrolable anxiety. I then insert my cock all the way inside of her tight wet pussy feeling how tight she really is. Instead of an in and out motion I keep him inside of her fully just rotating my hips from side to side and up and down hitting her G spot from different angles than she ever thought possible. I lean down and suck each nipple as I continue to fuck her harder than she ever has been before. She starts an orgasm thats simply beyond belief. Her muscles start to stiffen, her heart is pounding seemingly out of her chest, shes breathing so hard. Her body starts to feel heavy and then her orgasm starts to set in. Her body goes limp and she loes feeling in all extremeties. I keep going until she looks up to me and says "WAATER".
I then pull him out to get her a drink which she sips and I kiss her soft lips and lie next to her. As she regains her strength she rolls over to find my cock still hard and she squeezes him at first to make sure she is feeling right. then she realizes that hes still hard and I am still VERY HORNEY. She rolls over as she regains her second wind, she says "My pussy lips are swellon but I want to fuck you this time" I simply say "Go for it baby". I lay back and she straddles me and slides my cock inside of her pussy sliding him up and down inside her pussy and tapping her G spot over and over again for her own self satasfaction and gratification. She keeps going and I lean up and suck gently on each nipple and then both together as she has her next orgasm and then colapses on my chest. We gaze into each others eyes and fall asleep with a sheet above us.
The next morning we wake up I with morning wood and her responsible for it, start the whole thing over again.

I hope you enjoyed my narative.

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Wet Dream: Think you can keep up?