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Does each race smell differently?

posted 3/21/2008 2:47:39 AM |
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tagged: humor, race, straddle

Okay, just got off the phone with Kim and she said something that I have never ever heard before. Kim has been without a car since she's gotten back to Washington, and she finally bought a van for $800. She said the van smelled like Mexican. I asked her what kind of smell that was and she couldn't tell me and couldn't describe the smell. I asked her if the previous owner is Mexican and she said yes. That he is married with a few kids, and their dog's name is Taco. lol I guess the guy made a joke about that while Kim was talking with him as she was buying the van. Kim was laughing about the fact that he had a good sense of humor since his kids named their dog Taco. Kim also told me that all races have a smell to mexicans have a certain smell, blacks have their type of smell to them, all whites have their smell as well, as do asians. I couldn't get over that fact that she was telling me all this, and I was wondering if any of you buy this, and think that there was any truth to this. She said that it's common knowledge in Washington about this smell factor each race has, and that I should get out more so I know what she's talking about. Granted, I didn't grow up around a lot of different races around me, and maybe she knows what she's talking about as far as the smell factor. Kim is half white and half asian. So, what do you think, have any of you ever experience the smell factor in each race?

This reminds me of the "cannibalism" blog I did about a week ago where Blackskyline made a comment about each race tasting different. Not sure he was joking about all that, but it actually makes you wonder about little things like that.

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Mar 21 @ 3:06AM  
Btw, this is my 400th blog. I wasn't sure about what I was going to blog about, but after talking with Kim just a bit ago I had to blog about part of our conversation.

Mar 21 @ 3:14AM  
i'm not sure...i know old people have a certain smell....i remember when i use to visit my great grandma and grandpa ....the whole house smelled like them....i mean it wasn't a bad smell......when i use to work for a furniture store delievering furniture and setting it up in peoples houses i noticed a certain smell when it came to an old couple's house....and since i live in Florida...the retirement state for old folks that certain smell is every for races in such....well, i have a variety of friends from all different races.....i think it's more along the lines of bathing and deodorant....perhaps cologne too....which makes me think again about my grandparents...old spice has been around forever and i know my grandpa always used that stuff....i dunno though....good blog though...really makes you think....

oh as for the other person you mentioned in the blog....i'm curious as to if she cancelled her acct or if she got the boot by AMD.....but, yes i seen she has another s/n never ends i tell ya....would be nice if AMD could mac ban users....that's the only way to actually get rid of them....ip ban is easy to get around...mac ban however ...well, you would have to change nic cards ....unless you have a supply of nic cards then it gets expensive and a bit more challenging....

Mar 21 @ 3:28AM  
I smell like stale cigs and cheap cologne in case you guys wondered....

Mar 21 @ 3:28AM  
I deleted my comment referring to who was cancelled earlier tonight. For the record, that person was canclled by the site, and took on another screen name on here.

Mar 21 @ 3:30AM  
Btw, Tracker, you're right about older people, they do have that certain smell to them.

Mar 21 @ 4:42AM  
yes.. races have different smells...u can notice it more if you go in to each races house...people of that race won't notice it... but its still there

Mar 21 @ 4:48AM  
Blackskyline, that's exactly what Kim said to me. You go into peoples houses and you can notice it. She has experienced this many times. I have never paid any attention to this and never noticed.

Mar 21 @ 6:10AM  
Congrats on your 400th blog, straddle.

Mar 21 @ 6:59AM  
I deleted my comment referring to who was cancelled earlier tonight. For the record, that person was canclled by the site, and took on another screen name on here.

OMG! I am shocked! You mean to tell me you know who I am? You figured that out all by your lil ol self???

Is there no end to your brilliance? I'm stunned. I'm just....stunned.

Mar 21 @ 7:05AM  
Well folks, I had to delete "HollyTheSequal" aka lolthisistoofunny because she's playing the race card now saying this blog is racist. I don't see where it's a racists blog. I talked about Kim stating that there was a difference in race as far as the smell factor. I have never noticed the difference as I stated in my blog. How the hell am I a racist with this blog? As I stated, I see no difference in people of any race as smelling any different. Blackskyline who is black commented on my blog, and he knows this blog isn't a racist blog. So lolthisistoofunny, take your shit somewhere else and the name calling crap you threw at me in your juvenile political correctness attitude comment that I just deleted. You're not welcome on my blogs anymore because you're a flame thrower who stirs shit on here!

Mar 21 @ 7:29AM  
Since I have been put on the spot by "Hollythesequal"(aka lolthisistoofunny) about my blog being a racist one, I will state that most if not all the people on this site know I'm not a racist in any way. This angry woman is now trying to discredit me. This blog asks just a simple question in regards to peoples views and opinions on the topic of this blog. I already stated that I have in no way noticed any different in the smell factor, simple as that. A lot of people have noticed it however, so are you going to call these people who have noticed a difference in smell a racist? Looks like "Holly" is playing the P.C. thought police once again on here.

Mar 21 @ 7:30AM  
I dont know if it is a race thing,,,,but I recently moved into a differnent house,,and it has taken weeks for me to get the smell of a "middle aged white woman, that lives alone with a little house dog" out.

Each time I walked in the door, it hit me in the face....another persons smell...but I have clean and scrubbed and now it smells like "a middle aged white woman that lives alone with a little house dog" in other words...just right

Mar 21 @ 7:35AM  
W.C., I know people who have pets in the house to where their house smells like pet odor, and that's perfectly normal. I have a few house cats, and you can tell that I have pets. It's not too bad, but it's still noticable to me and some other people that I can't hide the smell of pets to a certain degree. lol

Mar 21 @ 7:37AM  
Ah...yes..the smell.....Smells like a rat somewhere in this blog.

Ummm...yeah, where I used to live, when you walked into the vestebule of my apartment that lead to 4 apartment doors, you could always smell curry. I had an Indian family living upstairs from me, I will never forget that smell.......

Mar 21 @ 7:39AM  
Oh, and CONGRATS!!!!


Mar 21 @ 7:44AM  
Thank you, Meagan!

Btw, you're right, and we all know who that rat is in this blog. But this blog won't be made out of a pissing contest with that person. For the most part I have ignored this person in the blogs over the past two weeks.

Mar 21 @ 8:14AM  
Congrats Straddle on 400..........seems like just yesterday you were up to how the time flies..............but seriously.........we do all smell's not just's not as stupid as it sounds either.....just got a lot going on in the olfactory.........I can smell a rat piss on cotton at 100 paces.............(exaggeration)..............

Mar 21 @ 8:18AM  
To be honest, in a way, I think I can agree with this. I know...shocking! LOL Let me explain..

I use different products for my hair and skin than do my White friends. I have what I call mixed hair and skin - it tends to be drier than that of "typical" people who are White. So, I use certain products that my White friends don't...for example, I use Ultra Sheen (Black folks call it "grease") - remember VO5 gel...that's what this is, but not nearly as thick and heavy. But it has a certain scent. I may also use makeup that is different - not only because of my skin type, but my skin tone is pretty much impossible to match (so my bathroom becomes a laboratory of mixing and's insane! LOL) And I can promise you that many women who are Black use even different products on their hair and skin. So, if a Black woman, a mixed woman, and a White woman all showered using the same soap, shampoo, and conditioner, the we would all smell differently after grooming.

I can't speak for other races, but this might account for some of those "scent" differences. :)

Mar 21 @ 8:36AM  
Don't confuse scents of products with scents of people.

Everyone uses different hair products and the products smell differently and, in fact, the exact same product smells differently from one person to the next.

He was talking about entire races of people smelling different, as though you could walk into a room and tell the race of the group of people who had been there, simply because of "their" smell.

For instance, the van that smelled like "Mexican." Now, what the hell was that supposed to mean? She couldn't even describe it, but apparently she recognized it enough to assume that it was a "Mexican" smell. Whatever the hell that means.

What? It smelled like Mexican food, you mean? Maybe it belonged to a Caucasian that had a penchant for Taco Bell (I will add my apologies for suggesting that Taco Bell is Mexican food) but i think you catch my drift.

But it's as absurd as saying the group that just vacated a room must have been Black because the room smelled like chicken or watermelon.

Mar 21 @ 8:58AM  
Are you seriously going to say that people don't smell differently - and for good reason? Whether from products used or foods consumed - or things they are around - people can and do smell differently. Have you ever gotten a whiff of someone who has been on a drinking binge? Even after shower, brushing teething, changing clothes, their body emits a certain smell. SO, if a particular group of people consume something in particular a lot, it IS possible for their bodies to emit similar scents that are different from another group of people who don't (but may consume something else that has a different scent). Garlic is a great example of something consumed that emits a scent from a person's body...

Ever stop to think Holly, Sheila, LOL or whoever the fuck you are, that maybe - just maybe - your take on things isn't the only one - much less that you could be wrong? Even so, I don't care - you're a pain in the ass and I'm quite tired of you running your mouth. YOU are a waste of MY time and I'm going to demonstrate what you claimed you were going to do last night...I'm not going to bother with you after this...Except to get you the fuck off this site.


Mar 21 @ 9:18AM  
I met a back guy from here, maybe some will criticize me cuz I met him on a whim, for no reason other than he was black.

We really hit if off, and had a regular thing going. Besides the great sex, we treated each other with respect.. OK once we did a little rape roleplay but even THAT was done with respect (I was afraid to use the "N" word because we hadn't talked about it and I didn't know if he would be OK with it, The scene could have really used some "pretend" racist profanity,,,)

I had heard that black people smell different, but I thought they were kidding. And Caucasian BO if it is fresh can be quite a turn-on for me. I never expected the musky smell to be that strong, but it was more than I could handle, so I would make him shower. He knew that the smell was strong,, it was just something we had to deal with. We also became quite fond of showers...

We don't see each other anymore, but still keep in touch as friends.

Mar 21 @ 9:37AM  
I do not have any personal experience that would verify whether people of different races smell any different than others.

I would venture a guess that food and enviornment play a BIG part. My ex's aunt was first generation Italian American and her house always smelled like garlic, oregano, and basil. YUM YUM

I would further add that my mustache smells different from time to time...... but that's a whole different topic.

Mar 21 @ 9:51AM  
Are you seriously going to say that people don't smell differently - and for good reason? Whether from products used or foods consumed - or things they are around - people can and do smell differently

HUH???? That's EXACTLY what I just said!!!! Can you not comprehend plainly written English????

I said that RACES do not smell a particular way, that it is racist to assume that a place just vacated was once occupied by a certain race just because of the scent that may have been left behind. Pay attention!

And I don't give a fuck what you think, to be quite honest with you. I've come to realize the reason you all get pissed off so much becaues you are ENTIRELY lacking in comprehension skills. Your hatred and anger and venom have blinded you to the point that you don't even take the time to read and think through what has been written, especially when you've already targeted someone as one of your victims.

Quite frankly, I would think a woman of color would have been highly offended by his racist statement...we're not talking the smell of Jericurl here, you know. He wasn't talking about products..and even then, if you walked into a room and smelled Jericurl, it still wouldnt' be fair to assume a BLACK person had been in the room; it could just have easily been a white woman who had dry, very naturally curly, hair.

Mar 21 @ 10:08AM  
I would further add that my mustache smells different from time to time...... but that's a whole different topic.
Dude - I'm eating breakfast!

Mar 21 @ 10:40AM  
Strad, if there is one thing you are not, it is a racist. Anybody that knows you or has spend any amount of time reading your blogs knows this. Only somebody who is here for malicious intent would make a comment like that.


Mar 21 @ 10:50AM  
"Hollythesequal", you're the only one on here who thinks this is a racist blog. It's not a racist blog, I'm not a racist, and I never made a racist statement. What I did was ask anyone (who actually had any sense) to give their views and opinions on whether or not they think it's possible that each race has their own scent. This was brought to my attention over the phone by my sweetie (who is asian-american) who said that it's a known fact. I have never heard about this and wanted to do a topic about this and get peoples input. You talk about people writing ruining your character and you should sue everyone on here for liable. Well, what you're trying to do to me is the same!

Take your drama elsewhere!

Mar 21 @ 11:36AM  
Assuming that someone was a certain race just because a van (or whatever) smelled a certain way IS a racist , prejudicial statement.

Imagine this scenario in a courtoom:

"And did you see the assailant?"

"No, I did not."

"But you can state unequivocally that you know he was a Mexican?"

"Yes, sir, I can."

"And how can you make that judgment?"

"Because the car that was abandoned during the commisson of the crime smelled like a taco."

See what I mean? Would NEVER hold up in court...

Mar 21 @ 11:43AM  
I'm not the one that said the van smelled like a Mexican. Again, I wrote about the conversation I had over the phone with someone else that stated that.

Mar 21 @ 11:54AM  
My years as Paramedic have afforded me the opportunity to get up close and personal with many people. As far race I havent noticed a difference in smell. I have noticed smells from living conditions which could provide the theory that differnt races smell different. But io have been in mansions that smelled worse than the little tract house down in the poverty section. So i have to believe that it's not race we're smelling but simply living conditions, and that my friends includes all races.

Mar 21 @ 11:57AM  
I don't know about races...but I have noticed that different cultures and different parts of the world have unique smells...

As an example...when I lived in Japan...there was always a scent there, sort of a mixture of certain spices, mixed with a musky scent...and in the spring add the scent of orange and cherry blossoms. It wasn't a bad scent...just different.

Another example is a friend of mine who was East Indian...I went to his mom's house a few times and thier house always smelled paprika. Again...not bad, just different.

Whenever I go to downtown always smells like diesel...but go to the neighborhoods and it smells like BBQ! And when I visit my Aunts house in the Upper smells like woodsmoke all the time!

Here at home we have a mix of different scents, depending on the time of day and the season...damp from all the rain we've had, woodsmoke from people using their fireplaces or woodburners at night...and sweet from the flowers starting to bloom and people starting to cut their grass...Oh yea...lets not forget the cow pasture across the road from the house! That's nice!! NOT!

Mar 21 @ 12:55PM  
I don't know. I'm not ruling out that different races smell different, maybe it's a cultural thing depending on what they eat. Foods can affect body odor. Different races have a different appearance so why not a different odor. I have noticed that everyone smells different. I have been near some noxious smelling people of all races.

Mar 21 @ 1:51PM  
OK...Once and for all....ALL RACES DO SMELL DIFFERENT....I have traveled all over the world, and been up close and personal with just about every race known to man (there are a few exceptions)

Also, different sects of the same race smell different...

I'm not saying they smell bad...just different....and that's taking away the "food, living conditions, artificial smell (perfumes)" factors.


Mar 21 @ 4:13PM  
I've noticed that some panties smell different than others...

Mar 21 @ 4:29PM  
You guys are missing the big picture once again, I'm afraid. RACES do not smell different! The cuisine of a certain area might have a significant odor; the flowers of a certain area might have a significant odor; the hair products that Blacks typically use might have a significant odor. From that you might be able to ASSume that the people who were once in that room were (whatever race).

But say a Caucasian was born in Japan, ate Japanese cuisine, grew up around Japanese flowers and even spoke Japanese, would you say that person "smelled" Japanese??? Or better yet, you visited that person's home, you would automatically assume they were Japanese because the odors reminded you of things that were typically associated with Japan? It would be a common assumption and not necessarily anything malicious about it, but it is, in fact, a prejudicial assumption.


Mar 21 @ 7:58PM  
I've never really noticed anything like that before myself.

And btw...there is absolutely NOTHING racist about this blog, regardless of what "you know who" thinks.

Congrats on number 400...but....Dayna is still ahead of you!

Mar 29 @ 1:26AM  
Straddle, "races" don't have different smells. Humans are all of the same "race" per say, that of the homo sapien.

What does smell different is the kinds of food that people of different cultures eat.

Mar 29 @ 1:46AM  
Nawtikitty, like I stated a thousand times in this blog already, I have never ever noticed a smell with each race. Kim being half white and half asian has. So have three other people on here that are black. Kim stated to me that white people usually never notice things like that, but that minority people usually pick up on the smell thing.

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Does each race smell differently?