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Drama, drama, drama....

posted 3/20/2008 8:32:26 PM |
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What the shit. I do like reading blogs when i got the chance, and it seems like for the past month, it's been nothing but a bitch fest. Ummm..... this is an adult website right?? I thought i joined to check out sexy naked women, with beautiful boobage, and spankable asses. To talk like everyday adults hanging in their favorite watering hole. And now we got appartently cliques, gangs, bitches, assholes, and every other conceivable group at each other's throats.

I'm almost 28 years old.... um. Yeah. I graduated from junior high....... a looong time ago. Apparentely some people didn't get the memo to act like Fucking ADULTS. Who gives a flying rat's ass about what some dickhead or dried-up old cunt wrinkle said to one another. Does it really fucking matter?? A majority of the people on this site are well into there late 30's and 40's, unless yer a scammer/spammer. And you people still act like whiny, crater-faced, hormonal little punk teeny-boppers!!!

Grow up people. Leave the blogs to politics, poems, rants and raves about politics, religion, sexual fantasies and stories, and my favorite: the sexual experience you recently had.

Do you people really need to run around in cyber space with yer little cliques, meeting at the swingset after recess to talk shit and wanna beat the other bitch up?? How fucking old are you.... act like it you fucking sheep. U all are just a bunch of cattle the way you group together and protect each other, slander the opponent, sling yer mudd, and shit wherever the hell you feel like it. Why do you have to group together to feel wanted, to feel like yer a part of something?? What's so wrong about individuality?? Or is it cuz you don't get laid cuz yer old, yer tits look like tennis balls inside tube socks. Or you guys got the Friar Tuck discount hair. Well guess what. Yer old. Stop being in denial, stop thinking that lying about yer age is gonna change the truth. I've heard plenty of enough bitching from all you OLDer members against the younger crowd....

For all the people in the cliques. I don't keep up with who hates who, and for what reasons. Way to much pre-pubecent bickering to keep up with. Let me give you a quote from a bumper sticker i keep seeing around town, and wonder where the hell this person got it from cuz it's freaking genius. It just fits this website and all you people ganging against each other....

"YOU all laugh because I'M different. I laugh because YOU'RE all the same!"

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Mar 20 @ 8:39PM  
way to go! by the way...49 and still looking pretty freaking hot! And damn proud of it, too, considering what I've been through! Never lied about my age a day in my life...never needed to...

woo hoo!!!

Great blog, even though you may have meant it for me also and perhaps my comments are unwelcomed in your blog as well...

...but since I'm not a part of a clique, I do VERY MUCH appreciate your insight and willingness to comment about that aspect of the bullshit. Thank YOU for noticing!!!! More people need to speak out for others' rights to be different, to opine differently from them, and to be offended by certain behaviors and speak out against the degradation of women, etc., without fear of rebuttal by a bunch of wannabe whores and johns!!!

Mar 20 @ 8:43PM  
Jesus, aren't you kind of creating drama ranting about it?
I would think that it would be more proactive to come up with an engaging positive blog to get people interested in something else other than bitching. I recommended they ignore it but I have been tainted myself and I am just here a week. I really don't like conflict so I am currently brainstorming on a blog that will actually be some kind of a hoot, nothing so far as it's late and I'm a tired and a cranky.
Bitch bitch moan moan.

Mar 20 @ 9:00PM  
i come here for amusement...i dont find bitching, moaning, arguing, and name calling amusing in the least..i see enough of that in my work, i come here to get away from all that...

peace, love..

Mar 20 @ 9:04PM  
You do realize by posting a blog like this, you are only asking for the shit to continue. this blog, just gives people another blog to bitch in and another blog to bitch about, I'm not bitching at you, I am just informing you of the ways of the AMD world live it, love it or leave it its up to you, but you wont change it this way.

Mar 20 @ 9:06PM  
i see enough of that in my work, i come here to get away from all that...

Thank you cause I know for me I dont enjoy it any more than anyone else, and if I wanted to hear this much fighting, I would have just stayed married.


Mar 20 @ 9:06PM  
Isn't that great. I got cliques at work too. The funniest ones, not trying to sound too rude, but some overweight secretaries all moan and complain about the women from this other office in the building i work at. Almost every day, these women eat chex mix and m&m's, then bitch about the women that go work-out in the gym on the bottom floor!!!

Mar 20 @ 9:10PM  
and my favorite: the sexual experience you recently had.

I'm one of the few people who do...where are yours?

Mar 20 @ 9:15PM  
Unfortunately right now, my sexual escapades are kind of.... marriage like. Almost just yer normal friday night fuck. Not that i don't try. Believe me, i'm a horn-dog and do everything i can possibly to keep the sex lively and vibrant.

Last great fuck was doggy-style behind this bar next to a busy gas station. Coulda got caught at any second. But that was like 3 weeks ago.....

Mar 20 @ 9:37PM  
Last great fuck was doggy-style behind this bar next to a busy gas station.

Oh??? Do tell!!!

Mar 20 @ 9:40PM  
Hmmmm....been so long since I had a sexual experience I'm going to have to live vicariously thru others' experiences...

sits back and waits to read more.....

Mar 20 @ 10:27PM  
"YOU all laugh because I'M different. I laugh because YOU'RE all the same!"

I love that one. Friend of mine bought a t-shirt with that written on it.

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Drama, drama, drama....