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To all the real men Here on AMD and the one in my heart.....Hell ya..

posted 3/19/2008 11:50:11 PM |
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tagged: men, tribute

I am sending out a hell ya.. Out to all the real men...

The ones that with all their flaws..

The ones that drink their beer and let out a good old burp... hell ya!

The ones that work hard in a blue collar job.. Hell ya!

The ones that come home and stick their hands down their pants while watching T.V. .... Hell ya!

The ones that have dirt under their finger nails... Hell ya!

The ones that wanna watch their porn...Hell ya!

The ones that want to come home and fuck the hell out of their woman.. Hell ya!

The ones that look at other woman... Hell ya!

The ones that want to go out and raise some Hell I say ....hell ya!

The ones that look ruff and tuff I say ....Hell ya!

The ones that have tattoes I say... Hell ya!

The ones that know how to treat a true woman I say..... Hell ya! A double Hell ya!!!!

I raise my glass of Beer to all the real men Here in AMD and in the world..
And mostly to My own hard working man I love with all my heart..... I give you all a great Big......

HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To all the real men Here on AMD and the one in my heart.....Hell ya..
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Mar 19 @ 11:53PM  

Hell YA!!!!

Mar 19 @ 11:57PM  
Hell ya!!!

Mar 20 @ 12:03AM  
Hell Ya

Mar 20 @ 12:05AM  
Hell Ya


Mar 20 @ 12:06AM  
Hell Ya again I give... And a great big
After the attack that the men here have gone through today in the blogs and the well comment about the kinda of man I'm with I would give ya all the Hell YA!!!!
We love you all....

Mar 20 @ 12:12AM  

Let's see...I got 1, 2, 3, 4, & the 2...AWWW SHIT
Hell YA!

Mar 20 @ 12:15AM  
AWRIGHT !!!! Gotta leave a kudo for you and say that I could kick myself for not thinking about this myself. Although there's some men I'd just like to slap silly, I love 'em all. They ain't got it easy in this world tryin' to support a family or just simply being a man.

Too often when one of the bad apples bites us in the ass we get defensive and do that "generalizing" crap but it's just a reaction to being hurt. There's a lot of good men in this world and a hellava lot of 'em here in's time we recognized that and give them some heart lovin'...

Now if any of you ladies wanna make that lovin' into a wanna fuck....ur on ur own!!

Mar 20 @ 12:16AM  
OH....I forgot...


Mar 20 @ 12:24AM  
Oh yeah a hell ya I give again I truelly love the man that works hard for my family to make a living for us....

Soft sorry I thought of it first but been sorta inthe middle of this blog shit. And well when the real men of this great world are attacked I gotto say Hell Ya!!! to all the real hard working ones....

Mar 20 @ 12:35AM  
I go ninite now...go snuggle up to MY real man!!

Hell ya!!!

Mar 20 @ 12:38AM  
Good night and have fun with your real man.....Sundance....

Mar 20 @ 12:59AM  
Hell Ya !!

Mar 20 @ 1:01AM  
Well this real woman is gonna go to bed w/ her real man.. And cuddle andtry and get warm.....Again I givea Hell Ya to all the real men..Loves ya all that work hard fo us to have a real true life....

Mar 20 @ 1:02AM  
well thank you

Mar 20 @ 1:03AM  
You are very welcome....

Mar 20 @ 1:20AM  
I got 2 girls who wanna' li'l snuggie snuggie tonight And they spen all thier time on all 4's Hellllll Yeaaaaaaa! Now where'd I put the peanut butter?

Mar 20 @ 1:30AM  
Hell YEAH!!

Mar 20 @ 1:37AM  
thank you... gonna go to bed now and see if my woman wants to play a little...

Mar 20 @ 1:39AM  

green thig for ya... hell yeah!!!!

Mar 20 @ 1:44AM  
Since it's been so close to St. Paddy''s a bit of the Pogues in context:

The canals and the bridges, the embankments and cuts,
They blasted and dug with their sweat and their guts
They never drank water but whiskey by pints
And the shanty towns rang with their songs and their fights.

They died in their hundreds with no sign to mark where
Save the brass in the pocket of the entrepreneur.
By landslide and rockblast they got buried so deep
That in death if not life they'll have peace while they sleep.

Navigator, Navigator rise up and be strong
The morning is here and there's work to be done.
Take your pick and your shovel and the bold dynamite
For to shift a few tons of this earthly delight
Yes to shift a few tons of this earthly delight.

Mar 20 @ 2:56AM  

Mar 20 @ 5:18AM  

*sips coffee instead of beer prepin for work and contemplating the cuddling part *

Mar 20 @ 6:10AM  

Mar 20 @ 6:11AM  
Well, it would be amiss for someone not to mention the little woman at home, who stands quietly by her "may-yan," but who, if challenged, could easily suck the chrome off'n a trailer hitch..

Hell yeah!! Yeeee hawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Mar 20 @ 8:30AM  
Good morning everyone... It is a wonderful morning too...
I realized last night after going to bed I forgot to add two ofthe most important real men out there..
So here they are....

The ones that have or are putting their lives in danger in the armed services..... Hell ya!

And then to my daddy who is my big teddy bear and to all the truck drivers out there.....Hell ya!


Mar 20 @ 9:43AM  
Well, it would be amiss for someone not to mention the little woman at home, who stands quietly by her "may-yan," but who, if challenged, could easily suck the chrome off'n a trailer hitch..

Hell yeah!! Yeeee hawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
Sorry I missed this one last night, shiny green thingy to ya.

As for you lolimtoofuckingstupidformyowngood, so now you're against blowjobs too? Damn, what's a poor woman to do? She can't fuck for money or suck a cock as far as you're concerned. There is a difference between being a proud feminist and being a feminazi. You fall in that latter group and make me ashamed to ever admit to being a feminist!

Mar 20 @ 9:47AM  
lolthisisfunny.. LIke I said in my E-mail with you this morning I don't think that comment was funny or is funny in this blog..
And on your last e-mail...
You sure do target rednecks don't ya..
I in this blog was just stating and putting out a big Hell Ya!!!!
To the men that work hard as you say but also to the ones that do everything you say rednecks do...
And if one of those men might be canu... Not saying it is but he sounds like a wonderful man who loves his woman and works hard...
I have come to love reading his blogs on every subject. That is what a real man is...If you can't take a joke and joke along then I say oh well. don't take everything on here so much to heart....
We as woman on here if want to can stick up for ourselves don't always need others to do it for us.....

Now I give another great big.......

HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 20 @ 11:22AM  
Here's to big ol, sweaty, nasty, crazy men who wanna cum inside me over and over and over...

Mar 20 @ 11:30AM  
Oh Hell Ya! I second that one.

Mar 20 @ 12:03PM  
I've come to a conclusion...

There is a particular woman on here that has one of those...


If anyone agree's with me, give me a...


And to theHOTmama...I'm giving you a very big...


Mar 20 @ 12:13PM  
I give you a Hell Ya! back for the first comment.
And for the second one say thank for the Hell Ya! to me....

Mar 20 @ 12:22PM  


Mar 20 @ 12:27PM  
Ladybootscooter...Hell Yeah Right back at ya...

Mar 20 @ 12:31PM  
You're welcome theHOTmama! And thank you as well... And the hell with this hell yeah shit...because I say...


Mar 20 @ 12:34PM  
Just curious...if a man were to combine these two...

The ones that wanna watch their porn...Hell ya!

The ones that want to come home and fuck the hell out of their woman.. Hell ya!

Meaning they come home, set up the video cam, and tape them fucking the hell out of their women, making thier own porn that both can watch later

Ummmmmmmmmmm, would that be a...


Mar 20 @ 12:46PM  
crazycraveman.. Oh hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
sounds like a lot of fun to me.....

Mar 20 @ 1:20PM  
*Grabs video camera*

Sooooooooo, when do we start?!

Mar 20 @ 1:26PM  
Bad boy you
Already have mine set up.. For my own fun....

Mar 20 @ 1:31PM  
WHAT?! You already have one set up for your own fun...

COOL! A mastrubation movie...can I have a copy?!

Mar 20 @ 1:38PM  
Sits here think.. HMMMM I don't think my hubby would want me to share.....
But I might be wrong....LOL

Mar 20 @ 1:52PM  
You don't have to tell the hubby... it'll be our dirty little secret...

Mar 20 @ 1:56PM  
Dirty little secrets.......
Kind of hard to keep....When hubby is on this site too..LOL

Mar 20 @ 2:02PM  
Just cover his eyes when I post...

Mar 20 @ 2:06PM  
I am but he keeps looking....

Mar 20 @ 2:22PM  
OK, try this...just poke him in the eyes...

Mar 20 @ 2:32PM  
Now if I did that he couldn't look at me.....

Mar 20 @ 2:36PM  
And that's a bad thing?

Now stop and think about it for a do those who are blind see...

So you see, I win, you win, and he wins...we're all happy campers...


Mar 20 @ 2:40PM  
Ahhh yes I do see... Or should I say
Happy campers we will be....

Mar 20 @ 3:05PM  
I knew you'd come around and see things my way...I have you under my spell...

Mar 20 @ 3:08PM  
Yes master....I'm under your spell....

Mar 20 @ 3:36PM  
And I did it without the use of a shiny watch...

Mar 20 @ 7:58PM  
HELL YA..... Now it's time to thank the mama for all she does for me. I'll have todo some thing special to her soon so she can write about it for all u horny people lol...

Mar 20 @ 8:06PM  
Next! On Springer! hyuk hyuk hyuk

Oh for god's sake's pulleeeeeeeeeze...the drama is nauseating. I doubt they'll delete you ...they never delete King and Queen Trolls and their in numbers, which is why they do it. Advertising revenue, you know. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they actually hired people like you to get rid of anyone with a strong, dissenting opinion. i said, this place ain't exactly fort knox! LOL

I can get in, one way or another...

Canu, you and all your coWHOREts (get the double entrendre? Or are you too STOOPID to pick up on it?) are nothing but a bunch of troublemaking assholes..

anyone who wants to maintain contact, I'm {email address removed}

I was wasting far too much of my precious time here anyway, dicking around with you losers.

But hey, it was fun to watch you froth at the mouth, if only for a while!

(Oh. And by the way, you paranoid deviants, the name here is merely for fun... i am not, nor have ever been "holly.")

You all stay safe in your little internet fantasy world, where no one is welcome unless they adhere to your rules and your might as well stay huddled up here because no self-respecting lady or gentleman would have anything to do with any of your skanky trailer trash Jerry Springer mentality asses!!!!


Mar 20 @ 11:02PM  
Oh Hell Ya!!!! I give back to my hornymanalways.... Loves you alot... and please do me good and hard....

Mar 20 @ 11:05PM  
Oh crazycraveman... You used much more then that.......

Mar 20 @ 11:12PM  
Ok lolthisistoofunny oh I forgot you are now "hollythesequal" now that is funny
Love my little internet fantasy world.. And also the real world I live in... Do you have a real world or just this one?
I for one have a "Real man"
I do not understand why after My husband posted a blog on here for me you had to go and post yours.. Get a life we not the "TROLLS' you are as you have no proved it posting under a new screen name...
Hmmm Jerry Springer... Well sounds like fun to me.....

Mar 21 @ 1:28AM  
not sure why your husband posted for you (what the hell does that have to do with anything?) but...

Got news for ya..YOU guys are the ones who are monopolize a site, bully people, badger them, insult them, and belittle them if they don't agree with your point of view.

Oh yeah, there's one more...

Number "next":

REAL men do not act like pussy ass jerks and go running to the mods when his masculinity is threatened by a REAL woman, whom he could NEVER face up to in REAL life, who is so much of a fucking COWARD that he tucks tail and runs crying to his SUGAR Mama because the bad-ass WOMAN is cyberkicking his scrawny bony little ass all over internet kingdom-fucking-cum, and he and all his minions are so lacking in debating skills that the only recourse they have is to gang up on people and AS A GROUP band together to get one person thrown off the site...all because she believes in equal treatment and justice for women in society!!!

REAL men aren't wimps whose masculinity is compromised by the mere suggestion that someone's going to take his pussy away from him because paying for it is most likely the only way he's going to get any anyway.


Mar 21 @ 12:18PM  
Damn, did I just witness a 6 year old having a temper tantrum?

OH HELL YEAH!! I most certainly did...

It simply amazes me how someone can take a simple, fun blog and turn it into something ugly! Then again you have to consider the source...

Mar 21 @ 2:33PM  
well then you need to go out and geat a real man Hollythesequal...(lolthisistoofunny ) and then you would understand why He posted what he did for me... My real man knows how to take me and give me all I need and then some.....And if you are leaving then why are you here under a new name leaving nasty comments like this in my blog.?

Mar 21 @ 2:36PM  
crazycraveman.... Thank you ...
Hell Yeah! You again for being a real man..

Mar 22 @ 5:17PM  
Hell Ya! again!

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To all the real men Here on AMD and the one in my heart.....Hell ya..