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She loves Me!!!!

posted 3/19/2008 5:14:55 PM |
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I knew she did, but now the world can know and rejoice...
She blogged me...again...
She luuuvz me...she really luvzzzz me....she had me at "Fuck You," but I was so hopeful, now it's true....

Oh sweetheart, now that I know your love is true, I'll drop that restraining order right away....

I can see it in my little redneck barefoot and preggers....and naked all the time of course...except when ya have to work to support our asses...

Rubbing my feet while I watch NASCAR...

Fetchin my beerz...

Oh joys...oh wonder...the world is set right once more....

*Sarcasm Off*

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She loves Me!!!!
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Mar 19 @ 5:18PM  
But but...I thought you love MEEEEE!!!

I still loves ya!

Love Always,
Your sister!

Mar 19 @ 5:19PM  
Did you say beer?

Mar 19 @ 5:19PM  
Damn you would fit right in with my friends, especially the offline ones.

Mar 19 @ 5:19PM  

Mar 19 @ 5:23PM  
I have one thing to say


I think he finally went off the deep end.

Love your sarcasim D.K. I'm glad there is someone else on here that can't take themselves seriously 24/7. Where would life be without humor.

Thanks for the laugh


Mar 19 @ 5:23PM  

Well...I'm certainly glad you've found love here DKW!

Is the wedding before, during, or after the NASCAR race?

Mar 19 @ 5:28PM  
Wedding will be raight in the GOT damn middle.

Hope she can dodge cars fast enough, balancing that beer keg....

Mar 19 @ 5:28PM  
cheatin bastard love ya dk...

Mar 19 @ 5:28PM  
How bout one of those demolition derby wedding? I saw that once on CMT...Redneck Weddings...

Mar 19 @ 5:31PM  
How bout one of those demolition derby wedding? I saw that once on CMT...Redneck Weddings...
I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! And have you noticed Sunny while there beer swilling Rednecks on that show, I've never seen a single one of the men treat their wives, girlfriends, mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters, etc, in other words any of the women with anything but the utmost respect!!!

Mar 19 @ 5:35PM  
Now shhhh, LBS...
Yer gonna ruin our rep, gaw-demmit....
Now...we caint dew both nascar AND a demolition weddin, now...
Iff'en weu'ns do thet...whah then we would heff ta do three...cuz it would end up one for that ther bride's side, then the grewm's side..
Then the unknown side, cuz they wood get raight ill bout that kinder thang...

Mar 19 @ 5:42PM  
Our Wedding Song

Mar 19 @ 5:51PM  
Nice try sexy, but shortly they will start hollerin for you to sit down and shut the fuck up... and it will go right back to .. why dont' YOU.. as in you.. just leave it alone instead of drawing fire?

And you will be stuck in the same position Canu and I are in now.. with bitches on both sides of the damned thing.. two saying .. 'don't get involved' and one saying 'oh help they are attacking me' Well my give a shit busted... so good luck to ya.. hope you are wearin your flak jacket.

Mar 19 @ 5:55PM  
Which one of Cybil loves you?

Mar 19 @ 5:57PM  
Dearly bedraggled we are gathered here today to join this troll and that troll killer... in unholy alimony (just skip the matrimony ya'll know that it wouldn't last)

Do you troll killer take this troll to be your unlawfully wedded cum dumpster

Mar 19 @ 5:57PM  
Becasue It's funny Nacho, that's why.

Read it, it's written in a why I know for a fact he doesn't even speak in. Yes, I know you lived in the deep south for awhile, but we've talked here and other places. B.G. (before Gwen)

Funny is funny. and absurdity is just plan hilarious. So bring it on. I'll stand behind this blog and the man who wrote it, just like you and Canu.

Fuck'em if they can't take a joke.


Mar 19 @ 6:01PM  
Oh people write sit down and shut up blogs still? I took their advice I only read what I will enjoy... those ain't on the list!

Oh but its no fun they will cry... like its fun watching a troll roll through my friend list cuz I stop playing?

Mar 19 @ 6:09PM  
Just a joke to point out the incredible absurdity of the whole damned situation.

Admin are asleep. I already tried ignoring the thing. Many did, but it just took ONE person to fire it all up again. And im tired of these gnat on an elephants ass pinpricks, my ass has gotten sore.

Lubs ya Nacho. I know you were never trying to be mean, and your absolutely right.
But its not gonna work that way, we all tried it.

And as for a flak jacket, I dont need none. I already got both sides already talkin to me. Doesnt matter neither way. Anyone sends fire, expect my opinion back from now on. Deeply wish it wasn't like that, but dont see it changin soon.

Mar 19 @ 6:11PM's a fucking joke...we all make them on here

Mar 19 @ 6:17PM  
She said "fucking".....


Mar 19 @ 6:19PM  
Hey bro you remember the time I got like 80% of the women to spend all day saturday pasting a blog about standing up to the insulting ass men? People screamed "I'm leaving this place is no fun no more" The troll got the point and went buh bye or admin got him... but anyways the point is...

She came here looking for a fight... you see it in her first forum posts.. she postured herself as though she burst threw the door with six guns blazing... I tired of her in the forums and said fuck it... Steve can handle it.. he's good at the forums...

I was happy making parody and satire... but she just kept on with people I care about... so... at her expense I'm having fun today.... because it is fun to watch a troll squiggle and squeal "oh whoa is me"

Mar 19 @ 6:19PM  
Holy sheep shit Batman!

*serious ON*

I've known and adored DKW since.. well since he was a wee dark knight in toddling spurs gebus mutherfunkin crow! He knows. I knows.. I'm gonna back him and Canu up on this Troll taunting to the ends of the freaking earth. Dear Gott in Himmel! TWAT the fuck does it take for you people to get that I am a fuckin smart ass? Must I paint it on every time I put pinkies to keyboard? Ok then.. from now on.. everything I say will be prefaced with either Serious ON or Serious OFF so y'all can tell the difference.

*Serious OFF*

*Smartass ON!*

Mar 19 @ 6:24PM  
Sis that was the most smart assed thing you ever did said!

Mar 19 @ 6:25PM  
Yessir Canu...I well remember that. And I well know a lot of us have went the ignore route...till the needling made someones ass sore enough. So just like you, I am gonna have a little fun at her expense. Find it funny that I threw her a curveball, so now she has to think up something appropriate and actually have to work at it. But she will, I damn well know that..... Oh well.

*Frisks Nacho, looking for the "wannafuck" button...*

Now, lets see...was it next to the smartass button, or the serious one...
Or maybe it was right under the Supreme Goddess Queen of the Universe one....I can never remember...

Mar 19 @ 6:34PM  
Fuck it anyone who can not find humor in this ought to go to like read wikipedia or something dull like that!

Mar 19 @ 6:35PM  
*sits n sharpens his blade.......and watches *

Mar 19 @ 6:53PM  
*smartass ON*

Geeeze must I do everything for mens? *Takes DK's hand and puts it directly ON the wannafuckbutton* what I gotta do .. surround that thing with hair for ya???

*smartass still ON*

Mar 19 @ 6:57PM  
Now nacho, you know us scum men...

Drink Beerz
Scratch Ourselves
Roll over and go to sleep
All we know how to do.
And wuts a female orgazzzm agin.......


Mar 19 @ 6:57PM  
Folks pay money to watch shit like this and we're getting it all for free.

IF I can get all you folks to sign a release....... I should send this to hollywood. It'd make a great reality tv show.

Woo Hoo.......

Mar 19 @ 7:02PM  
yep we smartass's gots to stick together

Mar 19 @ 7:02PM  
Sure thing...right after we discuss my cut....
need money for more beerz....

Mar 19 @ 7:11PM  

have to watch what I write and how I write it.

OK< Nacho. I know you were being a smart ass, and so was I. But since I'm not one regularly, it didn't read that way. I was trying for as much absurdity as I could, and even DK didn't see it. Now I've got people wondering what I was writing. So here it is.

The is freeking hilarious. Like Canu said, if you can't find the humor in this, then go read the encyclopedia. or something.

OK, my attempt at Sarcasim didn't work. I'll go crawl back in my hole and just read what other people write.


Mar 19 @ 7:15PM  
*snaps a blacksnake whip around her ankle and drags her back*
Not gettin away that easy, girlie.

Now get back in here and post away, we all havin fun rount here, darlin...

And go get me a beer....

Mar 19 @ 8:28PM  
Is this refering to the bitch who posted the "hot coffee" blog without realizing the current connotation of the words "hot cofee"?

If the lawsuit was from a 70 year old man who burned his pecker, well she would have praised the coffee.

That being said McDonald's is evil... and yes is actualy a well referenced source. I know its rather frightning to think that often has better journalistic standards than the ny post... but it does. In fact compared to fox news its the most unbiased honest source on the planet.

Now excuse me, I think I'm getting the McShakes, I think I'm going to McHurl.


Mar 19 @ 8:37PM  
Try this site...

Mar 19 @ 8:52PM  
Hey Nacho....I want one of them wannafuckbuttons...where'd you get it?

Mar 19 @ 9:12PM  
Does anybody have any panties in this blog?

Mar 19 @ 11:17PM  
Not anymore, Borty....
Not anymore.....
*Wicked Laugh*


Mar 20 @ 3:29AM  
runs through blog nekked wearing a Nixon mask screaming "I'm not a crook"

Mar 20 @ 6:23AM  
I still can't get passed that NASCAR crap!

Mar 20 @ 11:52AM  
*smartass on*

wannafuckbutton? honey you're born with it.. if you don't know where it is I suggest sending a search party!

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