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Disappointing really

posted 3/19/2008 12:13:49 PM |
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That "adults" would rather fight than enjoy the games that Dayna put a lot of time and effort into so we could have fun here.

Fun? Do we remember what that is? Because I'm beginning to think fights are supposed to be "fun" from the examples I'm seeing here lately. I admit, I'm no angel, one only has to look to a few of my blogs from last year to see I got caught up in the "Aunty Elena" fiasco.

Sure, I've seen a few who are attempting to write fun, witty, thoughtful blogs, but as some have noted before...they rarely get viewed or commented on. Shame really, I've read some of them, and they are good. Sometimes I wish there was a way to make the fighting blogs invisible..(kinda like the block button works in the chat room) so I wouldn't have to see them.

Well...I'm not leaving...I like it here, I like the friends I've made, and I'm going to continue to enjoy the more fun blogs and steer from those who want to fight, argue, piss and moan like spoiled brats.

Dayna....I know I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again...a BIG Thank You for all you have done with the games..they were fun, I had a blast, and I love you for trying to keep it fun here. I'm just sorry they came to an end. And Gwen, I notice you're going to keep the games of luck and I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.

Ok...I'm done bitching and complaining.

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Mar 19 @ 12:22PM  
Sadly disheartened.

Mar 19 @ 12:25PM  
sadly brokenhearted

Mar 19 @ 12:27PM  
Well..I'm not into playing games much, myself, but I do enjoy a good debate and in-depth discussion on ..whatever.

What I don't like is being constantly personally insulted, being told I'm a prude, a know-it-all, that I have psychological issues, that I think I'm "all that," etc., etc., but, for some people, that is their only ammunition when confronted. They don't have facts to back themselves up, or even a good basis for defending their opinions, for that matter, and wouldn't know what a DISCUSSION (which oftentimes includes many different points of view) entails, even if it smacked them upside their pointy little heads.

So, as long as there are those internet trolls, instigators and "playground" bullies who will attack a woman (or man) just because they stand up for themselves and others; as long as there are those who think that no one has the right to disagree with their point of view, then you will always have that kind of shit going on in these forums.

Some people think they have the right to tell others how, when or where to opine, for some strange reason. They are the first to scream "freedom of speech," but also the first to scream "Mom, I'm telling!" when contradicted or confronted.

I dunno...seems like a game to me

And sometimes is rather entertaining and amusing...if not a bit pitiful...

Mar 19 @ 12:33PM  
I prefer games with rules
Winners and placements to back stabbing and fighting!
Thank you very much.
This saddens me the end of the games.
I did have fun while they lasted.

Mar 19 @ 12:35PM  
Yep, you covered it well.

Mar 19 @ 12:35PM  
Even though I didn't play the games..I had alot of fun reading them and the comments made on them..I Will miss them.
I am one that has wrote a few new blogs and watched them get pushed back 2 pages in a day for all the "fighting blogs"
And yes I was one that was also in the Aunty Elena Problem last year also...So I'm no angel either.....But I have learned to be a good girl it is no fun to fight.. Life is just to short for that....

Mar 19 @ 12:46PM  

Well I don't know who is doing the fighting I'm not into that sort of thing. When they do that I skip those blogs. And I never take sides. But you are right. This is an Adult site and we should all act like Adults.
Also I explained to Ewe why I did not and could not take part in the games. It
isn't because I didn't want too.

Mar 19 @ 12:51PM  
Dayna did an Awesome job with the Games......!!!!
Its..My bad for being too busy! For the latest ones..
The lady has a ton on her shoulders...I wish I could help take some of the weight off!!
Though... Im sure she caught some weight for being my FRIEND....... My Deepest regets in Life are..... Not looking ahead!!! I'm forever Sorry, To my Friend/Friends!!!
And THX.. for your time and effort, Dayna.....!
Good blog! Kudo's..
My 2 cents

Mar 19 @ 1:23PM  
Of course EYE am so perfect that when I perspire, pearls drop from my skin. Each time EYE open my mouth, gems of great worth fall from my tongue. No one dare question ME on anything because EYE am Ms. Right.. and my first name is Always.

Lets all go play in traffic shall we?

Mar 19 @ 1:28PM  
I had the thought yesterday that it would be hilarious for somebody with talent and too much time on their hands, to do a spinoff on Celebrity Death Match with the people on here. I think it would be funny as hell.

Mar 19 @ 1:35PM  
This is all so fucking funny. Nobody attacks anybody. Everyone just defends themselves against the other people defending themselves.

Mar 19 @ 3:00PM  
Lets all go play in traffic shall we?
Let me put on my rubber boots first, then we can fill up the supersoakers and jump in the puddles!!!

Mar 19 @ 3:41PM  
Even though I didn't play any of the games, as it's simply not my thing...I think it was great on how Dayna set up these games, and did all her hard work on and in make this place a little more fun!

Mar 19 @ 4:00PM  
Did someone say SUPER SOAKERS ? I am IN

Mar 19 @ 5:19PM  
Did someone say SUPER SOAKERS ? I am IN
ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Naaaaaaaaaaacho!!! I think we gots another recruit!!!!
Sorry Sugar, do continue!!!

Mar 19 @ 5:27PM  
*hands parageneric his super sized T-shirt* Ok man.. just remember everything else off but the boots. we will be picking teams in a couple days so it's all about practice practice practice.

Mar 19 @ 5:29PM  
Practice? I'd better get my super soaker out and start practicing then!

Mar 19 @ 5:38PM  
I feel bad for not participating more in Dayna's games lately...they were FUN! I enjoyed sending submissions for them and the guessing. However, the lasty few weeks I've been a little, um, busy, in real life.

Mar 19 @ 6:21PM  

Mar 20 @ 9:20PM  
The funny thing is the kids of this site weren't in the fighting... you adults and your shit shoveling.. can't we just put the poo in the middle and turn the fans off

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Disappointing really