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A small dictionary lesson...

posted 3/18/2008 3:59:04 PM |
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tagged: rant

Suckers. You know I never write anything small...

And be warned. Not everyone is going to like this blog. But you know what? The latest blog "Mantra" has been for a couple weeks now, that I will blog any fucking thing I want, and no one can stop me. Been sung from the highest halls and from a great many throats, so deal with it, then. Don't like it, dont fucking read it.

Seems we have yet another "crusade" going on. And the topic is , of, and totally of itself concerning the word "hatemonger." Totally and completely agree it's an ugly word. So I did some looking around the blogs, couldn't find that word, save for the crusaders comments. Did a blog search, no results. read two or three dozen blogs, still nothing. I DO happen to see the word "haters," however. One that has come into recent popularity on the net, and is used often. So, I took my analytical mind onto the rest of the net for a search. Urban Dictionary actually has SIXTY FIVE definitions for the word. But most pretty much encompass the idea that they are someone who dislikes, is jealous of, or simply likes to cause trouble.

Decide for yourself. Definition of Hater.
Now, Urban does not contain a definition of hatemonger. SO I went to the free dictionary site instead. One entry:

hate·mon·ger (htmnggr, -mng-)
One who incites others to hatred or prejudice
Pretty strong word. Agree with that. Not nice at all. Would definitely piss me off. But I remind the readers that I was unable to find said word here used in the open against anyone.

I know there are some of those "Hatemongers" around here, such as the one who recently got banned for his racial comments in the forum. And bravo for that banning, hope that indicates more to come. There's another on the blogs that constantly uses the word "Nazi" in his own personal crusade against another member here, then deletes his blogs, thinking he is "safe." Fool doesnt realize pretty much all websites retain any and all data entered anytime in backup archives. Deletion doesn't do shit. And he has at least a half dozen alternate profiles, again thinking he is safe, unknowing of the fact that again, IP addresses are logged every time anyone logs in. Seeing him get gone too would indeed be a blessing.

But anyway...something thats beginning to bug me. And I say bug me, not piss me off, not make me mad because I actually view this place as just "spitting in the wind." Sometimes you spit into the wind in the wrong direction, ya get some back on ya. So spit with care, eh? And spitting in the wind really has no effect at all, you can just spit and spit and spit, and nothing changes for anybody, save that once in a while, ya spit on someone else. Then they get a bit pissed, and ya argue, but everyone is going to live, and shit moves on. LIFE doesnt change at all.
Anyway, what bugs me both here and in real life are those who start yelling lawsuit, because they got their nose slapped. Figuratively, not literally. Assault is a different animal. And I mean simply slapped. Not crusaded against, not stalked, not anything. Not anything in the open, anyway. Just somewhere along the lines that they got a rebuttal about something they did or said. So they get all up in arms and start going on and on and on about it, oh, the fucking horror... oh, and then they are going to pursue legal channels about it. And say it again. and again. and again... To which I say both online and in real life...gonna make threats, fuckin do it already.And I am far from any kind of lawyer, but I DO know one thing...the first, the very first thing a lawyer is going to tell you is SHUT UP about it, once you start any kind of legal proceedings. Don't talk to your friends about it, dont talk to family...dont talk online, etc etc etc...

Although I had to laugh long and out loud when I considered the actual premise.
Taking this at total face value and on the general notions, mind you.
Someone talks long and loud about their standings in the community, about their services, about their political means, etc etc etc....well, they start a lawsuit up, connecting them with what many judgemental, superficial people view as "Dirty." Now here's the picture in my head...
"Well your honor, ya see, I am a member of this [B]"Adult Sex and Dating website," but I am a long standing upright community and political figure, and someone called me a name, and etc etc etc."
"Well, Mr. X, have they stalked you, sent life threatening letters, began a personal crusade of tarnishing your reputation, made comments elsewhere in papers, the radio, other sites, etc etc etc..."
"No sir, just the one."
Then of course, the local media kisses you in joyfulness and runs fast as they can to print the only words they heard or read from court in all the areas media...
"Pillar of the Community connected in ADULT SEX site scandal."
"Local politician found on ADULT SEX site."
Blah blah blah....dirty laundry, its the American medias way....closely followed by any lies...oh im sorry, "Misquotes," they can think up.
So yes...I laughed my ass off at the irony in that situation.

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Mar 18 @ 3:59PM  
So anyway...the who is to say the judge would not take it seriously. I mean fuck, someone got money because they were TOO FUCKIN STOOPID to understand coffee from McDonald's is hot...makes me fuckin sick to read some of those kinds of frivolous lawsuits in the world today. So he just might pursue it. Or perhaps he will laugh your ass out of court instead, with your "rep" tarnished more than it would have ever been, since you made it public. I just find it funny to picture the whole scenario.

In closing, I just want to say that I really do not intend to target any one person. It's just they are the latest one in a long line of the same stuff I have seen before a couple of hundred times. Just happened to be the catalyst to start me thinkin. And I think, therefore I blog. Actually enjoyed a couple of previous blogs from them, and have even enjoyed a couple blogs from people I outright detest who hang about here. When they actually make sense and post some either totally funny, or deadly serious stuff. Instead of spreading crap or acid, or simply trying to stir shit.

So, nothing personal. Seen it a thousand times before, will see it a thousand times again. They just happened to be there. And I state clearly, anyone who gets stalked, crusaded against, or otherwise harassed in any way to cause them fear or otherwise somethingthat will truly damage them in some way, by ALL MEANS SEEK JUSTICE. But a single event...and online....I mean... Think about it.

Anyway...thats my view. And again, the latest Mantra Is " I do what I want, I blog how I want, and too bad," So there it is. Like me, hate me, I dont give a total fuck. Agree or disagree, comment away, as long as it's constructive, flames or insults WILL be deleted, like I have always done.

And for the record. I think in over 2 years I have blocked maybe three people. Two were for sending me direct insults AND personal life threats thru email and the other was just because they do not know how to be civil. So I don't see any "censorship" on my part. Also, yes, it IS my real picture on here, and my real information. Anyone wants to take me to legal channels, go the fuck for it. I haven't anything to sue and get, and I have no reputation to tarnish. The reputation I cultivate personally is between me and my friends alone, and that is all that has ever counted to me.

One last thing on this new mantra stuff. I have blogged, commented and posted in the forums, all sorts of subjects. I have been serious, flirty, funny, ranted, and been downright SILLY. I have discussed merits of a great many serious subjects and I have "streaked" the forums, too. Did what I wanted, but never felt any need to yell it off mountaintops. And for the most part, took care to at least dance along the TOS rules here, and anything volatile I spit, was always asked for firsthand.

But...I dont see any signs around here that SAY I HAVE to be serious, or intelligent, or teach people shit. This aint no rocket scientist board. This is Pervia, this is a playground, and as long as I try within myself not to outright bother anyone else all that much save for a moving violation of their PERSONAL peace of mind, I will certainly say what I want. So yes, since a lot of people have taken up the banner and now sing it from the upper halls, I will too.
I post what I want, and its NOT going to be all rocket science. I am going to get as silly as I fuckin want, and you dont like it, DONT READ IT. Me or someone else wants to blog about cutting their toenails, then move the fuck along. We all have a choice about what we wish to say, YOU have a choice to NOT read it. And if you're looking for straight up, straightforward intelligent discussion about nothing but serious topics, you are in the WRONG fucking place. And it NEVER will be like that here.

And one last time...anything I blog, or anyone BLOGS doesn't make a single damn difference in life itself. Doesn't change a goddamn thing in the WORLD itself. Just a bunch of people socializing and sharing views, sometimes letting their feelings out, sympathy, advice, games, sharing good and bad news, congrats, things like that, but the world itself still goes on its own power. Wars wont be ended, cures for cancer wont be concocted, nothing. If you want to change the world, get the fuck off the PC and go do something about it. Blogging or commenting or crusading for any reason at all isn't going to change shit.
Get a fucking clue. Use this place like it was intended. A place to meet, socialize, discuss things, meet new people, possibly even get fucked ( in a good way ) and act silly at times also.
***Lesson over, playground bell rings****

Mar 18 @ 4:05PM  
no hating here...........

Mar 18 @ 4:16PM  
BRAVO to the captain of the guard.

Well put, I took everything serious I read here, I would have to be pretty dense. There have been some wonderful comments from both sides of the Isle as they say. I have learned a lot of interesting fact and points of views. But Darn I've had fun the last month too.

Keep it coming Dark One


Mar 18 @ 4:26PM  
What was the name of that movie again.......... Dan Akroyd is this old backwoods judge and when he finds someone guilty..... he pushes a button, they drop through a hole in the floor..... and go into the V-8 powered bone stripper..........

....... Hm? What? Oh........ just daydreaming........

Good blog.

Mar 18 @ 4:30PM  
Good for you Sir KNight, I for one enjoy your many blogs. Tease.

Mar 18 @ 4:36PM  
I'll pop in to say I actually read this. The rest of what I would normally comment would be pure tomfoolery and I sense that this is not exactly the time to pull my normal stunts.


Mar 18 @ 4:47PM  
Actually ..this is the first blog thats made any sense to me in the last couple of weeks...sounds like common sense to me ...of course what would I know ...I'm just a panty slut....your spiritual advisor ...Professor Pan.T.Borty....

Mar 18 @ 5:01PM  
Ok... I'm sick of being misquoted. I said, "Ima blog what I wanna blog, when I wanna blog."

Also, don't like my crusading.. don't read it.

Also.. wanna fuck?

Mar 18 @ 5:04PM  
Thanks guys.

But dammit, slohand...thats one of my favorite movies, but I forgot the name too....gotta go find it so I can watch it again now.... HERE it is....
Nothing but Trouble

Ya Pudge, yer right, wise young man ya are....
But I missed ya anyway, where the hell ya been....

But Borty...your my favorite panty slut.....

And most certainly for the Ladies...
*A sweeping Bow with his wickedest smile...*

And nacho....ya know...I'm really not into animals, but...
I would with you....
Damned sexy skwirrel girl....

Mar 18 @ 5:21PM  
I don’t have the verbose writing style of the Dark Knight but I have said before and I say again Words only have Power if you let them!
Try to have fun folks and play nice playgrounds are for playing!


Mar 18 @ 5:28PM  
So true. Great blog. brains mush, would say more just can't.

Mar 18 @ 5:34PM  
well said... kudos coming your way!

Mar 18 @ 5:39PM  
Ok lessee...which part of this can I pick up and find fault with?


Still looking...

Oh wait...ugh, nope that one's already taken...

I'll get back to ya...


Mar 18 @ 6:04PM  
I agree with almost everything you said... but McDonald's deserved what they got .

Who here hasn't spilled coffee in theyre laps. If you spill starbucks it might kinda be tender for a day, and your not going to get that stain out of your 500 dollar jeans. But its not exactly something you could win in court. On the other hand spill something so hot it could seal the rivets from your jeans into your skin... and I believe the story changes. Why was the coffee THAT hot? Its a food product, its meant to be consumed, as such it should be safe for human consumption.

I mean, yikes. Thats gotta hurt.

Its not like that guy who's family sued becouse he fell out of the car while reaching for something in the back (suicide door living up to its name). He should have kept that seatbelt on.... and not opened the door... or taken his eyes off the road... can you believe this guy had kids?


Mar 18 @ 6:15PM  
sooooo .....i can blog what i want when i want and say what i want and as often as i want........well fuck shit piss and couruption........i KNEW there was shit going on around me and rules i wasn't even aware of!!!!!!

*wanders off mumbling the rules over n over pondering his life blogging n tosses a kudo on da counter*

Mar 18 @ 6:20PM  
I've had coffee from McDonald's (it's pretty much the only thing I'll order from them...) and it's hot. In fact...anyplace I get coffee from, whether it's from the gas station down the road or the mochachocofrappacrappacinno from's gonna be too hot to drink right away. Whether its 140 degrees or 5000 degrees...I always add an ice cube before I drink it....especially if I'm drinking in the car.

Just sayin...

Mar 18 @ 6:34PM  
Sorry Beefy. No offense and I luv ya as a Bro and all, but rotten dot com doesnt fall into my version of a reputable souce. And I really like them, too. Maybe this one. Although there is a thousand sites all claiming they have all the facts.

Although I really didnt write this as a debate blog about coffee temperatures. Was just an example that I figured many would at least be familiar with. My bad. By all means make one, I will comment.

Mar 18 @ 6:37PM  
Wow, kudoes to You... I like the honesty within the words... go ahead a blog...

Mar 18 @ 6:59PM  
So there it is. Like me, hate me, I dont give a total fuck.

Awwwwwww DK....l luvs ya...

(total fuck??? does that mean there's such a thing as a 'partial fuck'??? ) Which is a 'wanna fuck' or partial??? (Methinks I prefer TOTAL )

sashays out tha door dropping a kudo at your feet....excellent blog!

Mar 18 @ 7:28PM  
Very good style....easy to read.......has content....showcases character......

I'll have to give it a KUDO!!!!

Congrats, DKW!!!

Mar 18 @ 7:46PM  
You're right on many things you point out, DKW! As for the McDonalds coffee lawsuit that idiot woman brought a few years back, I have to agree with ya.

Btw, your fan had to have her say and yet blogged once again like she does when Canu seems to blog every time.

Here's a KUDO for you my friend!

Mar 18 @ 7:58PM  
Hey gwennie....

Thank you, Angel... and welcome to blogville....

Now should know these things, but let's see...
A a hopeful fuck....
A partial fuck is...either ya get caught, he goes off to soon, or ya just GOTTA have a quickie, dammit...a promise for later kinda thing....
Then of course, there's the dreaded do me, and I owe ya one.....

Thanks MamMan... I give kudo paybacks, so dont go sayin ya didnt know now...

Yeah Straddle....I am beginning to think she's in love with me and canu.....hangs off our every word....while secretly yearning to be chained in my dungeon while I perform all manner of wickedness....

Mar 18 @ 8:36PM  
Looks like Ms. Mouthy his quoting me over in her blogs now. Damn, that chick loves to even argue with people even outside of her blogs! Oh yeah, in my opinion there are some issues going on with her.

Mar 18 @ 9:16PM  
Well said.

Mar 19 @ 12:13AM  
Educated , resourceful & holding a sword . Nice blog /BKB

Mar 19 @ 2:43AM  
You misogynistic asshole... you you're only crime.. you dared call a sacred woman stoopid! Now you pay the price... you've been blogged over!

You are the subject of another totally off the wall blog about the lawsuit! Nothing else was noted... and the fact that people blocked her was to prevent her from insulting others on their blogs goes over her head... but still how dare you!


Mar 19 @ 2:54AM  
Hey now, I resemble that remark, dammit...

And yeah, I know....absolutely nothing else but the coffee lawsuit. Such a chauvinist Pig I am....

my absolute favorite part of hers is, "well DK, you can deny it all you want..."

Will someone tell me WTF I denied anyplace on this blog?



I wonder if its a curse or a blessing to be that damn oblivious....

Mar 19 @ 3:22AM  
It's called selective comprehension. Part of the indoctrination process. They teach people to read ONLY the part they can relate to their sacred cause, then go ballistic. You see it on both sides of the aisle on the fringe!

I got scissors you go right I'll go left let's trim the fringe!

Mar 19 @ 3:28AM  
I'm still trying to figure out how your blog went to being about haters to McDonald's coffee

Mar 19 @ 11:13AM  
Well good knight, I have read your blog upon request of another. I am please to say that I am just as happy as they are about reading it. You have made some good points. As for Mr. X, the more times we open the door to see if there really is fire in the room we tend to add oxygen to his dying crusade bringing it to life.

Again good job on the blog. I owe you one kudo. And as a good knight you defend the kingdom with out any prompting or questioning.

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A small dictionary lesson...