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Who's worst talking on a cell while driving, Men or Women?

posted 3/17/2008 9:08:02 PM |
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tagged: humor, cell phones, straddle

I don't know how many times I have seen women talk on the cell phone while driving their cars. Don't get me wrong, men do it too, but seems like I see more women than ever doing this nasty habit. Now, most everyone knows that most women can multi task better than guys. Me, I can do that, but for the most part I usually don't. When I'm doing something for the most part I like to give it 100% and stay focused on it. When you multi task you're not giving what you were doing first 100% focus. So who usually get's into more accidents, women who do it often enough, or guys that don't do this that often, but aren't good enough to multi task that ends up wrecking?

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Mar 17 @ 9:13PM, you blogging abbout talking on a cell??? Just giving you a hard time big guy. I don't know what to say, as I usually see more women on the phone. I have seen both men and women run stop lights, swerving in traffic, etc, so for me I would say it is a toss up.

Mar 17 @ 9:15PM  
I am not sure what the statistics are straddle, but i do know that when I ran with our local fire department, the car accidents we went to that involved someone talking on their cell and not paying attention to the road was probably 5 women to ever 1 man...........but i wouldnt know if the ones that didnt get into accidents were more women over men...........I guess i can just assume...........

Mar 17 @ 9:15PM  
YES! anyone talking on a cell phone while driving is the worst!

I've almost been hit (walking) crossing a street by both men and women.. and neither one of em ever stopped or even looked up from their call to see who was in the street.

Though I did get revenge on that one chick cuz .. I had my walking stick with me.. (large chunk of pine) and I smashed her tail light as she passed me.. if I had been five seconds faster I'd have been a sail squirrel.

Mar 17 @ 9:16PM  
hmmm....was driving through town one day and was at a redlight ....looked over and seen a woman talking on her cell phone, while eating what looked to be some type of pie and the truck she was driving was a stick shift......made me wonder...but, what really pissed me off is i seen a baby in a carseat in the backseat and a child in the passenger seat.....if your gonna endanger your life ...fine so be it....but, don't endanger your kids or others because of your stupidity.....

Mar 17 @ 9:19PM  
I dont want to start a gendre battle, but I think women use cell phones more, because they are busier...
.get everyones schedule together,,,who's picking up who, and when, and where do they take the kids once they were picked up....whats for starts, along with shopping list or subustutions, does everyone have clean clothes to wear tomorrow,,,have any of the kids lost their coats again, Did I bring my check book so I can pay a couple of bills at lunch.....then she turns the key to start her day....

Multi tasking...hear me ROAR, the only time I wasnt multitasking were the moments that I was activly giving birth...

Mar 17 @ 9:30PM  
I'll be totally honest about what I've observed here.....when women are driving and chatting on the cell phone...their speed increases...they are more likely to run through the red lights/stop signs....and more careless when switching lanes. The men...speed increases...but I don't see them running the lights/signs as much...and as for lane changes....pffffffffffft!!! No difference...they still cut in too close!

Like I said...that's what I've observed here.....personally..I don't really see much of a difference.

Mar 17 @ 10:18PM  
All I got to say is blue tooth. nuff said. lol I drive for a living and i talk while I do it. But it is definately hands free

Mar 17 @ 10:19PM  
I hate to admit it but women are bad when it comes to car wrecks and cell phones..
One of the men in my family has a towing business he says, he has seen more women involved in car wrecks while talking on the phone and several don't stop talking on their phone even when they are being hauled off in an ambulance, or being questioned by the police.

Mar 17 @ 10:19PM  
Hey, Tom, sorry I missed your call last night.

Mar 17 @ 10:26PM  
I truly miss the days when the only vehicles slowing down the traffic were driven by elderly or backhoes bumbling along. Now it's usually someone on their cellphone. I haven't noticed much difference between the male/female users though. TN doesn't seem to enforce hands free driving laws (that's if they even have them?). I know NY does.

P.S. Bumper sticker on a car:
Guns don't kill people, drivers on cell phones do

Mar 17 @ 10:28PM  
Yeah, it's one of my biggest pet peeves... Old people that drive too slow and people on a cellphone. I've almost seen like five accidents in one week. I really think they should pass a law, if you cause an accident while you're on your cellphone, insurance won't cover your car and you have to pay their insurance company back for the damaged you cause to their car and their hospital bills. Even hands free, it's dangerous to talk on a cellphone. Its not the fact you are using one hand for the cellphone; accidents happen because people are so focused on the conversation they're are having they aren't paying attention to the road. So yeah, they should ban cellphone use on the road.

Mar 17 @ 10:37PM  
I dont really think it matters much to me, I just think talking on the cell while driving is messed up no matter who does it. 20 years ago, when you needed to get in touch with someone who just may be driving, meant that you had to wait till they got home to call them. I still use that rule. Good glog though

Mar 17 @ 11:59PM  

Can't help I don't own one. Never will.

Mar 18 @ 12:53AM  
I place limits on when and where i use a phone. I may talk when i drive but i do it on open interstates not in the middle of cities or high traffic areas. I also manage my space cushion when driving allowing for 10 to 15 seconds of following distance. My company only requires 7 seconds following distance and the average following distance recomended for four wheelers is 4 seconds.
I also will stop most often when talking for more than a few moments at a time. While it is important to concentrate on driving it is also important to stimulate your mind when driving as many as 11 hours at a time. It is easy to get near comatose when driving through 650 miles of the mojave desert... listening to music, the CB radio or a phone breaks up the boredom a bit.

That said I have seen far worse things being done while driving....

Mar 18 @ 12:57AM  
Tom, far worse things such as a chick giving a blowjob to her lover as he was driving?

Mar 18 @ 1:11AM  
Women for sure... for what seems to be the hundredth time sense i've had my car i was almost hit in the parking lot by some woman on a cell phone driving a vehicle that she didn't need to be that large...

Sure i will give it that my low car is hard to see. but in my defense if you are below 5 feet tall why in gods name would you need to drive a Excursion,Hummer, Sequoia, or extremely large SUV or pickup. if it wasn't for my car's quick acceleration i would be run over for sure.

Mar 18 @ 2:02AM  
The ones that scare me are the idiots you see doing a text message while driving.

Mar 18 @ 4:57AM  
Slo Hand that idiot would be me....

Oh wait don't chastise me.... Number one I have over one million miles with no accidents in a commercial vehicular type of truck... the type of truck I drive requires a driver to be able to operate several controls while driving a good deal of time.... and I have used muscle memory to be able to text without looking at the road....

I'm thaaaat good.

Women are worst at talking while driving... I spend enough time on the black top to see this... they scotch the phone between their ear and shoulder and can't turn their head. Men are worse in check out lines or fast food resturant lines for talking too loud....

There even?

Mar 18 @ 9:09AM  
I use my cell phone in my car, ONLY if I have my headset! Never use without, or use the speaker phone, if not, I will tell them to call back - ya im a goody two shoes - 2 hands on the wheel!!!

Mar 18 @ 9:21AM  
Hi Canu.

I was too tired to go into detail last night. I read an actual study that showed airline pilots are the safest group to talk on a cell phone while driving. Why? Because they are used to doing multiple tasks WHILE talking at the same time. Similar to equipment operators and truck drivers. Myself, I operate equipment.

Anyway...... I didn't want to seem self serving....... but the idiots I was referring to (while excluding myself) are the teeny boppers in a compact car that are looking down to text while glancing at the road from time to time

So yeah...... we're good.

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Who's worst talking on a cell while driving, Men or Women?