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Do men cheat more than women?

posted 3/17/2008 9:59:31 AM |
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So what do you think? Do you think men cheat more than women. I'm a man and I have never cheated . Personally I think women cheat just as much as men, but they are much more vocal about it when it happens. I think men are more reluctant to admit that their girlfriend or wife cheated on them. People might think they aren't man enough.

I can't wait to read some of the replies, especially the womens!

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Mar 17 @ 10:03AM  
I think it is equal. I think men do it simply for the sex and women generally do it to get back at there mate first and then of course sex 2nd.

Mar 17 @ 10:03AM  
I used to think that men cheated more often....but I have come to find that alot of women do it too.

Mar 17 @ 10:20AM  
I definitely think men cheat more than women do. Women definitely cheat more than they used to...but I still think men, by far, cheat more freqeuntly.

Someone once said, "Women need a reason; men just need a place."

Many men who cheat don't do it for any "justifiable" reason ("But I wanted some new pussy!" does not count)

Whereas, a woman (usually) will cheat because she's either being mistreated or neglected at home.
Note the word "justifiable" is in quotes; to me, there is no real "justifiable" reason for cheating. If one is driven to cheat, then one needs to remove themselves from the relationship first, IMO.

Mar 17 @ 11:09AM  
I think men and women cheat equally. I mean we are only human. But I am not saying all women and men cheat. There are some out there that dont take chance(s) when they come up.No relationship is perfect and when the sex department isnt what it needs to be well.... what can you do? Toys can only get you so far.

Mar 17 @ 11:09AM  
Well I can honestly say I have never fucked around on anyone. However I have been married twice and both times they fucked around on me. The first one with my brother and the second one with a guy she worked with so from my experience I would have to say women cheat more but that's just my worthless .02 worth.

Mar 17 @ 11:14AM  
I think it's probably a close race. I don't cheat, like Lol said, if I feel that way, it's time to move on.

I don't think it's a gender issue though.
Either you're a dishonest, unfaithful type of person or you aren't.

One thing is that it's much easier for women.
A woman can drop her pants and someone will show up.

If I drop my pants, the only thing showing up is the police.

Mar 17 @ 11:24AM  
I personally don't think there is any justifiable reason for anybody to cheat on their partner rather it be a woman or man. If a person is misrable in their relationship, it would be better to leave the person than go behind their back to be with someone else. Do I think men cheat more than women I really don't know. I know what it is like to be cheated on and I can say I would would never cheat on any woman I am with. If a woman has to cheat to get back at her partner, does that make her any better than him? I don't think so. I believe she is just lowering herself down to his level.

Mar 17 @ 11:34AM  
yeah I'd say equal

Mar 17 @ 11:36AM  
Women cheat more! Men usually only cheat if their needs are not being fulfilled, or if their woman just drives them nuts!

Mar 17 @ 11:44AM  
well I can say i am lucky Now, I have no reason to cheat. My wife encourages me in all of my adventures, and th e one rule we have is quite simple:

If The other one isn't there we cant play. in other words we stay together because we play together. It's a lot more fun. In th epast my ex didnt like sex didnt like th e idea of me having sex, Needless to say she is th eex now LOL
But i was a bad boy and did cheat after a while. Never felt good about it so i got out. Figured if i was cheating it was time to move on

Mar 17 @ 12:31PM  
I gave it some thought before posting this. When we talk about cheating, I normally think of sexually getting involved out side of ones relationship. However, I think it goes beyond that. It really means mis-representing yourself in the relationship. Sexually cheating, means that you have misrepresented yourself sexually, that you are not monogamous, and in my opinion, men may still out number women in this type of misrepresentation. I also feel that there is emotional and intellectual misrepresentation that occurs, where men and women may be equal at committing, or possibly women may commit more often. Examples in my mind would be, getting involved with someone because it's the only game in town, or waiting until something better comes along, or wanting to change or fix your partner into someone you really want! Just my opinion

Mar 17 @ 2:06PM  
And this is why I'm not married or in anything long-term or have been.He can't be trusted and I can't trust myself.So, eff it.

Mar 17 @ 2:23PM  
There is no way to accurately determine which sex cheats more.

What I find really interesting is the replies..... you can tell who is open minded and who is gender biased for reasons best known to themselves. Better watch those finger pointers!

Mar 17 @ 3:18PM  
My reasons for believing men cheat more is not just some feminist rant...and I wonder if other people's reasons for saying that women cheat equally as much might just be to be "politically correct." Not sure.

In any case, the reason I surmise as much is because there is more evidence that points to that than vice versa.

Such as the prevalent attitude that has been with us since time immortal that says that, for some reason, men "NEED" to have sex and, not only that, but they need it often, and for some odd reason, it has to be with a different female as often as possible because, after all, it's a conquering game, isn't it? Along with the "boys will be boys" (ain't dat the trut?) attitude, along with the general acceptance of the attitude that states that men are "supposed" to "git 'em some" any chance they get, along with the fact that oftentimes we don't hold men accountable for their actions so they can "get away with it"...

I've seen it first-hand, experienced it first-hand, heard it in discussions, heard it from friends of mine, heard men guffawing over it and have witnessed them high-fiving each other and slapping each other on the ass because of it, had countless married men over the years proposition me, both in person and over the internet, and on this site, even, (some so brazen as to not even bother to remove their wedding band), heard many, many times while at a bar and the phone rings several guys saying "I'M NOT HERE!!", etc., etc., etc.

By comparison, I've heard very little of that from or about women and women, in general, are not reputed to be cheaters.

Therefore, I think logic would dictate that more men are cheaters than are women. I could be wrong, of course, but I really don't think I am.

Primarily, men who cheat do so because they are lacking in conscience and I think there are more men lacking in conscience--at least as far as this subject goes--simply because they were not taught that that "womanizing" is wrong.

Mar 17 @ 3:20PM  
A woman can drop her pants and someone will show up

Yeah, and chances are good that he's also either married or in a relationship with someone, too.

Mar 17 @ 3:57PM  
*disemobied head rolls through blog*

Hey ya'll seen the rest of me?

Mar 17 @ 5:35PM  
Well...after some thought...cheating must involve 2 people....and if you accept the given that EVERY affair involves one person who is attached and one who isn't...then you have to look at the simple fact that single women tend to look for a man that CAN make a commitment, thereby shying away from attached men....and single men tend to be just looking for a fuck, and don't care whether their partner is attached or not....based on that, I'd say the answer is women cheat more than men...although, I will say I believe that MEN have more of a DESIRE to cheat than women...The actual act of cheating is probably comitted more by attached women.

Mar 17 @ 8:18PM  
For me personally it is 3 - 0.
First fiancee - found in bed three times with different men each time.
Ex - Had three and maybe 4 affairs
Last gal friend I had been committed with for 1 1/2 years, caught coming home from a weekend away with another man.

Me - Nada

Mar 17 @ 9:32PM  
I have never cheated on anyone who I was with. But my guess is men probably cheat more than women.

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Do men cheat more than women?