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What to do with your jewellery when you get divorced.

posted 3/17/2008 12:04:25 AM |
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Ok folks lets hear it... what to do with all that expensive jewellery you have laying around that will never get worn again because it has bad asociations from a marriage nightmare.

Do I sell it or leave it in a box haunting me? If I sell it where would I sell it?

I love some of the pieces but it's not practical for me to wear them anyway. Plus I don't want the reminders of where they came from.

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


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Mar 17 @ 12:09AM  
If you have children perhaps you should save the pieces for them? If not then sell them on ebay.

Mar 17 @ 12:12AM  
I sold mine. Try places online, there is some good jewelers that will buy at a decent price for the stuff you have.

Mar 17 @ 12:13AM  
Get it appraised first at a jeweler's. If it's worth it, take the cash. I've also given pieces away and sold some on ebay. If you really like certain gemstones, you can always have them redesigned. Or put them in safebox, out of sight, out of mind.

Mar 17 @ 12:14AM  
Hock it! Even though I never been married,certain symbolic gifts can hold memories,memories and bad energy that no one wants around,imo.So its best just to sell it off and start anew,because who doesn't like a few hundred in the pocket from selling off a diamond ring or gold trinket given to you by a real jerk or hosebeast?

Mar 17 @ 12:18AM  
good idea Luna... one of the rings was over $3500

Mar 17 @ 12:30AM  
I left mine!! what a dumbass I was!!!!!!!!

Mar 17 @ 1:00AM  
If its gold, sell it as gold. Dont sell it as jewlery, you wont get as much for it. I'm not sure what it now, but a few weeks ago, gold was up to $800.00 an OZ. Just a thought pc it out sell jewls seperately as well.

Mar 17 @ 1:10AM  
You could always melt it down - and have something else made from it - which might give some kind of symbolic "rebirth" to the jewelry... maybe

Mar 17 @ 1:26AM  
You could always melt it down

Thats actually a very good idea.

Mar 17 @ 1:48AM  
When it comes to diamonds, they stay right with me!!!! oh and rubies

Mar 17 @ 1:53AM  
I suppose I could have given mine back to the Cracker Jack Corporation for recycling.

Mar 17 @ 2:01AM  
There's this drug dealer that lives halfway down the block from my house. Someone told me he trades jewelry for dope. Now I'm not sure, but he's probably got some good shit.

Mar 17 @ 2:01AM  
Keep it it's yours. save it for kids, or if no kids then maybe sell. and go on a trip you always wanted to go on.

Mar 17 @ 2:10AM  
one of the rings was over $3500

*whistles* That's like a new car in Luna-land,right there and also "lol"@lolthisis

Mar 17 @ 2:57AM  
i take it giving them back is out

Mar 17 @ 3:10AM  
have it remade into something new New life new bling.

Mar 17 @ 3:17AM  
donate to the local save the whale like i do...........i donate lots to the local exotic dancers in my area...........the ones that need boob jobs

Mar 17 @ 3:23AM  
Looks like you have some very good comments here. I think I would probably sell as well....

Mar 17 @ 3:29AM  
save it...

No really

Put it up at least to serve as a reminder of why you broke up ya know unless you're strapped for cash that is....

You may be angry now... but it will pass... and even if you don't see it one day you may regret getting rid of all keep sakes.

Mar 17 @ 6:18AM  
The last thing she needs is keepsake jewelry to remind her of her "marriage nightmare."

Other than selling it, which I think would be the most practical thing to do, you could use the gold/whatever to be melted down and formed into new jewelry, and the stones can be reset in a new setting. That is, if you simply just like the jewelry but you don't want to be constantly reminded of the "nightmare."

Mar 17 @ 6:32AM  
i have a diamond ring from Tiffanys in NYC,,,engraved on the inside with my and his names and "love everlasting",,,so that puts selling out of the question....sitting in a Tiffanys bag in a Tiffany box....on te top shelve of my closet...I dont know what to do with's platimum....


Mar 17 @ 6:36AM  
Ooh, platinum and diamonds! I suppose I could change my name to "Bob and Sue." (whatever)...

But seriously...

First of all, who's gonna see what's on the inside of the ring? And secondly, it can easily be ground out with a grinding stone and rebuffed/polished. I mean, if that's the only thing that's keeping you from selling it.

Mar 17 @ 6:53AM  
Right now th e best action is scrap gold, brings a high amount and you can buy something you realy wants , a new rifle , fishin rod, may be that wide screen you have been eye ballin

Mar 17 @ 8:09AM  
I regretted selling my wedding ring set. Only because I had thought it was the most beautiful ring ever. And someday - I couldn't have let my daughter-in-law wear it - if I ever get a daughter-in-law.

Mar 17 @ 8:11AM  
I sold mine ...bad memories behind it.

Mar 17 @ 11:29AM  
How the hell would I know? My frigging wedding ring was worth exactly $65.. so I found out after the divorce.. I just flattened it with a hammer and mailed it to him.. ended up costing me a buck.

Mar 17 @ 11:48AM  
well my mom has awesome jewlery and she had one ring divided and her gold melted and now us three girls have identical beautiful rings yeah they are pricey even sepereated. Then I already got one of my inheritance pieces its a large ruby with waterfall diamonds around it gorgeous I wanted that ring for years! Got it about 6 yrs ago. So I would say save it for your children if you have any. I value these pieces cause they are from my mom.

Mar 17 @ 4:43PM  
I gave mine to the people he hated the most......LOL True story!!

Mar 17 @ 4:48PM  
trade it for guitars!

Mar 17 @ 8:28PM  
I still have mine - sure there are bad memories, but out of 21 years, there were many good memories. My ex gave me hers as she wanted our middle daughter to get it. She would have sold it already, but knew it was safe with me.

Mar 18 @ 1:32AM  
Sell now lol gold is at its highest price ever

Mar 27 @ 9:36PM  
If it belonged to his family, give it back so the family can still have it. If he bought it for you, go to Ebay!

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What to do with your jewellery when you get divorced.