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What's your blood type?

posted 3/16/2008 10:04:13 PM |
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tagged: blood, straddle

Two nights ago I was talking with my daughter over the phone and I asked her what her blood type was because I wanted to see if my grandchild had the same blood type. I remember Tash telling me at one time she was A positive. Well, she told me that she was O positive. I asked her if she was sure and she was. We talked some more about it because I was sure she told me A positive. She still doesn't know what my grandchild's blood type is, but she's still waiting to find out. I know Tash's mom (my ex) is a rare blood type. My blood type is O positive as well, so of course I was happy to hear that she is too.

I did a blog like this one last year, and so with this classic blog, I decided to repost it for the newbies on here, and for anyone else like the older members to take part in this too.

What's your blood type?

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Mar 16 @ 10:08PM  
Damn, all this talk about blood is making me hungry. I really miss Kim!


Mar 16 @ 10:09PM  
Hot and fresh......*Evil Laugh*

B positive.

Mar 16 @ 10:10PM  
Damn, all this talk about blood is making me hungry. I really miss Kim!

Going to be a long few months for you I can see that.

Oh yeah....O negative btw.

Mar 16 @ 10:13PM  
Last year in this classic blog I ran an experiment (all in fun and entertainment) about whether anyone with negative blood had a higher risk of being unhappy and/or had bipolar. Remember, it was just a thought and was actually made more for entertainment value.

Mar 16 @ 10:15PM  
hmmmmmm, I should probably know that about myself, huh?

Mar 16 @ 10:16PM  
B+ here and I have no idea what my daughter's blood type is......I don't think they ever told me.

Mar 16 @ 10:18PM  
Only time I'm "unhappy" is when I'm battling the flu (this weekend, blah!), or my dogs mess up my house while I'm at work. (damn brats!! They are SO LUCKY I think they're cute!)

Bi/Polar? Nope....not me. I'm typically happy go lucky.

hmmmm...guess that rules me out huh?

geez!! Thought I'd finally fit in somewhere!

Mar 16 @ 10:18PM  

.. but I admit I am nervous discussing blood type right after your cannibalism blog. And ten you go saying you are hungry. And don't you tend to be online only after dark.. and OMG you do enjoy menstrual blood the straws....

So vat town in Transylvania do your ancestors come from anyvey?

Mar 16 @ 10:20PM  
As for the kids.....My son is B+ and my daughter is....well.....I am not sure yet. LOL. Damn I should know that...she is 16.

Heck it took me 3 month to pry the blood type for my son out of my ex. I still to this day think she told me he was B+ just to make me believe he is mine. Thats for a different blog though.

Mar 16 @ 10:21PM  
@ Aftershox's comment!

Mar 16 @ 10:22PM  
I'm O+, and give every month. Pretty soon I will be hitting the 10 gallon mark. I also carry around my blood type card just in case something may happen to me - ie. caaident where the EMT's may need to know what type it is. I also have suggested to my friends that knew theirs to put a piece of paper with their ID saying what it was. Saved a friends life, as she had a difficult type (AB-) and needed a transfusion in the ambulance.

Good one Straddle, as knowing may save your own life sometime.

Mar 16 @ 10:37PM  
I have A negative..........both of my children also have it.

Mar 16 @ 10:39PM  
I've no idea,as I think due to the sickle cell trait I carry, I might not be able to donate anyway...

How does one go about finding that?

Mar 16 @ 10:44PM  
Cannibalism and now Blood type…
Me thinks you need to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.


Mar 16 @ 10:48PM  
Luna, just go an donate some of your blood. That way you can find out about the blood type.

Mar 16 @ 10:55PM  
shit I forgot

Mar 16 @ 11:10PM  
Bi/Polar? Nope....not me. I'm typically happy go lucky.

Well, actually, if you want to get technical, and by that I mean I'm going to get technical, we can stretch you being happy go lucky into you having hypomanic episodes (mild mania), and by definition, anyone who has a manic episode is classified as bipolar whether or not they have had a depressive episode.

I'm A + ....unlike my grades these days

Mar 16 @ 11:15PM  
@ Cutecarrie's comment. Nope, can't say I have bipolar. My moods are too stable anyway.

Mar 16 @ 11:21PM  
O+..................................always a possitive attitude

Mar 16 @ 11:27PM  

Mar 17 @ 2:25AM  
My blood type is "yuck" I can't stand blood at all! The only time I don't mind is when I get in a fight. It doesnt matter then. But my steaks are well done and my women should not be leaving their pads just anywhere where I can accidentally see em.

Mar 17 @ 2:26AM  
Cold as ice....

Mar 17 @ 3:10AM  

Mar 17 @ 5:58AM  
Unless my memery is wrong i am A+ and my son is A- course it could be AB instead of a, it was 20 years ago. I'd go give blood and find out again, but they can't get it out and told me not to try. Lucky you all that can!!!!!

Mar 17 @ 8:02AM  
O negative

Mar 23 @ 8:13AM  
Both me and my daughter are O+, which is the most common blood type (about 39 percent of the U.S. population has O+ blood, according to one source).

Pretty much anyone with "positive" blood can receive blood from an O+ donor. Since the majority of the population is O+, O+ blood is in big demand because most people who are trauma victims are, of course, also O+, and then many of the rest of the population are also positive types.

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What's your blood type?