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CANNIBALISM: Can you really eat someone?

posted 3/16/2008 12:40:45 AM |
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tagged: cannibalism, eat, straddle

If you were in a plane crash with others up in the highest peek of some snowy mountains and there were you and a few other survivors, along with some dead in the snow and cold in a country in South America or anywhere else in the world, would you actually eat the dead to survive if you had fire just to stay alive for days until the rescue search units found all of you?

If so, what body part would you start eating first of the dead? Would you want to be the person cutting that person up for you and everyone else, or would you want someone else do that?

I did a blog about this back in Jan. 2007. It was a very popular blog. So many new people here today that I thought that I would do it again for some of the newer members.

My answer is I'm not sure I could. I think I would be open to it after maybe 3-5 days.

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Mar 16 @ 12:46AM  
Yep. I would, provided it was down to living or dying. And if I was dead, then by all means allow me to serve one last time that others may live on.

Parts...I have no idea. Although real cannibals that have been interviewed say that the upper part of a woman's arm is the best, lol.

Mar 16 @ 12:49AM  
I wouldn't night serving myself up to the women to eat.


Mar 16 @ 12:52AM  
lol....i think i'll look for worms, bugs and rodents first....nothing like a good rat burger... the women to keep warm at night....

Mar 16 @ 12:53AM  
I eat human flesh all the time....


Mar 16 @ 12:55AM  
Well, he did specify its a cold, snow covered mountaintop...not a lot of chance for flora and fauna like bugs and rats....
And there are some already dead.

Mar 16 @ 12:57AM  
To be quite frank, I think just about everyone would to survive. They could deny it all they want. But when they are weak and starving, they would follow through with it. I would eat the ass cheeks of the women, like they did in the movie "Alive". Just because that's where the most meat is. I wouldn't go near the asshole. Just the ass cheeks. Next, (depending how big they are), would have to be the breasts.Eating a man would be my last resort. I would never eat the ass or the pubic region of a male. Kinda sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Mar 16 @ 12:57AM  
ah well...if that's the case i'll eat snow for awhile and walk my butt to civilization...then again i hate planes....i'd rather drive....

Mar 16 @ 12:59AM  
It depends on who died, what they look like, and how big they were (we big people need a little extra time)

Yeah i would cook somebody up. and if i had the right seasons i would be fucking Emerald.

as stereotypical as it sounds each race of people probably have a different taste and require different things to be good...

And i would start with the light meat...

Mar 16 @ 1:00AM  
If I had to survive yes I guess I would but just don't tell me what part it would be.. Just to gross to think about....

Mar 16 @ 1:04AM  
Sorry, couldn't resist......


Mar 16 @ 1:06AM  
@ both Lookingforsomefun152 and Blackskyline4's comment.

Blackskyline4, never ever heard that about different races tasting different.

Mar 16 @ 1:12AM  
I'm with "lookinforsomefun152" as to how I'd go about "eating bodies". But, I'd have to be insane with hunger. I'd have to psych myself up. I'd look for the hottest chick with us and try to get some ass off her before she died from gangrene. If she didn't feel like giving it up because of her damaged hip and legs, then I'd be the first one in line to get a piece of her ass when she's dead.

Mar 16 @ 1:17AM  
Damn, I would like to hear from some of the ladies out there other than just "Themama". I know the rest of you ladies have an opinion on this topic.

Mar 16 @ 1:25AM  
Now if I croaked, I want a woman to cut off my weiner and cook it up and have some sausage...

Mar 16 @ 1:31AM  
hmm wouldn't be the same thing... need some life in that wiener to have it taste good...

Mar 16 @ 1:39AM  
Dont know if I could actually do that...but then again if you were in that situation who knows...i think you would do anything for survival

Mar 16 @ 1:43AM  

Mar 16 @ 1:57AM  
How about foreskin as an appetizer? TheMama? Would you like some before you get your sausage?

Mar 16 @ 2:00AM  
Lookingforsomefun152, it would probably be just your luck to have crashed with Richards Simmons, Pauly Shore, Andy Dick, O.J. Simpson on board with you with only you and O.J. Simpson still being alive. Who would you start off with first?

Mar 16 @ 2:20AM  
That's fukkin funnier than shit in a beach towel! All I know is that my knowing O.J., he'd probably go after the least dorkiest lookin' one for food.

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! ha ha ha) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ))))))))

Mar 16 @ 2:31AM  
Richards Simmons he looks more like a woman. I would eat their arms first.

Mar 16 @ 3:29AM  
It's called 'long pork' in many parts of the globe, so undoubtably it's not just for survival anymore in some places. I imagine if you get hungry enough you can eat anything edible. I've eaten insects and wasn't in a survival situation. Once get get accustomed to something it get's less offensive.

MMMM hooves and snouts or hotdogs as we call them in the U.S.

Mar 16 @ 3:42AM  
yes i remember the movie well.

I would eat someone that was already dead to stay alive. I would start with roasting a leg.. that thigh meat has not much fat.... and you did say there was fire available. I couldn't eat someone raw.

Mind you I have eaten:

wood grubs
and lots of other nature goodies.

Mar 16 @ 3:55AM  
I take it YOU weren't in a survival situation, either?

Mar 16 @ 4:15AM  
Hells yeah..........if it came down to life or death...........I would eat the hell outta any of ya...........I'd start with that lame dick that called me the N word.........yeah, trollie tar-tar..............prolly nasty as shit!!

No, really I do not know what would happen..................there is an obvious quandry, eat to live or die from not doing so..........I just do not know if my psyche could take it .......

Mar 16 @ 4:44AM  
wait a second... it's not normal to eat people?

Mar 16 @ 4:59AM  
Yeah different races taste different... And most guys of each race are closer to beef where its solid and sticks to ur intestines as where women are like chicken where its kinda stringy and no matter how you try to change the taste its still kinda the same base taste

White people are bland and taste like broiled chicken

Spanish people(non islander) are spicy-ish and taste like peppers

Black people are salty and taste like hot sauce

Chinese people taste like ramen

Japanese people taste like deer

Spanish people (islanders) are like sweet and sour

Each one needs special seasons and you wouldn't even care ur eating somebody. unless you actually liked them

*disclaimer* i won't be posting which seasonings u need as so there is no way to pin the blame on me if i see in the news that somebody that was a member of this site ate somebody else.

My job had a voting to see who would be eatin first if the office was to resort to Cannibalism... Out of 30 people i made it in the top 10... needless to say i get a little jumpy when people have forks around me in the office... those people are fucking nuts

Mar 16 @ 6:34AM  
I'd check their wallet first... Eat people in this order..

Republicans first (though I'm told they taste funny)

Then democrats

Mar 16 @ 7:21AM  
I think the truth is that no one can really know what they would do unless they were put in that position.

Mar 16 @ 9:14AM  
Oh my,what is a vegan too do

Mar 16 @ 12:18PM  
Yup if I was hungry enough I could eat almost anything.

Mar 16 @ 2:42PM  
I'd eat the animal someone had with them know in the cargo area!! After all the peanuts and junk from the plane was gone, I'd eat the one that hadn't died of disease, but the one that froze to death.

Mar 16 @ 8:52PM  
at canuhelpme258 comment.

Mar 16 @ 9:56PM  
Honestly? I think it would probably take me a couple of days to try it...but, if it came down to surviving or dying....I like living.

Would I cut up the person? Nope! Not me..I'd let someone else do it. Couldn't say which part I would start with...I'd have to get over the idea of it being from a fellow human being first before I could try thinking of that.

Mar 23 @ 8:28AM  
Depends. Got some fava beans and a nice Chianti to go with?

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CANNIBALISM: Can you really eat someone?