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Happy Fucking Friday Folks

posted 3/14/2008 10:54:10 PM |
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*disclaimer, this blog may cause hurt feelings, anger and/or laughter. Do not read while driving or operating heavy equipment. Do not use alcohol while reading this blog. If you experience stomach discomfort while reading this blog, read with a glass of milk or with food*

Well folks another Friday under our belts and yet more drama. Now what else is new you may ask? Well let me tell you plenty my friends and foes, plenty. Apparently when this site was named it was a misnomer. As it plainly states AMD, stands for Adult Match Doctor. Now I don't know about the rest of you but by the time I got to Adulthood, I had pretty much figured out that 1) I wasn't elected prom queen or Miss Merry Christmas, cos I wasn't one of the "popular" kids with money. 2) Well that dream job as a International spy, that pretty much out of the question too as I don't care to fly and 3) Not everyone is going to like me all the time. Hell alot won't like me even some of the time and quite a damn few will hate my fucking guts ALL the time.

But you know what? I'm ok with it. The reason being? Why simple Mr. Watson, I like myself. Sure I hate my thighs and wish my tits were back up in place where they used to be, but as for me, the real me.......I like me. Bitch that I may be sometimes, ok, ok, most of the time. I still like me. Wanna know my secret? I don't worry what anyone else thinks about me. The only people I care about their opinions are my family and loved ones. (yes that includes some friends but seriously, not all of them, so if you think you got left out of that list....oh well, suck it up bud) Now the reason I care what they think about me is because they won't lie to me. If the dress I'm wearing makes my ass look twice as large as it is, someone will tell me. If that new blue eyeshadow is just making me look like a baboon in drag they'll tell me and when I have royally fucked up and overstepped my boundaries they'll be the first ones to say "you really fucked up this time" or "WTF were you thinking?" or even tell me how stupid I was to do something.

Why would I take such abuse you may wonder........cos it's not abuse. It's told to me out of love and care. That's what loved ones and good friends do for you. They keep you from showing your ass, or wearing that awful blue eyeshadow. Now in the past I've told a few on here that they had really fucked up, overstepped their boundaries and such. Did they always appreciate it? Nope. Not everyone can handle such honesty. They would rather you just sit back, nod your head, maybe even go shopping with them for blue eyeshadow. Sorry folks, I'm not buying it, not last year, not last month or even yesterday.

Yeah, yeah, I'm getting to the point, don't rush me I work cheap and have a slow connection here. My whole point to this is.......not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to agree with you......and NO one looks good in blue eyeshadow.

So if you fuck up and show your ass wearing that ugly ass blue eyeshadow and someone calls you on it. You've got several choices you can make. You can quit showing it and cover your ass, quit fucking up and re-examine your actions/words whatever and throw that fucking eye shadow away. Or .... you can really show your ass, accuse everyone of ganging up on you, then stomp, stomp, stomp your ass out of here. Take whatever they say and twist it around until it's all their fault your little feelers got hurt, why they twisted your arm into wearing that blue eye shadow! You can whine, complain and make little statements about your right to be here as much as anyone else......or you can suck it up, get a fucking grip, take it on the chin and move on like the adult you should be by this stage of life.

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Mar 14 @ 10:58PM  
That's actually well said, Stormy!

Mar 14 @ 11:00PM  
Gave you a kudo.............nothing needs to be added!

Mar 14 @ 11:07PM  
A very true statement Great blog! you deserve a greenie for that

(ummm...are you sure about the blue eyeshadow okay, what about blue eyeliner? I like blue )

Mar 14 @ 11:15PM  
Tammy Faye Bakker and Mimi from Drew Carey really murdered blue eye shadow, didn't they?

Good points, have a green one.

Mar 14 @ 11:31PM  
what?? blue eye shadow is out dayum I better keep up better oh wait I don't wear make-up

wonderful writing my dear green cookie fer ya!

Mar 14 @ 11:51PM  
Why thank you Grandpa Shawn! (don't know 'bout you but I like the sound of that!)

Thanks Dayna, I know if you didn't mean it you wouldn't say it.

Zaftik hun, blue eyeliner is fine, makes the whites of your eyes really pop and looker whiter!

JC, Mimi, Tammy Faye and Dee Snider all killed the blue eyeshadow for me. Well those and my older sister the bitch. She looked about as good in it as they did.

Well Lisa as rough and tumble a tomboy as I am, I'm still girly girl when it comes to makeup! Yep blue left the page in the late 70's.

Mar 14 @ 11:55PM  
If I said it once I said it a thousand times on here Stormy, I dont care if your comments are longer than my blog. As far as I am conserned, there is no highjacking my blogs. here is a KUDO for you.

Mar 15 @ 12:04AM  
I told my mom she looked like a clown in the balloon pants she had on today.....Hope she takes it nicely and throws them away....Only told her that cuz I lubs her!!

Mar 15 @ 12:16AM  

Ding! Ding !! Ding!!!!!! We have a winner!!!!!

Tell us what she's won Dick!!!

She's won........

a 2005 edition, slightly used kudo!!!!!

It's green I believe!!!!!

I dont believe they were ever made in any other color Dick......... lung meds must be kickin' in........

Mar 15 @ 12:18AM  
Lung meds?? You've got lung meds?? Well my dentist gave me good pain pills, we could have a good ol time Ashy!!!!

Mar 15 @ 1:03AM  
Fuck ...I better get this blue eye shadow off before Scooter see's me...and don't tell her I'm wearing a pair of her panties....

Mar 15 @ 1:29AM  
does this mean not everybody likes US????

yeah right ........

*tosses out a greenie n drives off laffin *

Mar 15 @ 2:37AM  
I'd say this pretty much sums it up...

Mar 15 @ 3:20AM  
Okay... Once again I was busy last night... ya'll ain't seen nothin' until you've seen... oh never mind...

I'm not sure what 'bout of drama went on, and quite honestly have this to say....

The administration has been reached. Problems are slow to be addressed but will be... That isn't to be taken as a threat to people, just encouragement for those truly sick of the rampant and flagrant t.o.s. violators flaunting their abuse as they they are above reproach.

Be careful what you people wish for... just like with the sex stories... you got what you wanted... then found out you didn't want it....

Mar 15 @ 4:22AM  
and NO one looks good in blue eyeshadow.
I always figured it was a man who invented it...... Not to slam on men, but how many of them honestly know make-up? Uh, that was rhetorical..

Mar 15 @ 8:25AM  
its gittin so hot here my blue eye shadow is startin to run.........still like wearin the wool coat tho

Mar 15 @ 10:55AM  
see what happens when you get grounded and go do other stuffs? ya miss a good rant.

Oh boots. .. I look gooood in blue eyeshadow.

Mar 15 @ 11:01AM  
Borty if those are my new black lace are in deep trouble Mr!

No Mr. Y, not everyone is gonna like y'all either!

Mrknowuwell, go ahead rub it in that you're having warm weather......shouldn't you be off busy somewhere with Redbronze????

I look gooood in blue eyeshadow
Nacho sweety I've been telling you for a looooong time, you're one in a million!

Mar 15 @ 11:03AM  
Sorry Treas, Thom and Sunshine.......didn't mean to leave y'all out!

Sunshine as long as you say it with love she should be grateful you told her!

Thom, thanks buddy, I feel the same about what ya want on mine.

Treas, men invented makeup and pantyhose. Nuff said.

Mar 17 @ 2:54AM  
I rawk some blue eyeshadow

Mar 19 @ 10:52AM  
I rawk some blue eyeshadow
Hey do you wear that blue eyeshadow with that pink dress of Sunny's???

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Happy Fucking Friday Folks