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posted 3/14/2008 9:47:04 AM |
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Precription Drug plans for our eldery, retired and disabled......Medicare and the insurance companies have figured, yet, another way to disqualify thousands of people from being able to have precription drug insurance. The ones that can't do much, if anything, to do something to offset this new regulation.....Easy targets under the guise of saving money.....These people pay for this coverage from medicare deductions for their SS and disability checks.

Case in point.....We recently have noted a rise in patients that are having medical emergencies. Finding a large percentage due to people not taking their meds as prescribed. This is one of the examples our EMS service just encountered.....

We transported a medical emergency. 68 y/o male, unconsious with a history of heart problems and high blood pressure. We transported code 3 ready to defib or start CPR at any time. Not an unusual transport amoung the elderly community. But this one had a twist. Seems the patient had cut all his meds in half to be able to afford taking them. His wife stated that they could no longer afford all their meds since the new prescription drug regulation took affect 1 Jan. 2008.

This is the new regulation........Before 1 Jan 2008 medicare sent out a qualifying questionaire for the 2008 year. A new qualifyer, or disqualifier, was that if you own real property valued at $23,000 or more, that is not your primary residence, then you do not qualify for a precription drug plan. Many of our retired citizens do own other properites. In this case, this couple, trying to make their ends meet a little better decided to subdivide their homestead and sell off a portion they no longer needed. Placed it on the real estate market at market value in hopes to sell in the near future. My understanding, right now, it that the property is fair market valued at around $30,000. But due to the real estate market being what it is, right now, it isn't selling. This couple still have liabilities associated with this property. No income from it whatsoever. They can't change it over to anyone to get it out of their name as that would constitue fraud. When they sell it they have to prove it wasn't to someone just to get it out of their name.

Between the two of them their monthly medication costs are now over $800 a month. Up from approx. $50 per month on co-pays before 1 Jan. So not being able to afford that sort of cost they both cut their daily dosages in half to make them last longer. A dangerous and sometimes fatal decision.

Unless your the affected ones or you learn of this it seems to be a big secret very few are aware of. Again they go after the ones of least means and most vulnerable. The ones that can't fight back or suppliment another way.

How many here are there or coming of that age now? I notice many baby boomers here. Even if you have a long ways to go you have parents, relatives and friends in or coming of that time in their lives. We are all paying for that. Take a look at your pay stubs. Take note of one deduction you may have. Medicare......It used to be only the ones on SS benefits paid for that. Now we all do. At least here in Ga. and SC workers get that deduction.

This aught to make everyone mad as hell.........Our government allowing this to happen to our most vulnerable. While they bask in prosperity off our dollars. So our politicans can buy prostitutes, drugs, slum lord properties and dole out thousands on pork barrel spending. They would rather spend millions to preseve some weed or wetspot on our lands then take care of our citizens.

My question is......whats next??????

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Mar 14 @ 10:35AM  
I agree its bullshit!!! When my grandma became ill and her medicine costs became outrageous we all stepped in and paid. Its shit that its like that.
I know when I retire hell there wont even be any social security so us in the younger generation are really screwed to.

Mar 14 @ 10:36AM  
I have to say I agree with you unless you have someone that is going thru this or you are going thru this you dont understand the problems they face deciding which to get food or drugs or light bill,,, hell even in assitant housing they take a third of their monthly check, which by the way is only about 1000 dollars amonth why dont they try to live on that and have the benefits they expect them to live off of...... pisses me off the way they do things I think the checks they are giving these women who keep haveing babies and refuse to work should be stopped and go to the elderly.... just my opnion..... I mean if you are able to get out there and work then get up off your sorry ass and do it...... that is all I have to say......

Mar 14 @ 10:40AM  
oh yeah throws kudos in bowl on table later hon

Mar 14 @ 11:22AM  
Next will be .. I dunno what the hell can they take from us more? There are 'reverse mortgages that deplete the estate of the elderly til they pass on and then there is no asset left to pay off final bills.

They can't always get the care that they need because state run programs just stop after a few months and they cannot pay the bills.

Another reason for so many emergency calls is that one cannot get into a g.p. without tons of insurance either. I searched for three months to find one who would take a cash paying patient.

Medicare is a joke. They have to have extra insurance just to get the bare basics covered anymore.


Mar 14 @ 12:18PM  
This is only a hint of what is to come.

Mar 14 @ 4:02PM  
I am one of those affected by this. Although only 50 years old, which also disqualifies me from alot of the extra plans the senior citizens over 65 can get involved in. As of right this moment, at least w/ me, last year I paid $2.35 for generic prescriptions, and $5.60 for brand names. This year, I did NOT qualify for the extra help, and have to pay 25% of the total cost of the the particular drug
Example: Last year I paid $5.60 for a NINETY (90) day supply of Lipitor (80mg) This year the same thing cost me $79.75. I take nine (9) different kinds of drugs per day. Now to add to your [true] statemnts harley, this is all until you reach the $2,051.00 limit Medicare put you on,,,after you meet this figure, you are responsible for (Out of Pocket, as the call it) you are responsible for the TOTAL cost of the drug, until you reach $4,050.00. So to estimate and guess the amount of a 90 day supply of Lipitor (80mg) would be approximately $145.00 to my calculations, not from the figure as above, but from the total cost listed from a bottle I obtained once from the pharmacy. I have noticed that my prescription program, is quite lower for total cost, than the actual figure on my bottles, which I do no change drastically in price, all the time. And just to add further, the highest priced drug that I (was taking), Nexium, 90 day supply, 40mg, one per day, is $542.99 at full cost during the coverage gap. I have since had my doctor change that for me to try Zocor, which in a generic form be called Simvastatin which is approximately $28.10 TOTAL cost for a 30 day supply. compared to the Lipitor I mentioned above. And for all that may read this, PLEASE EVERYONE INVOLVED HERE, please ask your doctor about obtaining the GENERIC form of a drug, if availiable. An I suggest to everyone, by a book, usually at the pharmacy you may deal with,called the "PILL BOOK" Look for these generic name also yourself, and mention to your doctor, or pharmacist, please!!!!!,,,,,ya,,,right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note: I live in Pennsylvania

Mar 14 @ 4:09PM  
*****************Let me revise a mistake in my comment......Zocor is NOT a change or replacement for NEXIUM,,,it was meant to be mentioned as a replacement for LIPITOR.............Sorry for the confusion

Mar 14 @ 11:29PM  
I have to say I am a little disappointed in the lack of comments here. I was in hopes this would stay up the list for more to read. But alas, guess it wasn't an important subject.

Thanks to those who gave their imput. I can say that due to this development coming to light my Marine Corps League are going to take this travesty public. Those of you who know anything about the Marine Corps League know they are one of the largest forces in this country.

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