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posted 3/13/2008 2:42:31 PM |
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tagged: friends, blog, bullshit, forum, amd

It seems there is a lot of back biting going on here in AMD, and I wasnt here for whatever happen. But for some reason, things dont seem the same as it was a week or two ago. This has somehow effected the blogs in which I feel I am a part of. I dont really do the forum thing. I have not even felt the enthusiasm to write a blog, and I feel that I am not the only person here that feels the same way, or at best wont blog what they would normally, and that effects me, and you, and puts a drain on this community.

I am a very easy going non-agressive type person. I would much rather laugh, and have fun, and I have had a lot of fun here with you all the time I have been here in AMD as a member. I am the type of person that would much rather get hurt, that to hurt anyone else, but I am not a self destructive man. I will not look to be hurt either.

What sets AMD apart from most other ADULT DATING SITES, is the link. in most dating sites you are a lone wolf. Its just you, and its dog eat dog, very cold, and cut throat. But AMD is more of a community, of friends, and in some way all the members here are linked to each other. But when there is fighting, and people not being themselves, and not doing the things that make them the person, member, and friend that they really usually are , because of bullshit, That doent only effect me. It effects me, you, the blogs, the forums, and AMD in general.

I have to say, I am hurt over it. I have actually considered this being my last blog here in AMD as a member.

I hope this blog will help mend the broken link.

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Mar 13 @ 2:49PM  
Really this too shall pass!
Do not let the actions or words of others dictate your life!


Mar 13 @ 2:52PM  
Sweety, don't let what others do affect what you do!! I would be sad to see you go, if that is your choice, because I like your blogs.

Mar 13 @ 2:55PM  
AMD isn't certainly not unique in that regard.

Every dating site I've been a part of that had forums and blogs comprised a community of friends, a community of resident trolls who thought that they owned the place and that no one had better DARE challenge their points of view, a community of enemies and a community of virtual onlookers. No different from real life, really. Nothing that transpires in electronic conversation affects me negatively (or even positively, really) in any way, except for, perhaps, taking up too much time that would be better spent doing more productive things.

The great thing about forums IS the diversity...when everyone agrees with everyone else and no one challenges others, it, for me, becomes boring to the point of tears, figuratively speaking.

Mar 13 @ 2:57PM  
Its not my blogs that are the problem. Its the lack of blogs by otheres that is. and it does effect me indirectly, because AMD is not the way it was when I came here.
I personally DO NOT have a problem with anyone.

Mar 13 @ 3:01PM  
Words of wisdom from Dark Desires....I understand your concern but this place has ups and downs just like life. I have made a small nest for myself that helps me get thru the storm till the AMD sun once again shines...the important thing to remember is just be matter what others think...its none of their business anyway ...just create your own fun ...and if people want to join in ..that's a bonus

Mar 13 @ 3:08PM  
Yesterday was the worst. Today has been pretty quiet.

Thanks for bringing it all up again.

Mar 13 @ 3:10PM  
AMD is certainly not like it was when i first discovered the blogs, and was an avid reader of them. However i have noticed that occasionally some of the really good blogger, no i'm not mentioning them, take a break and the poisonous ones take over for a while. But after a while the good ones come back and the poisonous ones take a backseat. If you wait long enough you are rewarded with good ones again. please wait for them.

Mar 13 @ 3:26PM  
I know the feeling. I was bummed yesterday and posted a blog about it. Now I see I was out of place to do so. I haven't been here long enough to know anybody well, and don't know squat about other sites. Things change and then change again.

Don't get too down, I'm riding now, when I was ready to cancel my profile. I'm just going to take the advice I was given and see what happens. I hope you'll ride it out with me.

Mar 13 @ 3:31PM  
I too, felt like you when I came back from a 6 month fact I was lurking for about 2 of those 6 months, not saying a word to anyone...and only e-mailed those who had asked my where-abouts.

Now I had left for personal reasons, that of which I'll not get into...but that was only for a couple of weeks...the rest of those 6 months...4 of them I stayed away because I found myself wasting to much time on here when I should have been living out in the real world...but the last 2, I simply lurked about in the shadows...

I couldn't decide if I wanted to even come back, and I had planned on deleting my account...and to never come back.

I'd log on, and I'd e-mail a couple of people, and read a blog here and there...and I thought to myself...why in the hell bother with all the bullshit that goes on. It's just not worth it, as it's not a fun place to be anymore...

However, someone told me to just go about my own business, and to do my own thing, but more importantly...have fun! And to hell with the others if they don't like it...

So I decided to take her advice, and I decided to do what I've always done in the real world...and that was to do my own thing, have fun, and to say the hell with everyone else if they don't like it!

And with all the bullshit that has been going on for over a week...I'm feeling like you are now. But I know it too will blow over, it always does...for a week or two, and then it'll come it always does.

And I can either ride the storm out, or I can simply take another break from this place...but I don't think I'll ever completely I did miss some of the peoples, and I missed the fun.

Mar 13 @ 3:33PM  
My Friend !

You are absolutely correct about the stuff going on. But as pointed out to you.
There are times in everyone's lives when you sit back, take a breath, relax, and
let the rest get things out of their system. I myself have been sitting back for two weeks, just posting only on the ones that I like, and skipping the bull shit and hurtful ones.
You are a good man and we need people like you here. To help calm things
and add to the good of the community. Hang in there my friend. Things WILL
return to normal.

Mar 13 @ 3:41PM  
You are a good man and we need people like you here. To help calm things
and add to the good of the community. Hang in there my friend. Things WILL
return to normal.

Thank you NightOfOld for the advice and the kind words.


Mar 13 @ 4:13PM  
I'm in a really pissy mood this week.. so I should probably shut my mouth.. that's not going to happen though is it? No, i didn't think so.

Shit happens.. people get upset, people get stupid, people get over it.. that's what I've been trying to explain to other people who exepect us to always be happy, sappy crappy smile and pat each other on the heads all the time.. so NOT.

Oh, but it's the internet .. all you have to do is not read it.. umm yeah.. sorta like in the world offline huh? All you have to do is avoid it.. but sometimes it comes to the point where you just have to take a fucking stand or let everyone around you be run over and abused.

Just recently I was drawing fire to keep everyone else from catching flak..then I got my damned hands smacked for doing it.. well guess what y'all? You're on your own. I ain't taking any more shit to keep you all having a good time and not the object of someone else' vitriol.

ya had a good thing.. but you finally got on my nerves enough that I don't feel ya deserve defending.

Right I'm done bitching about this for now.. y'all play any damned games you wanna.. run and hide, leave the site, piss and moan about how many trolls are clogging up the blogs.. but don't you DARE come running to me about it or expect me to help you out.

XDC this was not aimed at you.. you weren't part of the crap.

Mar 13 @ 4:49PM  
Ditto the squirrel damn near word for word...

I was good... I thought I was a primary target.. but when collateral damage affected people I like... (a list growing shorter daily) I stepped up to stand in ....


Mar 14 @ 10:01PM  
Tom I was going to post on here but it was getting so long I'm just gonna blog it myself or it will just seem like a hijacking of your blog. Take heart in knowing it will get better, it always does.

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