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Hey, Ladies....I need an answer..Bald? Hairy?

posted 3/13/2008 10:24:16 AM |
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tagged: sex, oral, bald, hairy

I welcome everyone into my 2nd Blog......I'm so proud

Here's the question you find bald men more or less attractive than a guy that has a full head of hair?

As a bald dude myself, this question has made me wonder what women think.

At least some of what women think.....let's face it I'll never understand how you think!!!!!

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Hey, Ladies....I need an answer..Bald? Hairy?
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Mar 13 @ 10:27AM  
less. I like a man with a full head of hair. not long though

Mar 13 @ 10:31AM  
A thick head of hair.....kept clean.....and no longer than shoulder length

Mar 13 @ 10:32AM  
Makin' me sad...........................

Mar 13 @ 10:36AM  
shaved bald or bald bald... actually either is fine as well as a full head of hair.. Combovers though ewwwwwww

Mar 13 @ 10:37AM  
Bald can be sexy on the right head...but I'm biased too!

I never really had a preference, as long as a man was well groomed either long, short or bald is ok.

Mar 13 @ 10:37AM  
Ok, that leads me to the next question.....Is his face more important than his know if he's good looking and bald or if he's no that great looking and has a full head of hair?

Mar 13 @ 10:37AM  
Just depends.......bald looks really good on you

But not on everyone

Mar 13 @ 10:38AM  
I only care about the mind under the hair or lack thereof.

(However for just eye candy, long luscious hair will make me look)


Mar 13 @ 10:39AM  
Redbronze.....I shave my head because I've had radiation in the past and I would look like a dork if i didn't shave it(not exactly your typical male pattern baldness) not much choice in the matter

Mar 13 @ 10:40AM  
Absolutely definitely can't have a rocky head!!

Mar 13 @ 10:49AM  
Wow, did I scare everyone away with the "R" word......don't worry, I'm much better now

Mar 13 @ 10:54AM  
Yahoo....two years ago I went through CHEMO.....lost all my I can empathize with you sweety!!! look very sexy the way you are

Mar 13 @ 10:55AM  
I like either a bald head, Look at Patrick Stewart, or a full Head of hair, Length doesn't matter, just please keep it clean is all I asked. I understand about radiation pattern baldness. My brother went through that as well. You made th choice and it does look nice on you.

As for a nice looking face. I try not to be shallow, and if you speak first I will usually reply. Who am I to judge someone by their looks, It's done to all of us, all the time.

great Blog


Mar 13 @ 11:00AM  
Thank you Candice ....I agree with you blueeyes....I'm huge on looks...I like a girl I can be with I don't care if she's 4'3" and 800lbs....If we connect on a mental level.....she seems sexier to me.....odd, huh???....Don't get me wrong, though a good looking woman is nice too........

Mar 13 @ 11:01AM  
Actually I mean't NOT huge on looks

Mar 13 @ 11:02AM  
ok YahooMe I have to say that I love a bald man.... mmmmm sexy omg sexy but then again so are some of the others too

Mar 13 @ 11:05AM  
Dude.. when we fall for yas.. we don't fall for ya hair..

Sure there are some that are a bit shallow .. but for real.. even those, if they find something so special.. they grab on to it.. no matter what sort of hair or no hair he might have.

I would think a true narcissist would go right for the bald guy cuz .. they can see themselves in the dome

Mar 13 @ 11:38AM  
I think bald is sexy...look at Chris Daughtry now that guy is hot with no hair!!!
Don't worry we all think your sexy as well :>)

Mar 13 @ 11:55AM  
Well thank you be honest, I think it comes down to curiosity. I'm just curious what women think, even though I'm pretty sure I'll never completely figure them out, but for the most part I don't usually give 2 shits what people think about me. I am who I am and if you don't like it then that's fine....go away, but if you do then that's ok too. I'm just an ordinary average guy

Mar 13 @ 12:24PM  
makes no diffeence to meet their are a lot of sexy bald men out there and the lookis good on you as well, mmmmm what I wouldn't do to get my hands on Vin Disel. Just something else to lick in perspective

Mar 13 @ 12:30PM  
The least amount of hair ANYWHERE!

Mar 13 @ 12:33PM  
Just my head, you know I am a hairy guy, but only in the proper places, ie. my chest, arms, legs................but my back is bald...........oh and I have kind of a hairy ass too

Mar 13 @ 12:38PM  
And let's just say that Mr. Happy isn't exactly cold in the winter

Mar 13 @ 12:46PM  
It is what`s in your heart,not what`s on your head.Oh and also what is in your pants.

Julie Lynne

Mar 13 @ 12:51PM  
Thanks for posting this, I have a widow's peak and my hair is thinning.

The past few ladies that have cut my hair said don't shave it though. Of course, they have a little more than a passing interest!!!

Thanks for your comment, Nacho, I needed that. You make this site fun.

Mar 13 @ 1:26PM  
Congratulations on your 2nd blog!!!!

And I guess it depends on the guy...some guys look better bald...others with hair.

Mar 13 @ 2:11PM  
Like the others say its not the lenght of your hair, although some men are downright sexy with bald or thinning hair, but its the brain under the hair and the person overall that matters.

Mar 13 @ 2:22PM  
Hiair cut: $20.00 (+tip)
Razer: $3.95 (for 3 +tax)
A beautiful woman rubin' yer dome with her tits

Mar 13 @ 4:56PM  
I love soft bald heads

Jun 7 @ 12:26AM  
Bald on the right man... makes my panties wet ~ nothin wrong with being bald if you wear it well....

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Hey, Ladies....I need an answer..Bald? Hairy?