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Do you think Geraldine Ferraro is a racist?

posted 3/13/2008 5:26:36 AM |
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tagged: politics, news, straddle, race

Two days ago Geraldine Ferraro stated that Obama would not be in this position if he were white instead of black. The media has played this whole thing up now for the past two days. Their eating their own, folks. Seems like when someone who actually makes a statement on what and why they think race may play a role in Obama being where he is today, in a position of being the front runner for the Democrat party, the media goes and attacks their own. Ferraro, I'm no fan of her either, but in all honesty, I believe the woman has fought for civil rights in the past 40 years in government. What I see is some of the media (Chris Mathews and some others on MSNBC) really trying to do a number on Ferraro, and trying to paint her in a bad light. Lets get real here, A lot of people know that Obama is getting the royal treatment. I honestly believe the media truly wants to see the first black man in the oval office instead of the first white woman, that being Hillary. Maybe the media actually does hate Hillary, but the media acts like their fair when I know for a fact their not. I do see a lot of free passes for Obama. Again, is it because most of the media wants to try to show the whole world that we aren't a racist country, or is it they actually like Obama because he's such a nice guy, or is it because Obama has a lot of ideas that can work well for our country? Or is it that the media can't stand Hillary? In my opinion, I think it's all of what I list here, with some more than others. When I say some more than others I'm not referring to Obama's ideas. I have yet to know where he stands on anything other than just pulling our troops out of Iraq. Other than that, nothing else comes to mind. So he wants change, but what kind of change does he want? Again, he won't go into great details with his ideas. Should Hillary drop out of the race. I say she should hang in there. I still see people on the liberal side split on the two. Obama supporters say she should drop out, I say why, she has a right to still be in the game, after all, she does have a lot of support out there. She still has a big state coming up next month with PA that she's expected to win. Would you drop out knowing this? I sure as hell wouldn't. And then us Republicans enjoy seeing two Democrats fight it out, and sure, it serves us Hillary in my opinion is more hungry for this role, more so than Obama. Bottom line is, if Obama expects to pull this out, he too is going to have to get down and dirty. Can he do that? Hard to tell. From what I see of him, he's a very nice guy who honestly tries to play fair. When you face Hillary, you're going to have to change your strategy.

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Mar 13 @ 5:31AM  
It's no secret that I plan on voting Republican like I always do. But what I would like to know from any of you out there is do you honestly thing Ferraro is a racist after that remark, and why do you feel she is or not? I don't think she is at all. Like I stated in one of my other blog, I feel like liberals see race and gender more than Republicans do. Feel free to comment on this topic if you wish on here.

Mar 13 @ 6:13AM  
Unfortunately, there are no good candidates in my opinion. I'm a registered Republican as well but I believe that McCain would hurt the party, which is the last thing we need after Bush. The media definitely wants to see the first black man in office before the first woman and I think we should let Obama get into office. I have nothing against the man, but I am truly doubtful of his ability to lead the country due to his great lack of experience. This in combination with not only Obama, but all of the candidates being senators (a position not even remotely as similar to presidency as a governorship) worries me. Holding all this in consideration, Hillary is the lesser of the evils to me. She has a great deal of experience and although I greatly dislike her homeland policy, her foreign policy seems less likely to get us all killed.
Very sorry about the rant, to answer the question a bit more clearly I do not believe Ferraro's a racist but merely telling it like it is. And unfortunately the media is more corrupt than many imagine.

Mar 13 @ 6:20AM  
Niceguy18329, you didn't rant. Your comment actually made a lot of sense. I happen to agree with you on several points. Like Hillary is the lesser of the two evils. Obama does not have the experience Hillary does. I mean, she did live and was around in the white house with her husband, and I know that that not the same thing as being president, but to me that does come awfully close. You're also right in my opinion about her likely not to get us killed as Obama would. The guy is very charming, polite, and a down to earth nice guy, but he's not ready to be put in that position.

Mar 13 @ 6:23AM  
It was her oppinion. Nothing wrong with stating it. You can debate the merrit of it, but to simply declare her racist is nothing but media ploy.

I believe he's where he is becouse of a single speech which was bloody brilliant. The man is a true artist, and has missed his calling as an actor. Charisma out the ass and the ability to express himself as no other politician since the beloved half-wit of the republican party Reagan.

That single speech is a better explanation than color when it comes to explaining his standing, for it is not as if the democrat party is short on minorities to run.

Hillary has taken many a right wing stance, especialy in the area of free expression where she came down hard on a video game for having a hidden level which one had to illegaly alter ones hardware or go online to access.... as if by going online the kid wouldn't have found harder core stuff. I mean realy, what the hell was up with that?
She just isn't liberal enough for most of us... well atleast not where it counts (civil liberties). She's hard on both the 1st and 2nd ammendments. That troubles us. Obama does need to stop fence sitting, but that would be a dangerous move considering the attack machine Clinton has running right now.

On another note, how can a perve such as yourself be a fan of the current administration? Those bible thumpers would love to get a hold of you, believe me. Sodomy laws don't just apply to hot man on man action you know.


Mar 13 @ 6:29AM  
BF, I'm not too much of a fan of Bush, but I do support my party. You say half wit of the Republican party Reagan. I beg to differ. To me Reagan by far was one of the greatest presidents ever. I would have loved to have seen Newt run for office this fall! And yes, even pervs like me can be conservative Republicans.

Mar 13 @ 6:34AM  
Damn, a typo there. My last comment was directed to BG. lol

Mar 13 @ 6:35AM  
Dude newt is just another half wit bible thumper. Mcain is more my type of Republican, though I'm to liberal on civil liberty issues to vote for his party.

You shouldn't support the party simply to support the party. If the administration doesn't support your ideals then perhaps it's time to look elsewhere. The nazi party started out as a socialist party... then it kinda went right wing and elected a leader orriginaly sent to spy on them (hit name was hitler). Parties change, watch for those changes and act accordingly. The republican party you liked is dead. Only the part where they rant about prayer in school and end of days remains. I don't imagine those are the parts you fancied.

The liberal party I liked is dead as well, so I'm left choosing between to evils. Lovely world we live in.

Maybe we should form a moderate party. Some settling of ideals between the two extreams which are currently attempting social experiments.

Mar 13 @ 7:29AM  
Wait a sec, Bush is way too moderate for me. I think that's part of the reason he hasn't done all that well with handling the economy. Some of it couldn't be helped with the war on terrorism. The cost to fight this wat had to be done. Besides, I would love to continue seeing a Christian in the oval office, I see nothing but positive in this, BG. I'm going to have to also disagree with you on most of us right wring conservative Republicans being nazis. There is no truth in your statement whatsoever! We both see religion and politics very differently, besides, we're both getting a little off topic here about what I'm asking in my blog.

Mar 13 @ 7:52AM  

Sorry Shawn

I don't do political jokes....I've seen to many of them get elected.

Mar 13 @ 8:55AM  
Same ploy....different groups and a different victim.
Is Trent Lott a racist?? Perhaps, yet for having the audacity to speak aloud a thought that many at the same function probably felt true.....he was cast as the ultimate evil and should be shunned at all costs. His remarks at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party would not surprise me to be far tamer than those shared amongst his peers behind closed doors and jiggers.

Open discussion is the backbone that this country was founded limit oppression and the need for those in the minority opinion to be left out of the debate. This is ( Sorry beforehand, Shawn) a reason that I strongly feel the pre-Atwater Republicans at the very least brought sound counterpoints to extreme liberalism. Those of the Newt Gingrich model have merely chosen to state their views, taken reckless action, and attacked all of those that would dare oppose them. How can you argue that during the former Congressman from Georgia' s reign as 2nd in succession to the President he & his ilk were not out of control?
A)Shutting down the government and withholding funds due to him not being allowed on Air Force One....& B) using parliamentary procedure to "strike down" any and all comments from the official records of those demonized "liberals". these are unconscionable acts by a group long out of power......becoming mad once gaining same.

Forgive me....I had hope to stay out the political arena. To answer your question ....IMHO, I do not necessarily consider her a racist.....just another stalking horse attempting to help a friend in a tighter than expected political race (no pun intended). With the friends Hill has helping her ( Gerry, Bill, & others)....she does not need any enemies !! No moreso than I feel that the media slam against Bill in South Carolina was warranted. They knew they had to galvanize the black vote.....& they struck at a core sore point.....possible racism. Thereby trumping all of the previous good deeds that had accompanied this man for over 30 years....go figure .......
And, if I may have a little more time on my soapbox ( thank you ), the mad dash for swift punishment and the early determination of guilt of the Duke lacrosse was a travesty. This blog has spurred me to place one of my own here. Thank you for allowing me the time. I'm through playing now....

Mar 13 @ 8:55AM  
I wonder what Dan Quayle is doing these days.

Mar 13 @ 10:32AM  
My son (He's 13) were watching the news, how Geraldine Ferraro is a racist.
I waited to see the film clip, so I could jump aboard the bandwagon and denounce her.
As much as we despise politicians that lie, what really gets the news media up in
arms, is when the truth is told.
As we watched the story, me thinking how I could go along with what the report had to say about her....after watching it...all I could do was say, "Crap....she's right"
As I voted for Ron Paul in '88, it's not like I'm a big fan of Ms. Ferraro.
Just like a good MAD TV skit, you have to be carefull with a persons color, or the
'Race Card' will be pulled out.
I personally think that'll be the end to Hilarys run this time, as her 'woman card' is like
a queen to his ace.


Mar 13 @ 11:37AM  
I'm not so sure she is a racist. She didn't say he had no business being here. She just said race is why he is where he is. You COULD take that both ways.

IF he was lilly white, he probably would never have got the exposure he did 4 years ago. On the other hand, IF he was lilly white, he would probably be SO far ahead of Hillary the race would have been long over. He is a VERY charismatic speaker. So was Bill 16 years ago. Obama hasn't accomplished very much. Neither had Bill 16 years ago. They both did a very good job of marketing themselves.

Yes the media, generally speaking, hates Hillary. When she was in the White house, she made their life miserable and you don't forget that. Payback is a bitch. Especially TO a bitch. That's one of my complaints about her. She treats all the little people around her HORRIBLY. NO compassion WHAT SO EVER.

Mar 13 @ 12:06PM  
I have heard people spout "Reagan by far was one of the greatest presidents ever" for a number of years now. What I would like to know is what it was that he did that made him so great?

Mar 13 @ 3:16PM  
No matter who gets in power...I hope they provide health care for the millions of americans that suffer needlessly because they can't afford to go to the doctor. Our Canadian healthcare program isn't perfect but at least I can get medical attention without wipeing me out financially.

Mar 13 @ 3:33PM  
I went to the library to check out a book on Reagan. One about his legacy was quite interesting as it was printed with red ink.

Here in Dallas, we will get the George W. Bush Library at SMU. I don't think have decided what broom closet to locate it in yet.

Couldn't resist the jokes.

Mar 13 @ 4:53PM  
She is still working for Hilary... do not mistake that... she claims to be off the campaign but she is first and foremost a feminist.. now that she is officially off the campaign... "beyond Clinton's control" supposedly... she is on all the news networks bashing Obamma...

Fucking brilliant move on Hilary's part.. too bad I want change! I'm voting for Barrack!

Mar 13 @ 7:19PM  
Mam Man, I only see two Republicans that you name that supposely did that. Hmmm.....Wasn't Robery Byrd, a big time liberal from West Virginia in the KKK at one time. I believe Byrd uses the "N" word to this day too. Is he called for this by the media...Noooooo, another free pass given to a liberal. Do you call Byrd on his racist ways? Noooo.....seems like you have give Robert Byrd a free pass as well. As for Newt, say what you want, he did more positive things while speaker than he did negative.

WoW, Quayle? Ummm, okay, not sure where you were going with that one, but not sure where he's at today....could be growing potatoes for all I know. As for the Reagan joke you made, I guess that's why Reagan won in a landsline re-election back in 1984.

Swyeter, I'll say the same thing. Reagan's record stands for itself. Weren't you paying attention during presidency days while he was in office? Most people know this. A hint for you is that 1984 re-election landslide! I believe the elder Bush rode on the coat tails of Reagan's popularity into an landslide victory back in 1988.

Canu, I believe Ferraro made the same comment back in 1988 with Jesse Jackson. I don't think the media played that to the hilt though like they have this time with Obama.

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Do you think Geraldine Ferraro is a racist?