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posted 3/12/2008 11:18:09 PM |
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Warning...spoilers ahead! If you taped it to watch later, DON'T READ THIS!!!

Ok...first just to let ya'll know, I didn't give anything away when I said I'd have voted Kristy Lee Cook to stay so I wouldn't have to hear her country version of "8 Days a Week". Gawd that was awful!! And worse the second time!!

The best performance of the night last night was Brooke's "Let it Be". She's given such great performances the last couple of weeks...and honestly I've been surprised. I think she may just make it all the way.

I didn't see the whole show last night, but I did catch that woman can just sing her ass off! But she has to have a niche...she can't sing just anything...fortunately she manages to find the right songs for her style and voice.

Poor little David Archeileta...he's such a talented young man, but forgot the words to his song. Still...he has a huge fan base, they'll forgive him!

I missed Ramiele's song, just caught a bit at the end but I heard the critique tonight and they said she's losing ground because of lack of confidence...I kind of agree. She has such a powerful voice and seems to be afraid to use it...

David Hernandez kinda sucked last night...he was way over the top with his song but tonight he did it a little better.

Jason Castro is just such a cutie pie with those long eyelashes...he could sing the phone book and I'd give him kudoes!

Carley Smithson just rocks week after week! I think her and Brooke White are the two most talented women of the season...

Ok...that's all I can remember for now. I missed about half the show last night...and tonight was elimination so only the bottom three sang their song from last night again...

Folks, don't ask me how it happened; I've shunned AI for years. But somehow I got sucked into it. Last season I only watched the auditions...cuz they're funny, right? This year I kept watching...kinda like a train wreck, I couldn't pull myself away!

Now...I find myself picking my favorites...but I'm still not calling in to vote. Nope...I'm not THAT hooked...yet.

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Mar 12 @ 11:49PM  
OMG! I'm going to have to disagree with you on Brooke. I didn't watch the show last night, but I did last week when they had 80's rock. Brooke butchered a damn good Pat Benatar song last week, "Love is a Battlefield". That's one of my favorite songs and the way she sung it did no justice in my opinion. I really didn't care muuch for her before that, but after last week I would like to see her go very soon! I still think the biker chick is good. I did watch some of it tonight, and I think out of the bottom three tonight, the right one went home tonight.

Mar 12 @ 11:57PM  
No way Straddle! Brooke nailed "love is a battlefield"!! She took the song and made it her own! And did a great job with it! Last night she did the same thing with "let it be".

I thought two would be leaving tonight...I figured it would be the bottom two. I thought of those two, the second from the bottom should've gone home...but I'm sure that's not far off anyways...

Mar 12 @ 11:57PM  
Brook is 100% absolutely the best......She has a pure innocent voice and look about her.....She's my pick, but usually America gets it wrong. Like tonight that blonde girl moves on ...........what a bunch of crap........she sucks

Mar 13 @ 12:00AM  
I didn't like her version of "Love is a Battlefield" at all. Guess we have different taste in vocals. lol

Mar 13 @ 12:03AM  
I've heard Pat Benetar do an acoustic version of that song and Brooke's was similar to that...but with her own 'thing' to it...

Mar 13 @ 12:04AM  
Kind of like when Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora do "Wanted Dead or Alive" becomes a totally different song...but still good.

Mar 13 @ 12:05AM  
And 1 more thing.........I like Amanda......but let's face it, she's really only good with Janice Joplin or Heart............other than that, it just sounds like she's yelling at me in a monotone SCREAM

Mar 13 @ 12:10AM I said, she can sing her ass off but has to have a niche. She could even cover Bonnie Tyler or some Tina Turner songs...

Mar 13 @ 12:10AM  
Brooke & Carly are my favorite ladies and Michael and David are my favorite guys.

I like Amanda but there are only so many song choices she can sing with her voice.

Mar 13 @ 12:16AM  
True, never thought of them, but that's her thing.........but you know when the fat black dude.....Rueben won over Clay .........Rueben could only sing pop music and Clay could sing any genre. Once again......America plays favorites. And I know the dude in the dreadlocks with his "pretty" blue eyes will go far, just because somehow women seem to think he's cute. Man don't get me going!! I also don't like the fact that everybody boos simon. So, he's brutally honest, but guess what, the music industry is brutally these people know more than Simon about producing a record and weeding out the rejects.

By the way.......Excellent blog

Mar 13 @ 12:16AM  
Yeah, I saw Pat Benatar do the acoustic version of her 80's hit song too a couple of years ago, and I hated that one too. I never watched MTV when they had that show Unplugged" on with all the acoustic stuff. Just never appealed to me. And the fact that Brooke and Kristy Lee both have that country twang to them doesn't help the fact. All that combined drives me nuts.

Like I said, I like the biker chick, and that Irish chick, what's her name again? Btw, who did the song "I drove all night" last week, I can't remember who did that one, but that was another good song by Cyndi Lauper.

Mar 13 @ 12:29AM  
I'm pretty sure it was Carley that sang "I drove all night" and I think she nailed it!

What's up with Simon and Ryan going at each other on live T.V.??'d think they were on AMD or something...

Mar 13 @ 12:33AM  
You're right, her name is Carly. For some reason I couldn't think of her name. And I believe you're right about her doing that song last week.

Mar 13 @ 12:35AM  
Yahoo...I agree about Simon...people shouldn't be booing him...

Hey if I hadn't had that kind honest criticism I probably would've tried out for something like that...and gotten rejected quickly!

Mar 13 @ 12:37AM  
Listen to Simon......sounds like he's got something on Ryan....He might have caught him sucking off Randy in the bathroom

Mar 13 @ 12:38AM  
Hell, Simon is the most honest. Paula, well, too wishy washy.

Mar 13 @ 12:40AM  
Gee, I wonder why....she's always either drunk or strung out on drugs.....last year she got taken of the show about 15 min into it and randy and simon finished the show. She's a fruitcake

Mar 13 @ 12:40AM can never tell where she's gonna be from night to night...sometimes she's right on, other times she's out there...literally!

And another thing...what's up with Simon always having his arm around Paula?? They got a thing going on?

Mar 13 @ 12:42AM  
I go nighnite now...ya'll be good!

Mar 13 @ 12:43AM  
She's just Randy's yes girl, what ever he says..she agrees...even says the same exact thing as him........oh and her criticisms are weak.."Oh, I love you, America loves you. You were a little off key". BS then Simon will tell the the way it really is.

Mar 13 @ 6:01AM  
I confess, I sucked in too,,,the last time I got hooked on AI was the year that Taylor Hicks was the winner.

Right now, my fav, is the young black man, with a name like Izzy or Kizzy,,I hadnt been crazy about him until this week, but my loyalities are weak, and suject to change at any time.

Mar 13 @ 7:46AM  
Comet: Chikezee is the black man's name. But I have to admit My favorite female is Carly, she has never had a bad performance yet always in key & favorite male is that young boy David Archuletta & no I don't base it on their looks. He has such an incredible voice you almost forget how young he is when he sings.

Mar 13 @ 10:47AM  
He's good, whisperingcomet, but I didn't like him at first......he's pretty good though. He did a great job with the Beatles (which by the way are one of my all time favorites)

Mar 13 @ 11:07AM  
If you missed some of the first performers from the live show (not the results show) I guess you can download them now. I haven't tried it. I have a slooooooooooooooow connection. IF you did not see Chikezie (sp?) the other night, THAT is one worth downloading. He was super.

From here on out, it's one per week. 2 per week was just to get you to the final 12. Even the ones that are out, are still "in" because the final 12 will tour as a group when the winner is picked.

Mar 13 @ 11:20AM  
Oh...... the business between Simon and Ryan is just comedy schtick for the show. I've read in "real life" they are very good friends. They need to some up with some new lines, though. Every week:

Randy: Ok, check it out, check it out..... you were a little rough at the beginning..... but you WORKED IT OUT AT THE END, DOG ! ! ! !

Paula: (insert female name) you are just SOOO beautiful tonight..... and you can sing your heart out and America loves you. You're going to be a start! (tears flowing)

Simon: If I"m being honest here (a chorus of boos from the crowd) let me speak, let me speak (Paula: Simon you don't know what your're talking about) SHUT UP, Paula! Let me speak............. if I'm being HONEST here, it sounded like a drunk bartender singing Kareoke at a wedding reception. (more boo's) Hey, I'm just keeping it real here.

Ryan: (Insults Simon to distract the crowd while groping the singer.)

As much as he gets boos from the crowd, I think the performers wait for Simon's comments because if HE likes them, they KNOW they did great..... and if he didn't, they might get to hear some usefull feedback....... if the crowd doesn't drown him out.

Yeah, I know....... I've spent WAY too much time on this show. lol

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