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Let's Play Nicey Nice.......

posted 3/12/2008 9:18:59 AM |
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First thing good morning to You all........
Second thing everyone to your own corners and behave yourselves........

After 3 days of trying to keep up w/ all the blogs and scrolling around in them.. I keep seeing a blog war going on... Yes they come and go the ones that start it all..
Just sit back and wait till they are done and they will move on.. I have learned to just stay out of it..

Now with all that said and done.. Everyone that can't be nice and play nice themama might just have to come and whip you all and put you all in your own corners....

Lets all just have fun today and try not to fill up the blogs with unwanted ones.....

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Mar 12 @ 9:31AM  
themama might just have to come and whip you all and put you all in your own corners....
Oh sure, give 'em what they want...reward them, why don'tcha!

So...if you're themama now, am I thegrandmama? Oh have mercy...I'm only 4 years older than you!

Mar 12 @ 9:35AM  
mamma i'm thursty

Mar 12 @ 9:39AM  
Yep I sure do... give then what they want....

Ok Lisa you can come out and get a drink.. Then back to your corner....

Mar 12 @ 9:42AM  
I'm thinking about this...Your blog is great because you are "themama" and in the past when I've posted "tsk, tsk" blogs, I've been berated for acting like the site mom. Well, it seems YOU are the real mom around here...which makes me the grandma. I get to bake cookies and you get to discipline! Plus, I get to send them back to you when they're bad...or poopy!

Now...where's grandpa? I'm horny...

Mar 12 @ 9:47AM  
Grandpa, that be me, Nomi.

Mar 12 @ 9:48AM  
Send them over i'm ready.... Sxze..... You go cook your cookies and be good today....

Mar 12 @ 9:50AM  
A wippin...hhmmmm....maybe I'll be good hey lisa wanna play tag?

Mar 12 @ 10:07AM  
If mama catches you.. you will be in trouble..
Gotta go find my paddle Hmmm were did I put that... Ahhh yes there it is now I'm really ready line up every one .......

Mar 12 @ 10:09AM  
Nope I refuse to play nicey nice. I might not rejoin the same old shit but I'm not gonna tell you I will be nice.. no sense in lying outright is there?

Mar 12 @ 10:16AM  
Nacho just trying to have some fun today.... Whats the harm in that?

Mar 12 @ 10:16AM  
Do I get a cookie right after my whipping? I like chocolate chip...

Then I go back for another whipping just to get another cookie.......

If that's a yes then let me go start something................

Mar 12 @ 10:20AM  
Oh now see that was taken as bitchy but it wasn't intended as such.. sorry and shuttin the fuck up now.

Mar 12 @ 10:25AM  
Whip me baby, whip me hard.

Mar 12 @ 10:28AM  
Nacho didn't take it as you bitching... keep on a talking and having fun today.....

Hmmm Harley bend over now here is your whipping... And if you are really good might give you a few more... Here is a whole bunch of cookies......

Mar 12 @ 10:57AM  
Ummmm.....but there's only 4 corners!!!

Mar 12 @ 11:13AM  
Goin over to the corner now to play with themama.

Mar 12 @ 11:16AM  
nooo..the ones that start it all are the ones who stay, the resident trolls,l and who won't allow others to voice a difference of opinion and who continuously start new blogs insulting anyone who disagrees with them. The reason those who leave do so is because they get intimidated and they get run off by the resident bullies.

Not moi, though. I won't back down from anyone who THINKS they have a right to tell me how I should think. I don't give a damn if I'm the sole dissenting person in the entire discussion...makes no difference to me whatsoever. And I sure as hell am not going anywhere and I sure as hell am not going to sugarcoat my views for the benefit of anyone else.

I don't discriminate against anyone on the basis of their religion, color, creed, physical appearance, etc., etc., but I WILL speak out LOUDLY against criminals, against cruel and inhumane treatment of animals and children and against the sexual exploitation of human beings, in general, but especially of women and children, because they're the ones who suffer the most form such abuse and exploitation.

As far as *I* am concerned, if you think I will ever just "get tired of it and go away," think again. I am your worst nightmare as far as stubbornness and perseverance goes. Until or unless I get kicked out, you might as well get used to having me around, and get used to the fact that not everyone is going to view life the way you do, nor are they in any manner under obligation to do so.


Mar 12 @ 11:25AM  
Well hello Max... You being naughty or nice today?????

Mar 12 @ 11:33AM  
lolthisistofunny..... WOW You never stop do you? I never said who or what blogs I had a problem w/ but in you come to my blog and say what??? all I see is blah blah blah.. I will keep your comment up cause everone has a right to post on my blogs.. But to me it just shows everone else here that some people just can't play nice and get along with out throwing around their views I had nothing to do with.. So if you can't play nice in my blogs then stay out...Please.

Mar 12 @ 11:41AM  
Well Said Momma! !

Mar 12 @ 11:49AM  
Oh now see that was taken as bitchy but it wasn't intended as such.. sorry and shuttin the fuck up now

awww poor Nacho..Come here honey..I got some nice Cashews for ya honey..


Mar 12 @ 11:49AM  
Thank you Onehornytoad.. Now get in your corner so I can whip you..

Mar 12 @ 12:11PM  
Beat me Baby!!!

Mar 12 @ 12:15PM  
Bend over baby here I come......

Mar 12 @ 12:44PM  
Allright you naughty children, do I have to do like in the old days & rap your knuckles with a ruler... chuckle.

Mar 12 @ 1:00PM  
Nee, NEE!!!

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Let's Play Nicey Nice.......