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Our recession is here

posted 3/11/2008 10:29:06 AM |
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Maybe I shouldn't listen to the news............but.....

Listening to the news in the past few days and this morning comes with some pretty disturbing reports on our economy and how to deal with it.

These reports are based on what is happening in my area. Georgia and S. Carolina

In my area many people get paid twice a month or once a month. School districts pay once a month to save money on staff and paperwork. A lot of other employees twice a month.

How some people are trying to get by right now.

1. Crime up considerably due to high gas prices, food and goods inflation to keep up with the rising cost of fuels. House break-ins and quick mart holdups. Employees getting hurt and killed.

2. People flocking to pawn shops to pawn family heirlooms and their personal jewelry. One couple interviewd pawned thier wedding sets to pay for gas to go to work. They don't know what they will be able to pawn next. High school class rings. Anything with value. Guns galore..Many of you may think that's a positive part of it. But pawn shop owners aren't fussy who they sell them to. Many may and will go from an honest persons hands to a criminals hands.

3. We have many "Pay Day Lenders" Borrow money to be paid back when you get your paycheck. up to 400% interest. Their business is flouishing right now. People aready so far behind they owe their whole paycheck and more to these lenders. Plus can't borrow anymore.

4. "Title Companies" Borrow on your car title. House deed. Anything with a title attached. Boats, motorcycles, ATV's. Another flourishing business right now.

5. Yard sales everywhere. People trying to sell things to make it through to the next paycheck.

6. The new one I heard this morning. "Get a debit card to use against your retirement plans. 401K's etc. Use that money to survive on until the economy picks up again." In other words deplete your retirement plans now. Does that make any sense? Take and spend what you are saving for your retirement. It doesn't sound right to me. It sounds like the ones with the plans will suffer in the end. I don't have one so I can't elaborate on it.

What's the choices here? You need to work to pay your bills and expenses. But you run out of money before your next paycheck. Still have to eat and go to work. In this area even the minimium wage jobs are gone. Taken by people who need that second job now. It's rare to see a "Help Wanted" sign now. Even McDonalds have plenty of help. Construction has come to a standstill. Those employees are now unemployed. I have just enough work to keep my guys going for a couple more months. I used to be booked a year in advance or more.

I am getting tired of charities beating down my door and calling for donations. They are running out of money to support the needy. Very few giving right now. Food shelves are getting bare. All out drive to get them restocked and not many helping to accomplish that. What happened to government commodities?

Are we on the verge of huge soup kitchens again in our near furture?

One of my good friends owns a fuel oil and propane business. He just got a load in yesterday of on road diesel fuel. He paid $3.64 a gal. for it. His projected propane delivery is over $3.00 a gal. He has to make his profit now.

Are we all sheep to the slaughter by our government who CAN do something? Freezes have been imposed before to improve our economy. Where are they now so our wages get a chance to catch up to inflation? That's what a freeze is for.

I guess our politicians are too busy screwing their interns and tapping their feet in the mensrooms. Buying prostitutes with our money. Spending millions to get elected to be the next generation of people to screw the good citizens of our country.

I've had my rant so I'll go do something constructive now.

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Mar 11 @ 10:49AM  
yeah they got us by the balls literally! And I ain't got none I'm having such a hard time trying to decide how to vote for a new president when I don't like any that is running

Mar 11 @ 10:50AM  
Social conditioning at it's best. The entire planet is in for some drastic changes in the near future.
The news is nothing but misinformation propagated to condition people to a certain way of thinking.
What better way to gain power than to exploit people in horrible situations? If you guys don't feel exploited or worse, you have worse self-esteem issues than anything else.
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I paranoid or schizophrenic. I just started educating myself about things that seemed out of place.

There's a wealth of knowledge out there, but you won't find it on a fucking idiot box.

Good blog, didn't mean to "attempt hijack" it, but 95% of the public has no idea what's really happening these days.

My name is Jcarolina, and I approved this message.

Mar 11 @ 11:23AM  
Yes we need something done and soon..

We were comfortable before the recession..well i should say it wasnt paycheck to paycheck...course it is now...thank god i get good gas mileage and i only live 13 miles from work..We need someone in office that can clean this mess up!

Mar 11 @ 11:28AM  
we're not in a recession, just ask president Bush. i'm seperated with 2 small kids. let him go shopping with me sometime just so he can see how much I can get for a dollar. God I saw where the gov of new york got involved with prostitutes, God they are making a thousand to fifty-five hundred dollars an hour. God it must to be nice to be able to spend that kind of money. I could never lower myself to have sex for money but it does make me wonder. if the gov. has that much money to throw away i'll be more than happy to send him my address. no sex though. Polititions don't care about the average person. they all have a lot of money then are set for life when they retire or get out of office

Mar 11 @ 12:35PM  
I was warning people months ago... I have an ear for economic news...

It won't go away quickly either...

Mar 11 @ 2:04PM  
I hear ya Harley..I collect commercial scrap and when paying 3.50 a gallon and there is no work..well I am losing my ass...Lower gas prices would help considerably...

Mar 11 @ 2:20PM  
buy 1 kea get the second car for free .
people should want America back .
buy American made prouducts !!
i'm moving to Belize.
see ya ,wouldnt want to be ya............

Mar 11 @ 2:49PM  
Our government did this....

First we wage war on the oil producing region of the world!
Then the federal reserve bails out the sub prime lenders.. not the poor saps who got screwed...

They did this so the economy would get so bad we'd let them tear our country apart drilling for oil... it was their plan the whole time!

We need to retake America for future generations!

Mar 11 @ 3:32PM  
It's not just Georgia and the Carolinas, but everywhere.

Fuel Prices (and other utilitie's prices)
Not George Bush, but Ronald Reagan is the one who de-regulated the fuel industry in 1984. His advisors said not to do it because the door would be open for the fuel industry to control the economy with run-away inflation and profiteering. The fuel industry responded by saying they wouldn't do that. AND, they didn't for as long as Ronald Reagan was still alive. I don't think it coincidence that the run-away fuel increases started within two weeks after Ronald Reagan finally passed away. Unfortunately, President Bush (and others) believe that the federal government should not regulate business. That's very nice and probably true, except some believe that children should not be spanked or that prisons should not be filled with non-violent criminals. The fact is, some do need to face consequences or they continue living the new American Way... "hooray for me and the hell with you" attitude. WHAT CAN BE DONE:

Everyone should individually contact the white house by mail or email or even by "letters to the editor" in such magazines as "The Washington Post", etc. with a message to RE-INSTATE FEDERAL REGULATION on the fuel industry immediately (and then other de-regulated utilities). How? Here Ya Go...

Letters to:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

FAX to: 202-456-2461

Email to: {email address removed}

It's time for Americans to stop talking about it, blogging about it and DO something about it. I have, but I am only one and we need a few million more.

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Our recession is here