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He honestly touched my heart

posted 3/11/2008 9:13:11 AM |
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I accidently bumped into a guy at the grocery store yesterday that I can't get off of my mind..No, not that kind of thoughts. Much better.

A gentlman probably in his late 60's or so, and we both had our backs to each other,neither paying much attention. But when we turned around we bumped into each other. I automatically reached out and lightly touched his arm and said, "I'm so sorry, Hon. My mind was just off somewhere and I wasn't paying any attention." His reply was "No, no, you are fine it was my fault. I apologize." Then he gave me this rather strange look and I wasn't sure what to think. My mind really went into a tail spin when he told me I am a rare breed. "HUH?" I'm sure the look on my face said something like what the hell are you talking about, or why are you insulting me...

He told me it seems that people never just reach out and touch people anymore for any reason other than sex or violence. Because the world has taught them not to. And you sure never meet a total stranger willing to genuinely smile at you and you can tell that their smile comes from deep within their soul. That most of the world has even forgotten what common courtesy is and how to use it.

He told me he meant it as an extreme compliment about my being a rare breed. That I had a warm, loving soul and spirit and for me to continue smiling at strangers because I had made his day by a simple smile and gentle touch of my heart through my hand.

Although I thanked him and told him that he had just made my day also, this man had no idea how much I honestly meant that. There was just something about the tone of his voice.. And his eyes.....They seemed to be actually smiling when he spoke to me..

Isn't it amazing how good a complete stranger can make a person feel about themselves?
I've always believed a smile and laughter is contagious and can make others feel better....I guess I need to remember to do both more often.

What a rare breed he was......

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He honestly touched my heart
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Mar 11 @ 9:33AM  
I think that is wonderful It is rare nowadays. I always try and be polite and caring but i know it doesnt always happen. When it comes to my elders no matter what I am kind and grandpa and grandma would come back to haunt me if I

Mar 11 @ 9:34AM  
I know exactly what you mean. Common courtesy has turned into "get the hell outta my way".
I lived in South Florida the past 9 years, where common courtesy is not cursing or shoving anybody. Even back home in NC, things seem to have changed for the worse.
I was raised true Southern and don't know how to be anything else.

While I'm glad you had a pleasant exchange with that gentleman, I'm jealous of a time when such an encounter would have been just a routine part of the day.

Mar 11 @ 9:34AM  
It is amazing how a simple touch or a warm smile can brighten someones day.....I remember once when I was talking to a veteran in the nursing home about some things he needed taken care of and i reached over and put my hand on his and asked if there was anything else he needed done, and his eyes filled with tears and he said you know your the first person since i came in here, that just touched my hand without a reason, thats nice.

I was raised with the touching people as you talk to them, smiling at others, more importantly I was taught that its ok to hug your friends hello and goodby and say i love you to them even if it makes them slightly uncomfortable.

Great Blog, Treas.

Mar 11 @ 9:35AM  
wonderful just wonderful and yes i will give ya a cookie

Mar 11 @ 9:36AM  
Good Blog, Girly!!!
Its the little things sometimes.. that are the Biggest!
Most of us are to/so busy that the little things dont happen to us much anymore, although they may have happened, but we were to busy to see it!!
God help us to see the Little things, and to Create some of our own, for others to enjoy!!!

Mar 11 @ 9:57AM  
Thanks for sharing...we all need to bekind to one another, and then you have the trickle down effect! happiness ! happiness!

Mar 11 @ 10:00AM  
I come from a Hugging Family also Ewe. I wear my heart on my sleeve,and I try to always have a smile for someone.

It does make you feel good doesn't it. Maybe that's what's wrong with the world. We don't have casual politeness we had when we were growing up. Others are too qucik to label.

Great Blog, you get a Greenie.


Mar 11 @ 10:02AM  
I wasn't raised in a home where there were hugs..or even gentle words, most days.

But some where along life, I learned that "appropriate" touching is a warm way of just being nice. It also seems to give you --well at least I think it does me--a connection with that person. It just comes natural for me when speaking with someone. After all, isn't it one of the first things that babies ever know...a gentle touch and a soothing voice can calm even the crankiest baby. why wouldn't it help the soul when we are older.

say i love you to them even if it makes them slightly uncomfortable.
Point taken.......... lol


Mar 11 @ 11:11AM  
How true it is now a days if you just smile at someone in passing you get a dirty look.. what has happened to everyone?
It is very rear to find someone to smile back or even say Hi to you..
I will always keep smiling to everyone I pass just to make someones day.
In turn you might find someone in need like I have at our Wal-Mart an older lady who was to short to reach something couldn't find an employee to help her.. All I did was smile at her in passing. I was further down the isle and she came to me and asked if I could help her out cause she was to short and I am so much taller.. And of course I did that is just me.. I made her day.. Being nice to brighten someones day is a great feeling.. Keep it up maybe it will start a chain reaction and everyone else will do the same..

Kudos to you great blog!!!!!!!

Mar 11 @ 11:16AM  
I was raised in a home where there was no touching or hugs 'n kisses and very little interacting or laughing...and never any 'I love you".

You'd think since I didn't get any of this that I'd not know how to give it. Quite the contrary. I showered my kids (and spouse) daily with attention. It's just a built in automatic response to smile and touch strangers with kindness.

For 20 years that I ran my own beauty salon, I found women were delighted to get hugs and special treatment and it wasn't given to encourage them to be repeat was given because it came from my heart.

I often come off on here as being tough and occasionally bitchy but in my 'real' life I enjoy a reputation of being kind, loving, helpful, always smiling and friendly...and a hugger. It's the only way I know how to's the only way I want to be. It's a tough world anymore and so many people struggling and hurting...and it all touches my heart. We all need hugs and touches.

Excellent blog....kudo to you with a hug...

Mar 11 @ 11:37AM  
We meet Angels in the strangest places.. and they remind us what's really important.

You've been blessed CL!

Mar 11 @ 11:56AM  
Er.. Softy.. I've NEVER seen you being bitchy... maybe a bit firm in your opinion but never bitchy.

Mar 11 @ 12:55PM  
Random acts of kindness are so cool, and so are you.

Mar 11 @ 2:07PM  
Thanks for the story--point taken, even if it wasn't directed at me.

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He honestly touched my heart