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With eager anticipations high around here....I present....

posted 3/10/2008 3:33:30 PM |
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"Date with a Darklord"

We have spent quite some time through emails, private messages and on the phone. All the chemistry is present and both have expressed the need to take things a step further and meet in person. Plans are made and the date is set. I think both have eagerly awaited the anticipated date, and at last it has come. I step off the plane and make my way through security to the long exit ramp downwards to where I get my first real glimpse of you. Far better than any of the pictures you sent, and my lips curl into a wicked smile as I watch you drink me in also while I stroll slowly down the ramp clad in all my black leather finery. I see your eyes take in my full measure, they widen and your lips part slightly in wonder at the realization I was most definitely not bragging nor exaggerating about what my looks were like in person. At last I stand before you and speak for the first time in my deep husky voice..." what you see,milady...?" I smile again as I watch you grope for words, a bit taken aback I think. While you struggle, I gently place my hand forth beckoning yours, and once taken, I slowly draw you forth for a kiss, just as I said I would all the times we have talked in the past...slightly chaste and soft, yet pressing more deeply for a moment, then just before I pull back, my warm tongue flicks softly upon your full lips. I chuckle as your eyes widen further from the contact. Seeing you responding in a welcoming fashion, I then draw you into my arms for a crushing hug, my warm lips once more finding yours, feeling their need to once again be kissed. Moments pass, frozen in time, before I reluctantly let you fall back again. Your hand still in mine and our eyes still locked, I speak once again in a low voice, "So...let me have a full look at you" as I spin you in a gentle pirouette. My eyes speak volumes at my pleasure of seeing you in full, for real and at last.

Then breaking the rhythm slightly ( and to give you a chance to breathe and collect yourself, methinks ) I step back and say "shall we depart this busy place for a more quiet surrounding?" You quickly agree and start to step away, but my hand still in yours holds you fast. You turn back with a questioning look as I say "oh yes, I almost forgot...for you, little one," and produce a small bouquet of flowers from who knows where and present them with a flourish and a peck on the cheek. Then I stride forth with you hand in hand towards the exit. As we drive away, plans are made for a quiet dinner in someplace you know of and we soon arrive and take our seats. After asking what you will have, the waiter arrives and I order for you firstly..."The Lady will have this, done just so, with a side of that, and for me..." Drinks are ordered and we sit and make small talk about my trip and then during dinner soon move into the deeper parts of much we have already discussed through electronic means in the past. Our eyes barely part and the heat from our bodies soon joins in. The chemistry begins to flow even more than the past months of our flirtatious, yet serious banter through messaging, Our hands touch then seek the others to squeeze and grip gently. I caress your cheek briefly and we play along each other's legs for a time, fingers feeling the growing warmth through the clothing. So when dinner is over, I softly murmur "Shall we take this...connection...somewhere more private...?" Your eyes convey your inner urges as I pay the check and we depart.

Arriving at your place, I am given the tour. We speak on many things and I give compliments upon your tastes before we settle on the couch to talk some more. I ask where your music might be, and peruse the Cd's before putting on something appropriate. After a time and once again letting the chemistry build, our talk turns to things of a deeper more sexual nature...which serves to stoke the building fires still more. Our eyes locked upon each other, I whisper in a deep voice "so, am I all that I have said, and am I all that you have wished for, milady?" Your reply is a simple yes, still it speaks of far more...

Slowly I lean forward, seeking your lips...softly at first, then building to deeper hands reach up to cup your face, immersing ourselves into the moment as time stops...our tongues dance with each other as we both let forth small animal sounds of pleasure, now that the dance between us has become more hands move round to entwine in your hair, gripping firmly yet gently to pull our lips together still more as we together grow in need and heat. Lips seeking to devour still more, we embrace for an endless time, lost in the moment of pure passion. One hand then grips your hair more firmly, pulling your head back so that my warm lips slowly slide down your throat, tongue licking a wet trail as I suck and bite upon your neck now exposed. My other hand slides down to cup your breast, thumb wiping back and forth across your already hard nipple, enticing yet more moans of pleasure from you. Taking ever so much time savoring the taste of you, I work all around your pretty throat, gnawing, licking, and losing myself in your flesh. Not an inch is missed as I move aside your blouse slightly to again lick and suck my way along your shoulder, teeth nibbling at the top and sucking hard at the muscle underneath. Your sharp intakes of breath and gasps are music to my ears, and I coax still more of them from your shaking

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Mar 10 @ 3:33PM  

Then slowly I at last pull back to once more look deep into your eyes, letting you see the dark lusts which grow within mine, the wicked smile displaying the pleasures just begun and promising so many more to come. Kissing you passionately once again, I move my lips over to your ear, softly sucking and biting at the lobe as I whisper in a husky voice “Now show me all of you. I wish to see all of the beauty I have traveled so far to behold. Strip for me...slowly.” Rising, I put on some music from a CD I brought along just for the occasion. Returning to the couch, I take up my drink in one hand, the other slowly sliding down my leather to my thigh and making small circles, drawing your attention as my eyes look again deeply into yours, the gesture promising far more wickedness to come. My attention never leaves you as you rise, close your eyes and begin to let the music flow into you, getting the beat as you sway slowly. Opening them briefly, you see the shadowed pools of mine drinking you in over the rim of my glass. Deepening ever more with my ever increasing lust. Then you begin to dance, slowly removing your blouse, slipping down off your soft shoulders. You peek again to see my pleasure at finding you wore no bra, as I had asked of you before I arrived. Then slowly on down come your pants, again, no panties...Daring another look you see lust blossom to still a new plateau within my eyes at your compliance with my wishes and smile to yourself at having pleased me.

Taking another sip at my glass before placing it again upon the table, I whisper huskily, “Lady, thou art truly beautiful.” Rising smoothly, I take you in my arms for another deep burning kiss, one hand moving down to lightly pinch your now swollen nipple as you gasp anew. Slowly we sway to the music as my mouth now moves down to suck and lick at both of your warm breasts, again my hand in your hair pulling you slightly back to expose more of you to my seeking lips. Then I slowly guide you to the couch, laying you upon it. I slide my leather clad leg slowly up your outer thigh as I straddle you, our eyes once again locking and I say in a low sexy voice, “Well now...I suppose I should return the favor for the show...” as I chuckle wickedly, kissing you fiercely before rising to change the music once again.

As the pounding beat begins, my hands reach up into my hair as my hips begin to slowly gyrate seductively. My body moves like an animal...full of lust and passion. My hands trace down my chest, opening my shirt to the waist, then sliding down to softly caress the growing hardness beneath my leather pants. Every time my eyes open, they shine full upon you with animal intensity as I display myself for you, promising dark passions and pure lustful fires...slowly does my shirt fall away as I straddle you once more and slide myself up your naked body ever so slowly until we are again eye to eye, lips to lips, then I teasingly pull away as your hands reach up of their own accord to touch me. Chuckling again, I say “not yet, my pretty, this is just for your eyes...and body...for now....” sliding away, I once again caress myself,showing all to your hungry eyes,moving full with the beat. With agonizing slowness, the zipper comes tooth at a time, and your inner fire wants to scream from the wait, yet loves the anticipation more yet. Thumbs hook upon the sides of the opening again ever so slowly widening the gap, mere centimeters at a time, before I turn about and teasingly slide them down and off, my ass at last exposed to your view, gyrating before your hungry eyes. Then teasingly do I turn back to you and at last you behold the swollen cock, dipping with my motions, the tip already wet with my lust and need for release.

Mar 10 @ 3:34PM  
Stalking back towards you, I make my way up your reclining body with my lips and hot tongue, swirling about your toes and feet, wetly slipping between the gaps and sucking...then on up your calves, tongue flicking behind the knees. Moving still higher, I trace hot wet trails along your inner thighs, agonizingly slowly making my way towards the place that wishes my touch the most. You shiver as my cock touches your body for the first time, its heat nearly burning as it slowly follows my mouth up the inside of your legs as I move my hips to softly grind it against your skin.

At last I arrive at your now soaking pussy, the source of your utter needs. But still do I take my time, savoring every moment as I trace long lines between it and your thighs, licking and sucking along your hipbones, making you moan as you fill with complete need for me to at last kiss your wet slit. My hot wet tongue traces along the top, teasingly flicking ever closer as I cross over. Your hips begin to move involuntarily, rising up, reaching with animal last I make a complete circle, coming down again to the bottom, where your juice has begun to flow. As I lap it up and get my first taste of your wetness, you hear me utter a sigh of complete pleasure. Then up, UP my tongue comes along one lip, then down the other, circling again, twice, thrice, before gently sucking one lip then the other into my warm mouth and chewing ever so softly. Savoring every second and taste of you, I lick suck and chew until your hips begin to buck in silent begging for me to at last take my fill of your deepest center.

And then, at last, does my tongue again from the bottom edges slower still begin to slide inside your soaking pussy...lapping at your juices, I begin to slide it in and out of you licking with deep strokes, coaxing still more of your juices into my eager mouth, reveling in your taste. Your hips buck with renewed frenzy as my tongue fucks your burning hot pussy, straining to get still more of it deep inside. I moan deeply, completely immersing myself in your taste and feel and of giving you such pleasures that I lose myself in you as I begin to alternate tongue fucking your pussy and long slow strokes up onto your hard clit, sucking it gently , then back down to tongue fuck you again. I feel your waves of pleasure building to immense proportions and I coax and inflame them still more, my hands gripping your hips as I entice you to cum nice and hard for me, juices flowing into my waiting mouth and you scream out in ecstasy, hips bucking and jumping as your legs quiver and your breath comes in gasps of utter pleasure. Watching your quivering form, I chuckle wickedly at the pleasure I have just wrought upon you, and the sound promises many more pleasures to come.

Sliding back, I take another sip from my drink, giving you a minute or two to catch your breath. Then again I slide my warm body upon yours, up, up until our lips again meet, hungry and seeking. Breaking the kiss lost once again in your eyes, I whisper deeply, “Turnabout again, for tis time for a little pleasure of my own...” Pulling you forward and over onto your knees before me upon the floor,you get your first close look at my hardness, painfully swollen with need for your touches. I smile wickedly as I hear your breath catch in your throat, followed by a small animal moan. One hand again in your hair, I pull you forward and begin to rub myself along the soft skin of your cheek. Your need takes over and you try to take me quickly into your waiting mouth, but my hand pulls you back, still teasingly sliding along your cheek, your jaw, and across your soft lips. I murmur “you want this, don't you? Want it sooo know it will taste so good, and so hot in that sweet mouth...” You manage to pull your eyes away from my cock long enough to look back and whisper “yes.”

Mar 10 @ 3:35PM  
Still sliding it teasingly across, I whisper again “how bad do you want it? Tell me just how bad you need it...beg for it.” Struggling, you find enough voice to say “yes..please...I want you in my mouth, please let me...suck it, taste it.” Chuckling again, I say “that's a good girl, now lets see how much you really want it...” slowly I slide my hardness into your waiting mouth, inching it in, till it's full of my burning hot meat. Then I slowly lie back, my eyes never leaving yours as I watch you start to suck me, moving your wet mouth up and down upon my full length, reveling in my taste and of how big and hot I am for you, how much you have inflamed my lusts. You pause to lick every inch, then your hungry mouth dives down again to swallow every bit you can take, so hungry, so willing to show me just how much you have waited to have me deep inside your mouth. My hand in your hair, I guide you into a long slow rhythm, fucking your eager mouth with long strokes, then pulling you onto its length every few moments as you strain to get every inch.

Feeling me nearly at the brink, you suck still harder, wanting me to fill your hungry mouth. But I pull you back and say “no...not THIS time, but soon I will feed you...I am going to feed that hungry pussy first...and though it may be fast, this FIRST time, it has been awhile for me...fear not that I will stop, just perhaps a fifteen minute break, then we begin again anew, milady...” My wicked chuckle emphasizes the fact as you moan at the thought.

Pulling you up onto the couch I turn you over and bend you across one arm of it, exposing your soaking pussy to my view, ass in the air. My head leans forward and my tongue traces a long slow wet trail from your pussy up your ass crack, stopping to probe both holes as you moan anew. Then I slide up behind you, both hands reaching under to cup your swinging breasts, squeezing their fullness and pinching the nipples. My hips gyrate, grinding my hard cock into your wetness with total heat as my tongue licks long strokes up your spine to bite at the back of your neck. One hand comes up to grasp your hair again, pulling your head back to my waiting mouth which sucks and bites at your ear before whispering deeply, “you want this cock? Want it inside you, fucking you good don't you, tell me...”as my hot breath blows into your ear, you moan deeply and say “oh please give it to me, fuck me good, I have waited so long to feel you in me.” Changing my motions, I begin to slide my hotness and hardness fully between your swollen lips, fucking your wet slit with its full length and say “not good enough, I guess you don't want it that bad, then...” Your body quakes with the sensation and you manage to speak between your gasps of pure pleasure, “Yes, I DO. PLEASE fuck me NOW, I cant take anymore, fuck me, FUCK me nowwwww...” you shudder again as a wave of orgasm rocks your very core. Chuckling wickedly, I slowly slide myself into you, whispering “good girl,” my hot cock intensifying your waves of ecstasy as it slowly fills you. Then I slowly rotate it inside as you finish the waves that flow through you and let you catch your breath.

My hand still pulling your head back, I breathe into your ear “are you ready?” You gasp in return “yes, YES, please fuck me, please.” I pull slowly back, nearly to the tip and your greedy pussy contracts, reluctant to let me slide back. Pausing a moment, I SLAM myself deep into you, balls slapping on your flesh as you gasp with renewed vigor, then I begin to fuck you hard and deep with long strokes. One hand still keeping your head back, your body arched for my viewing pleasure, the other grips your waist so that I can pound myself still harder inside you, filling every inch of your wetness and tightness. Your breath comes in ragged gasps, barely able to breathe with the force that pounds your hot pussy, pumping deep and so hot, so very hot. Minutes drag into an eternity as it grows hotter inside you until its like a hot poker burning every inch, and soon you cannot take it any longer. Your waves of orgasm build and explode, your body losing all control as it shakes and trembles, your moans erupting loudly and animalistic as you release, your pussy flowing freely with cum, wetting us both with the amount. And still I pump you, more, more still, until you have spent yourself so many times you lose count, lost, immersed in nothing but waves of ecstasy as all things otherwise fall away, lost in the moment...but at last you hear my own moans begin to grow louder, bestial growls and my cock swells still bigger, so much you think I am going to split your pussy wide. I pound your begging pussy still harder yet, my hand on your waist pulling it harder onto my hot meat as my body shakes, then spasms as I growl loud as a dragon, then roar as you feel me swell still more, you can feel my hot load shooting deep into you, filling you, and running out with the force as you shake and cum again from the sensations. Both spent, I release your hair and you fall forward onto the couch arm, me atop you, softly licking and nibbling upon your back and shoulders.

Mar 10 @ 3:35PM  
Then I pull you back onto the couch, resting between my legs as I snuggle you deeply with soft kisses upon your shoulders, cheeks and forehead. I catch you sneaking a glance at the clock, and chuckle deeply. “Not to worry little one, I am a man of my word,” I whisper deeply into your ear. We have drinks and catch our breath, lips often seeking and finding the others, hands tracing soft circles upon soft flesh. Soon I murmur “time for a change of scenery” as I pull you up and we head to the bedroom.

Closing the door, I turn to you and squeeze you so tightly you can barely breathe, covering your mouth with mine, tongues dancing together before pulling back to look at you again and say “now, earlier, someone was sooo very that right?” With a teasing smile I guide your hand down to my newly swollen hardness as I watch your expression. “Yes...please” your eyes begging with their deep pools as you unconsciously lick your lips in hunger.” Kneel,” I whisper. Obediently you lower yourself to your knees, taking me gently in both hands and stroking me softly, reveling in the feel of me. You move to take me into your mouth, but stopping you I say “slowly darling..savor it...enjoy it...” as I again slide myself along your cheeks and across your lips. I lean back against the wall and watch your every move as you lick me with long wet strokes all over my cock, down to my balls, taking them into your mouth, then back up again, moaning with the taste and feel of me. At last I raise up again, sliding my hardness inside and begin to slowly fuck your sucking lips, so wet and waiting. Both of us moan with combined pleasures at giving and receiving together. Shallowly at first, but soon I am burying my hard meat deep into your greedy mouth and your hands grip my ass, trying to pull me still deeper. My hips quake as I can take no more and I growl once again, my cock swelling again as I erupt into your mouth, hot cum filling your mouth, you swallowing quickly to get it all. You don't stop after my long orgasm, you keep sucking, milking me for every drop. Pulling you up face to face, I look you over and say “no spilling? Such a good girl...” as I kiss you deeply again.

Then I pull you over to the bed, where we again cuddle and kiss deeply, resting and giggling together as I once more catch you glancing at the clock, counting time. But my fingers do not stop this time. Stroking and teasing all along your body, fingers sliding deep into your wetness, fucking you while my thumb wipes across your swollen clit until you explode with another shattering climax, my eyes never leaving your beautiful face, drinking in the pleasure I give you like nectar, for the giving of pleasure is my ultimate pleasure. And again, thrice more do you explode for me, each time harder still as I coax every inch of pleasure from you that I can draw, reveling in making you do so.

Then do we pass all the night hours in all manner of ways and all sorts of positions...some tender, some deeply animalistic, our moans and gasps of pleasure combining to fuse our bodies together in the deepest throes of pure passions. The dawn breaks as we cuddle tightly together, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, sucking at each other like we simply cannot get enough, for a long time...then we relax and slowly drift off to sleep, deep in each others arms...

For 15 minutes...

Mar 10 @ 3:43PM  

Mar 10 @ 3:59PM  
Christ in a side car... I give you win....
dark lust growing in your eyes
that was brilliant!

Mar 10 @ 4:05PM  
Sir DarkKnight, I am now your humble protege & hope to learn all your erotic arts in writing such a brilliant work of literature... Bravo sir, I hope to continue to read your articles as you see fit. Sincerely maiden Scottishtease.

Mar 10 @ 4:30PM  
Well worth the wait,

I conceed as well, you can delete what I sent you. it will never measure up.

Canu: you and DK run neck in neck. odon't ever think otherwise.

One kudo for you my Dark One.


Mar 10 @ 4:57PM  
He writes in that classy kinda way... I write like you'd buy it at a strip club....

Mar 10 @ 5:15PM  
Brilliant as usual...good to see you writing like this again!

Mar 10 @ 8:31PM  
Perfect!!!!! I believe you are the winner of the Classiest Story!!!!

Mar 10 @ 8:56PM  
OMG its hot in here! This was wonderful

Mar 11 @ 8:28PM  
Sir Dark Knight that was awesome, brilliant, sensuous, erotic, sexy, oh heck there just aren’t enough adjectives.
All I have left is a simple thank you!

Mar 23 @ 5:22AM  
OMG!!! Now I am going to have those images step buy step running in my braon all night while my loins lust for you.

That is way it should be.... the only way to improve on this would be to experience it in person.... over and over... and over again.

Take all mu kudos now!!!

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With eager anticipations high around here....I present....