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So I have this pussy...

posted 3/9/2008 10:04:15 PM |
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Cat, that is! Ya'll are so naughty!

So I'm sitting here minding my own business...reading blogs and typing comments...answering a few emails, the usual.

Out of cat jumps up in the desk and proceeds to make himself comfortable...on my keyboard! All kinds of shit starts popping up on the screen...and I can't figure out what the fuck it is!

So I take the cat and attempt to throw him off the easy task here, he weighs 20 lbs! But I finally convince him he can't lay there, and he jumps down to the floor, looking at me indignantly.

I sit in my chair at the desk with my knees drawn up and feet tucked under me...and the cat decides he has to be in my lap now! There's no room for him the way I'm sitting so he jumps down again and starts to howl. But you have to imagine this big ass cat...that has this little wimpy meow...howling! He's pissed because he can't get in my lap! I grab another chair so I can stretch my legs him over and he jumps back up and makes himself comfy. I think my legs are going numb...but at least the cat is happy now.

I swear he knows I'm talking about him...he keeps looking at the screen and then looking at me! And now he just turned around so his back is to the monitor...

I love my cat...but he sure can be a pain in the ass sometimes!

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Mar 9 @ 10:10PM's the cat way dontcha know. They love us and leave cat hair on our keyboards which eventually get stuck underneath and there goes the space bar.

Mar 9 @ 10:11PM  
I just cleaned out all the cat hair off my keyboard too!!

Mar 9 @ 10:12PM  
I feel you pain!!!! I've got a cat that does pretty much the same thing....but at least mine weighs only 13 pounds.

Mar 9 @ 10:14PM  
another reason I am a dog person.

Mar 9 @ 10:15PM  
LOL Cats are queens and kings, aren't they? I was just telling someone that mine never just sits near a door and whines to get on the other side. He actually reaches for and paws at the doorknobs as trying to open it himself. "Okay Kermie.... I got it.... out you go!"

Mar 9 @ 10:15PM  
Now he's biting me...just little bites trying to get my attention...

What's so funny is this cat used to hate everyone but me. Since we moved south, in the last couple of months he's started to warm up to other people, but from the day we got here he LOVED Canu!!

Mar 9 @ 10:21PM  
He's very demanding and very spoiled. When we first moved down here, he had to sleep in bed with me...that's where he was used to sleeping. Problem was...there was someone in his spot now!

So he started sleeping on Canu's head! I'm not looked like he was wearing a fur hat to bed!

Mar 9 @ 10:26PM  
...I finally convince him he can't lay there, and he jumps down to the floor, looking at me indignantly.

We felt the aftershock all the way up here!!!

Hey, I just thought of this...I get to play with your pussy soon!

Mar 9 @ 10:29PM  

So...does that mean you're coming down here?

Mar 9 @ 10:30PM  
I read that comment out loud...he stood up, turned around and batted me in the face with his tail!

Then he jumped down again!

Mar 9 @ 10:35PM  
I had a cat in college that insisted he take up residence in the middle of my book every time I sat on my bed to study.

You do not OWN as cat, they OWN YOU and they let you know that frequently.

Mar 9 @ 10:41PM  
I inherited this cat from my cousin...her new hubby was allergic and no one else wanted him. She was a little worried at first because my dog had a reputation for disliking cats...but after taking one look at Lincoln, I told her he could hold his own. It took about two weeks for them to finally agree to disagree...and now they're even civil to each other!

Mar 9 @ 10:51PM  
Isn't it amazing how well our pets can train us humans?

Mar 9 @ 11:07PM  
Me and my pussy goin nighnite now...buhbye

Mar 9 @ 11:11PM  
That sounds just like my neighbor's cat (who thinks he's my cat). He'll get in my lap, flip over, and every time I try to type he'll grab my hands with his paws and make me pet him.

I also had a cat that would try to bite the mouse going across the screen. LOL

Mar 9 @ 11:41PM  
Mine has his own theme the tune of Batman!...only, he's Catbeast. However, your friend has been torturing him with a clothespin. She talks how much she hates him but she is always singing about him and talking to him. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. I also think she might be missing Thomas some....

Mar 10 @ 7:37AM  
At least yours will sit in a chair...mine is so bad, if I am on the computer he will keep on jumping up until I make a spot for him on my lap or else he will nip at my toes until I do. He also weighs 20 pounds, so I definitely feel your pain. But on the good side if it is cold out he keeps me nice and warm chuckle.

Mar 10 @ 3:40PM  


Mar 10 @ 11:57PM  

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So I have this pussy...