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posted 3/8/2008 10:54:22 PM |
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Just for kicks, and possibly a good laugh, what is the most unusual baby name you've heard? I'll take serious suggestions too (I think i've decided on a first name, but am still undecided on a middle name).

So lets hear em, what's the funniest or most unusual name you have heard?

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Mar 8 @ 10:58PM  
A friend of mine named her daughter Amberly.....that friend has since passed away (cancer)...but that was the first time I had ever heard the name "Amberly" and I thought it was different.

Mar 8 @ 10:59PM  
Belle, let me tell you from experience...Just remember that your child has to live with that name for a long , long time...
Good luck, Sweetie.......

Mar 8 @ 11:00PM  
The most unusual name i have ever heard of, and please do not ever ever think of using it. I hated it!!!!!!!!!! It was Mehitable, and i'm not sure if it was a real name or not, but some woman actually used it. Other than that i've heard a few different ones, some nice ones to. there is Tamela, Jymmie, Charina are a few.

Mar 8 @ 11:03PM  
McKaiden, Kaidy for short

Mar 8 @ 11:12PM  

Mar 8 @ 11:31PM  
My mom went to high school with a guy named Harry Organ.

Mar 8 @ 11:32PM  
Starr. I seen it twice. Once with a girl and once with a boy.

Mar 8 @ 11:35PM  
Had a girl graduate from my HS back in the 70's. Her name was Holly Wood. No lie! My parents went to her graduation reception and her dad was Principle. :)

Mar 8 @ 11:45PM  
I went to school with a girl named Candace {Candy} Cain.

Every body liked to lick the Candy Cain

Mar 8 @ 11:52PM  
Two girls from a neighboring high school had babies close to each other, and named them Orangejello and Limejello. Think or-an-ja-lo and la-ma-ja-lo.
I also knew this idiot who had his name legally changed to God.


Mar 8 @ 11:57PM  
Moon Zappa!

Mar 9 @ 12:05AM  
My friend's Mothers name is Ruie pronounced ROO EE

Mar 9 @ 12:08AM  
I named my son Denver, which is an unusual name, Only other Denver I ever heard of was Denver Pyle. Who played Uncle Jesse on the Dukes of Hazzard.

I picked out my daughters name as well...Cassondra. Rather than Cassandra which is more common. OK, that's not an unusual name, just an unusual spelling...least it was 19 years ago. Not so much now...

And I went to school with a guy named...Ted Head. I often wonder what in the hell were his parents thinking!


Mar 9 @ 12:14AM  
I was in the Navy with a Master Chief Harry Richard Skinner. (Harry Dick Skinner)
My cousin named her daughter Skokie Jean. When they call to tell her Dad, he said to flush it down the pot. You don't love her if you would name her that.

Mar 9 @ 12:22AM  
The lead singer of the band "Korn" has a kid named Pirate!

Mar 9 @ 12:24AM  
If I had a son I would name him Thor.

As for a daughter, possibly Shawnee

Mar 9 @ 12:25AM  
And then there's Moon Unit and Dweezil Zappa..

Mar 9 @ 12:25AM  
My mother's given name was Dorothy...but her whole life she was always called Bunny. There are several different stories as to how she got the name, but it stuck with her from the time she was a baby.


Mar 9 @ 12:40AM  
When I was living in Japan I was a part of the Foreign Wives of Japanese Nationals group. One of the women in the group had a baby and named him "Quanah". After an Indian chief. I thought it was a strange name.

Mar 9 @ 12:58AM  
How about Ray Dawn Chong

Mar 9 @ 1:02AM  
Sorry it is Rae Dawn Chong

Mar 9 @ 1:33AM  
They just had a show on this the other day. Some of the celebrities are naming their children some wild names. However, I cannot remember many!; Fifi, Apple, Jermajesty, Wilk, and my favorite-Pilot Inspektor!!! Yes, one of the stars actually named their kid that...

Mar 9 @ 1:36AM  
I went to school with a girl named Lucretia Samantha Dobzynecki... initials L.S.D. Always made me wonder about her mom.

My fiance' went to school with a girl named Fonda Head. She had a brother named Richard. No lie.

As far as serious names, a few names that have been used in my family are:

Kayleigh Alexis (Girl)
Lacie Jane (Girl)
Bailey Morgan (Girl)
Emily Nicole (Girl)
Chloe Grace (Girl)
Taylor Madison (Girl)
Chasen (Chase) Malichai (Boy)
Tyler Avery (Boy)
James Dakota (Cody) (Boy)

Some are more different than others, and some can be used for either sex. Have fun and best of luck!

Mar 9 @ 4:13AM  
Not that it's an "unusual" name, but my daughter's name is Rachel Nichole and, at least in 1976, she was only one of two I'd ever heard with that name.

Mar 9 @ 4:15AM  
My friends wife is named Echo lol so he didnt have much choice when his inlaws suggested Sping for their daughter. true fact !

Mar 9 @ 4:34AM  
well wasn't it Gwyneth Paltrow (odd enough name there) who named her daughter Apple?

Mar 9 @ 8:26AM  
Hillary Rodham


Mar 9 @ 8:42AM  
I had a young lady who had just gotten out of the navy visit me when I was a veterans employment counselor. I don't remember what her name was exactly...Tageska, or something like that. I told her that it was a unique name. She told me her mom had just made it up when she was born and that when she was stationed in Japan, much to her horror, she discovered that her name was something very derogatory in Japanese.

Mar 9 @ 9:10AM  
I know a guy whose dad was Brandon Nails.. he named his son Rusty...

Mar 9 @ 10:11AM  
LMAO....Just the other day I saw "THRASHER" for a boys name......YUCK!

Mar 9 @ 11:46AM  
I heard on the radio that 3% of parents had "name regret" after they named their child. That 3% would change their child's name if they could.....And I almost named my daughter kelanie, because I liked the names Melanie and Kelly.

Mar 9 @ 12:50PM  
A few years ago I met this woman that was telling me the story of how she named her son. She said "I was big pregnant and we were out riding around smoking some weed, and we got the munchies really bad, so we stopped at this gas station to get some sodas and food. I looked up and it was called Jett Star. So I said that's it, that's what I'm gonna call the baby!"
Was it any wonder when he got grown he's in major trouble with the law? Probably had to fight every damn day on the playground!

Mar 9 @ 3:57PM  
I've always loved the name Maranda Lee

second is Alexandra Nichole
Raine Thomas

goodluck Belle

Mar 9 @ 8:47PM  
my sisters name is Tanga it was supposed to be Tanya but my grandmother mistook the y for a g in the letter my parents wrote to her and well Tanga stuck and she named her son Oslin just for something different.

Mar 10 @ 3:28PM  

Mar 13 @ 2:18PM  
Try this one ....
I never knew there was a video of this performance......

Dec 10 @ 8:30PM  
my friends brother is called Blue

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