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What makes a hard workin' man?

posted 3/8/2008 10:35:27 PM |
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When you wake up, I'm just layin down. When your eating lunch, I am just out of bed. On your way home, we wave at each other as we pass on the highway. When you get home you see your family, when i get home i see everyone asleep. People often make fun of people like me who work nights, but sometimes I wonder just how much the really understand what it takes. I see my family two nights a week. I work till 2 a.m. You get to enjoy your weekends, getting up on Saturday morning and going to your kids soccer game. I get home Saturday mornings at 3 a.m. and if I have something to be done, I dont sleep. People often refer to hardworkers as people who are loyal and commited to their job. How commited are you? Would you work from 3 p.m. till 2 a.m. every day, Monday through Friday. Never go to a kids basketball game. Have to schedule your wedding aniversary on the weekend so you can actually see your other half.. Lay down in bed at night with your other half, look at them and see them sleeping and want to just talk but you dont because you dont wanna wake them? Sometimes I wonder if people really knew how much we sacrifice and how much we work to support our lives, would they really look at us so different. Just a random rambling from my mind.

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What makes a hard workin' man?


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Mar 8 @ 10:40PM  
I totally know what your talking about!!!!!!!!!!! And you know it!

Good one honey!

Mar 8 @ 10:41PM  
good to see ya in the blogs friend. its been a while since I saw you online. I am never here as I am all over the country. Presently on my way to cali. You deserve a thumbs up for your comitment. But remember that thee family is important too. Dont wake up one with your kids off to college wondering if you really know them.

Mar 8 @ 10:42PM  
you should be admired for being a hardworker and committed.... but on the other hand, I have another theory is this.... my husband is also one of those workers..... and even though I have to be up every morning at six a.m. to go to work, I wait up for him EVERY single night, and then stay up with him for an hour when he gets home.... so... SOME wives support working husbands in ways that some don't.... just sayin.... and oh yeah.... if you put your comment setting to automatic, you will get more responses!

Mar 8 @ 10:45PM  
My Friend, we are Long Haul Truck Drivers... we haven't even seen home since November... Thanksgiving to be exact. We appreciate and respect the Hard Working Man.... no matter what it is that he does. Thank You for being one of a dieing breed and helping us Americans to live the way we do....

Mar 8 @ 10:52PM  
My man works an odd shift too...3am til usually 1 or 2pm and sometimes later. Granted I do get to see him in the evenings for a few hours when I get home, but it's still hard. He has to work every other saturday, and even when he does get a holiday off he has to go to bed early to work the next it's not like having a day off really.

Mar 8 @ 11:44PM  
Yeah, I work my ass off too. I think people are just too busy with everyday life to really stop and think about it. Our society is bogged down with sensory overload and I've noticed that any thinking at all is getting rare.

Mar 9 @ 12:02AM  
I work the dreaded graveyard shift, 11 PM to 7 AM...I work Sunday nights thru Thursday nights. I've been doing so for the past 8 years, and before that, I was a bartender for 4 years working all kinds of odd hours. And before that, I worked for 7 years Sunday thru Friday nights...10 hours per night, 60 hours a week!

I have basically worked the graveyard shift most of my adult working life...and you're is NOT easy! You miss out on A LOT of things, and it sucks big time!

Us graveyard workers, and those who work odd hours to keep the rest of the world moving on a daily basis...we are the real backbone of the American workforce!

Mar 9 @ 12:05AM  
I know what you are talking about. Worked afternoon and night shifts for eleven years. I was the main thing that caused my divorce. I was so busy earning a decent living that I didn't see I was missing my wife and kids life. I do feel your pain and hope all works to the good of you and your family.

Mar 9 @ 12:08AM  
Sigh, that schedule would put me back in the hospital in about a week if I felt like god when I started.

Mar 9 @ 12:13AM  
I worked 4pm to 12:30 am for years....had to work weekends and holidays too. It sucked. Then I went to 1st shift for years. Then when I had my daughter I started working Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8am to 8pm. I missed all family get togethers. Now I am back to M-F 8 to 5.....Still not enough hours in the day.

Mar 9 @ 12:45AM  
Night person here too, most jobs I have had.

Only real issue I have ever had is with the people that cant simply rotate the shift around the clock and understand it.

What I mean is like you said, when their getting up, its time for me to hit the sack. Had more than one person view me as lazy right off or worse, cuz I told them I slept till noon or later. Some never understand it when you tell them, I get off at 6 AM. thats like 5 PM to you. Then they say, well why dont you just go to bed? And I say, do YOU go to bed at 5PM? no, you're usually up till least about 9 PM, right? So for me, I am up till about 10 AM, then go to bed.

Or in my wilder days we would all get off at 6 am, then hit a local pub for a couple "after work beers." Tell people that, they look all funny and say ewww, how the hell can you be drinkin at 6 am.....I just sigh and say its NOT 6 am to me it is 5PM....jeez....

Mar 9 @ 1:01AM  
I am confused. Your profile said you are 21 and single. Obviously you are not talking about who are you talking about?

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What makes a hard workin' man?