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Motorcycle Awareness Month

posted 3/7/2008 11:06:02 PM |
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This is a public Service announcement. Please read.

The Month of March is Motorcycle Awareness Month what this meets is that we as Motorcycle Enthusiasts are asking our fellow men and woman on the road to please pay closer attention to what and who may be around you.

Those of you in cages (enclosed vehicles) forget sometimes of those of use feeling the wind in our hair and do stupid things like open you drivers side door right in front of us, or make a left hand turn, when we have to light. Tailgate or even while trying to go around us have been know to clip our tires and send us ass over tea cups down the highway, while you just merrily move on down the highway. You also like to see if you can split up that big group of bikes riding down the road together. What do they think they're doing anyway?

I take great pride in my Motorcycle, keep it in top running order, I wear a helmet by choice, leather when I'm on long hauls. I obey all traffic signs and laws, I don't drink and operate my bike, and I've taken the motorcycle safety course twice in the last 5 years to keep my skills sharp.

We ride in packs to be seen, it's easy to see 4 or 5 bikes than just one. Most of us who ride together know how to ride in a group, so we don't cause problem for our fellow drives. It's the guy who tries to split us up, or split us from our chase vehicle on long hauls that cause the problems. We are then forced to increase our speed, pull off the side of the road, or even pass vehicle to get back together. We believe there is safety in numbers, and we aren't all 1% who ride in groups.

There is legislation all over the US about decibel levels for after market pipes, some people just do like those loud pipes. Well if we don't have pipes you can't hear then you have two choice, look closer for us, or end up killing someone because you didn't see or HEAR them. LOUD PIPES DO SAVE LIVES. But that doesn't give us the right to rev those pipes in the middle of a neighborhood at 3 am on a Saturday morning either.

All we're asking is for you to keep an eye out for us. Look twice before you turn or cross an intersection. Give us the same or more room you would another car. And on rainy day's remember we're out there in the open, slick roads are our enemy. be extra careful. You may find us parked under the overpasses, give us room if you can.

Share the road, we watch for you, please do the same and watch for us. We'll all be a little safer and have a little more pleasant journey because of it.

To all my fellow Brothers and Sisters on the road

Knee's in the Wind, and Dry Road ahead
BlueEyes aka BlueEyes

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Mar 7 @ 11:31PM  
Hmmmmm I have a feeling that ive seen this article in a bike magizine ! but no matter please look out for us 2 wheelers.

Mar 7 @ 11:42PM  
It is Bike Week here in Daytona.

One thing I saw that I didn't think was too bright was using hand signals on the interstate. 2 guys were riding next to eachother and the guy in front used a hand signal to move over, the guy behind him used his blinker. Hand signals are great...but with the amount of morons on the road, I believe it to be safer to use your blinkers. Some people are actually so dumb, they have no clue what hand signals are....I just thinks it's better to be safe than sorry when riding on the interstate. I would think a motorist is more apt to paying attention to a blinking light rather then just assuming maybe your just stretching your arm out.....IMHO

Mar 7 @ 11:46PM  

I totally agree with that!!!!

Ride on!!

Mar 8 @ 12:22AM  
Lead riders, or sometimes their called Road Captain use hand signal to inform other people in the group what they are going to do. Interstate driving isn't hazardous and driving through town. On an interstate everyone is going in the same direction at more or less the same speed. You don't have jerks trying to cross the intersection in front of you, well after the light has turned or the woman or man open her car door to get out .

I believe in hand signals when used properly. and the group knows what they mean.


Mar 8 @ 1:42AM  
The Month of March is Motorcycle Awareness Month what this meets is that we as Motorcycle Enthusiasts are asking our fellow men and woman on the road to please pay closer attention to what and who may be around you.
It doesn´t really help if they pay attention in March, they should do it all of the year. If they would do so, a few brothers of mine would still be alive, or could still use their legs.
Keep the rubberside down.
Dom (25K miles average/year)

Mar 8 @ 3:13AM  
Rolling Thunder...

Miss that....

And especially the trail of tears rides...

And yes, all year, all weather, just please be aware.

Mar 8 @ 4:05AM  
I try to watch out for motorcycles - even though some of them can be real asses weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, passing unsafely and what not.

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Motorcycle Awareness Month