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What were your three worst dates!?

posted 3/6/2008 11:41:57 PM |
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In another thread, I commented on my worst "blind" dates! What were yours? To start the thread....

1. The date where the woman ordered the most expensive item on the menu, complete with the "trimmings" and ate two bites and had it wrapped up. She was going to take it to work with her for lunch the next day. Oh... she also wrapped up the Black Forest Cake she ordered for dessert and threw the dinner rolls from the table basket into her "piggie" bag.

2. I went out on a date with a woman who picked up the check, after I'd paid, to see how much of a tip I left the server. First date / Last date!

3. I went out on a blind date with a woman in Florida whose friend was "conveniently" in the same restaurant (I let her pick the place). I ended up footing a very expensive liquor bill. Oh... and I don't drink (or in those days, one Captain Morgan's and Coke was MY limit).


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What were your three worst dates!?


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Mar 6 @ 11:46PM  
wow i really cant even answer that...never really went on high school we would go to parties and hook up and then met my hubby junior year and have been with him every since...18yrs this past havent really done the dating scene...not sure how I would adjust to that now

Mar 7 @ 12:11AM  
1. Date with a goth guy, who first took me to a cemetery and then on to a first class meal at....Mc Donalds, where he bought me a diet coke, and himself a full meal.
At one point, he turned to me and whispered "I love this music...It's so....darkly melodic"....He spoke with a poorly faked American accent, and at the end of the date, rather than dropping me home, he left me standing on the side of the street outside a shopping mall on the other side of town....
I had to get a taxi home.

2. I met a gorgeous greek guy at a local dairy and boldly took his number.
The first date (and last date) was a nightmare. I was running late, as women do, fixing my hair and makeup, so I texted him and told him to come upstairs for a drink. He replied with a simple "No thanks" which seemed odd, but I shrugged it off. He then took me to a corner kebab canteen for dinner....which we ate standing on the side of the road outside the movie theatre....Went in to see the movie he'd chosen (some B-Grade comedy) and then afterwards I sat in the car with him, listening to him recount his entire life, whilst continually slipping into the conversation his desire to screw me. Suave. Real suave. Oh and during that conversation he also explained to me that he didnt think women were equal to men. Charming.


Mar 7 @ 1:08AM  
1. I went on a date with a security guard from a local hospital. The evening went fairly well and he invited me to his home (His elderly/sick mother lived with him, so no monkey business was to set about) to show me some of his 'collections'. He went on to show me about seventy six handguns and seven or eight large rifles. I also learned that his mother was at the present time, staying with his sister. He began showing me how to load one of the rifles and I prayed for my cell phone to ring.

Thank GOD - it did! My sister was on the other end. I made some excuse about her getting sick and having to take her to the hospital and high-tailed it out of there.

He was a bit freaky!

2. I was all set to pick up a lovely young lady and take her out to an upscale restaurant. I told her she should dress up for where we were going, nothing extremely fancy but business casual or dressy. When I arrived to pick her up, she was wearing ripped jeans and a short-sleeved white button up with a black tie. We went on to the restaurant and they turned us away because of her attire. We wound up eating at an all-night deli with her looking like hell and me in my best clothing. I normally wouldn't have cared how she dressed, but I told her our plans and she was disrespectful when she didn't keep them in regard.

3. I was invited to a party and told to show up a little bit early. I showed up around ten minutes early, only to find my date naked and doing 'body' shots with several different men and women. I turned around immediately and left. It was disrespectful to herself and rude to me to let that sort of thing go on- on what was supposed to have been OUR date.


Mar 7 @ 2:25AM  
Lets see.

I arranged to met up with a guy at a local bar, where I knew a few people, just because I didn't know him from ADAM, and we were going to go someplace to eat from there. He showed up Drunk, and high, and the bar manager threw him out and then escorted me to my car. (does that count as a date?)

Basically I have pretty good dates, that one though was a nightmare waiting to happen. I just pick places with lots of people and back-up. But not to have drink bought for them, just a little added protection.


Mar 7 @ 3:18AM  
I bedded a girl who had, had surgery on her uterus, leaving her with nerve damage and no feeling inside.... she could have told me before I half killed myself trying to make her cum.....

I was riding shotgun she was driving ran a red light and t-boned a car....

My first date with my ex wife.. obvious there....

Mar 7 @ 7:20AM  
I had one bad date that cancels out the other two worst ones to the point they're not worth mentioning.

Several years ago my license was suspended, I was out with this lady who had taken some "anti-inflammatory" medication. She was swerving all over the place, so I took over, sans license. Her plates were expired, I got pulled over and taken to jail because I had left my wallet at home and had no ID.
I had a friend bringing my wallet the next day, and who shows up? Crazy anti-inflammatory lady. She had broken into my house and brought and old high school yearbook to use for ID so I could go home.

They actually let me out on that!!! But not before I pleaded with the guard to take me back inside the jail until my friend came!! He was gonna help me out but couldn't as I had already been processed out. He offered to let me commit another crime so he could lock me back up, and we had a good laugh.

This truly happened. Hell, you should hear the rest of the date, before all that transpired!!!

Mar 7 @ 8:09AM  
1. The one who showed up an hour early on purpose to see what I looked like without my hair done and makeup on.

2. I didn't have any others after that one... I swore off blind dates for ever.

Mar 7 @ 10:16AM  
1. The guy that i had never seen a pic of and showed up with an obvious lack of teeth in the front, and appeared to be ready to soon give birth (a nice guy, but just not attractive)..NEXT

2. The guy that had a pic, looked good, but it was one helluva flattering pic, he didnt look like that in person...then, although he was 10 or so years younger than me, we were walking the lake (about 5 miles) and he couldnt keep up with me, we had to stop so he could rest...NEXT...

3. The guy who i had an absolutely wonderful time with, we hiked, had something to eat, hit golf balls, had excellent conversation, an all over great all day date...and afterward told me he didnt want to see me...I guess he NEXTED ME!

Mar 7 @ 10:53AM  
gotta comment on your #2. Maybe she is like me and in the food industry and how you tip tells alot about the person!

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What were your three worst dates!?