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What song and color would be your wedding theme?

posted 3/6/2008 12:38:13 AM |
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Okay, I think I did a blog about wedding color theme some time ago, but never both song and color theme for a wedding. Besides, a lot of new people here since I have done a blog like this, so I thought it was time for an update. Kim has been married before and went with a purple theme. I love purple, and I wouldn't mind having that color for our wedding. She's not much for it but I would like it. When I was younger I watched a lot of my soap General Hospital. I saw the character of Felicia wearing a dusty rose color mexican dress. I always thought something like that would be cool for my bride to wear on our wedding day. The theme music would of course be a song that had meaning to us right after we first met. I have always been partial for the theme song my wedding to be "Lady of My Heart". For me that would be the perfect song for me and my lady. What about any of you, what color theme and song would you pick for your wedding?

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Mar 6 @ 12:42AM  
nin " closer" lol. I wanna fuck you like an animal. I wanna feel you from the inside. That one. And the theme would be black. Even though black isn't a color.

Mar 6 @ 12:43AM  
Btw, this is my 385th blog. I'm going to start cutting back on my blogs a little and let Dayna have the title of blog whore.....


Okay, I am going to cut back on my blogging for a bit.

Mar 6 @ 12:45AM  
You're the king of blogging. Your blogs made me laugh my ass off. Kudos 2 u.

Mar 6 @ 12:47AM  
Well thank you, lookingforsomefun. I take that to keep blogging away?

Mar 6 @ 12:54AM  
Hellz yeah! Blog away, my friend...

Mar 6 @ 1:47AM  
Wedding!? Bleh!

I'm not against marriage, but as a friend (or maybe more ) put it...why ruin a good thing with a silly little piece of paper.

And I tend to agree with her. But, that's just me.

Mar 6 @ 2:16AM  
Shawn, you do realize that wedding is a bad word to some people....right? lmao

No, I'm not one of those people..well.. I believe in them for other people.
So as far as colors and music, I can't help you out there..Sorry.

Best I can tell you is when my daughter got married, her bridal party colors were white..deep red and black.
She wore a beautiful white gown, all 4 bridesmaids and maid of honor wore deep red gowns, the ring bearer and flower girl wore a white tux and white formal, the groom wore a white tux and the groomsmen and best man all wore black tuxs. Decoration colors were same and then we added silver.

It was beautiful...
And their song was .. At Last by Etta James..

btw, did you read what Sunny wants for her B-day in your other blog? ....

Mar 6 @ 2:20AM  
Holy crap, I forgot that part, Treas. I'll edit my blog right now.

Mar 6 @ 2:29AM  
Jess and her mom like hunter green so I'm sure that it will be incorporated into our wedding somehow,lol. As far as music goes,Jess love Janis Joplin and I think she is going for "a little piece of my heart". A rock and roll wedding,how cool is that.

Mar 6 @ 2:39AM  
Okay....not that I have any plans to fave color is orange!!

Not an easy color to put into a wedding cause I like bright orange and not a pale peach, blah!!!
Course I have always wanted to get married at Halloween, too. So it might work

As to a song....hmmm...not sure havent thought of it..but I like Lifeizabitch's Janis Joplin suggestion. As long as you use her version of "Piece of my Heart".

Lol, unfortunately my other fave song of her's is "One Night Stand" and I don't think that would be appropriate

Mar 6 @ 2:42AM  
Ooooo, just noticed Casuallylooking's, song "At Last" of course by Etta.
Great song!!! If ever I fallz in luuuv I might use it

Mar 6 @ 3:01AM  
I think the dusty rose would be a wonderful color...When I got married didnt really have colors and a song. We decided on a Sunday to get married and the only reason we had a church wedding was because my grandmother had a fit. We were just going to go to the preachers house and do it. I mean we already had a daughter the wedding was just the afterthought...


Mar 6 @ 3:17AM  
When I got married almost 6 years ago, the song was Elvis Presley, Can't Help Falling In Love, the colors were soft pastels. and it was outside, so it was gorgeous!! flowers were white canna lilies, and baby roses!

Mar 6 @ 7:13AM  
Both in jeans, next to the woods.

Color = nature
Music = the wind


Mar 6 @ 7:40AM  
We are going to renew our vows on our anniversary and the colors will be ivory, tangerine and black. Our song will be "Years From Now" by Dr. Hook which is a perfect song for couples that have been together for a while.....

Mar 6 @ 8:07AM  
If I could find a woman brave enough to marry me,I would settle for whatever she wanted!!

Shellsmack already named mine, I'd love to get married out by a river in the mountains, or maybe the beach.

Mar 6 @ 8:32AM  
My son and his fiance' have picked the colors blue and silver..........I am hoping that my future daughter-law picks out the music cause i have a feeling that if my son does...........its not going to be pretty.......

As for me and weddings..............been there, done that, got the t-shirt, not doing it again.............

Mar 6 @ 10:08AM  
Rainbow and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

Mar 6 @ 10:20AM  
well I'm weird I just wanna go to the JP and take an awesome honeymooon and fuck our brains out I mean really! why waste the money?? honeymoon is something better to spend it on

Mar 6 @ 10:29AM  
I don’t know.
I like blue and green for colors, deep not pastels.
Bring Me to Life by Evanescence.

Mar 6 @ 10:44AM  
I am by no means opposed to institution of marriage, or getting remarried myself some day. But once people have been married and divorced, going through all of the dog and pony show of selecting colors, music, flowers, etc. is ridiculous.

It almost becomes a mockery that becomes quite costly. Unless the happy couple is footing bill for everything, it seems to me that it is more than just imposing to put friends and family in that position.

But I have known people that did it, even going so far as to doing the gift list thing at a department store. The person I am thinking of that did this was a female coworker who was in her mid-thirties and this was wedding number three. Here was woman who owned a 2,500 square foot home, making fifty grand a year, asking people to buy components for a new set of china and gold plated flatware. To me that was being self-centered and ill mannered as it put a lot of other people in a position that they didn't want to be in.

I think that going through the whole nine yards is cool and lovely for people marrying for the first time or, especially people renewing their vows for their 25th anniversary.

Mar 6 @ 2:23PM  
Wow, wedding blog on a sex site....never saw that coming but I'll humor the blog king and post.

Song: Pet by Perfect Circle
Theme: Blue, Green, and Sliver. Oh and of course outside sunset near Halloween!

Actually, that is my wedding which is going to happen in about two years. I will post pictures for all to see!

Mar 6 @ 7:59PM  
Highway To Hell by AC/DC and everything in red....

Mar 6 @ 8:39PM  

19 hrs 54 mins ago
Btw, this is my 385th blog. I'm going to start cutting back on my blogs a little and let Dayna have the title of blog whore.....


OMG!!!!! DON'T EVER scare me like that again!!!!!

As for color theme...........I like a real light blue...goes with my eyes. Song......I've always been partial to Motley Crue...and I've always loved "Without You" by them.

Mar 6 @ 9:13PM  
You know I'm like some of you. Been there, Done that. Don't need the Song and Dance of a huge wedding anymore. My cuz did it right, They eloped in February, and when the weather was nice in May, they had a huge party at their new home with all their friends and got to enjoy it.

I'm a romantic, don't get me wrong, and if the guys wanted the big thing, I'd do it and very happily, but it doesn't have to be done for me. Lets go to Vegas, get married, have a great time, great sex, and enjoy each other, and then party again when we get home with our friends if we want to.

And if he doesn't want to get married, that's OK too. A piece of paper doesn't tell anyone how much you love them. The Commitment does.

Aug 25 @ 5:28PM  
light pink (if the guy is okay with it) and silver. and the song would be
martina mcbride: valantine

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What song and color would be your wedding theme?