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Saying No.....

posted 3/5/2008 6:00:19 AM |
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This is a Question that Man/Women have been asking since time began, I'm sure!!!
If you were in a Relationship with someone.....And You were Extremely in the Mood for some Loving, been thinking about it/them all day, getting yourself all worked up, Ya know!
You Go home.. or to the others home....or where ever...
You are about to explode,you just cant wait to get your hands on the other one , I mean the Juices are flowing!!!!!
You finally see the other party that you have been day dreaming about....ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!
You get that person in your it comes!!!!!
You givem a Big ole .. I Missed ya like hell Kiss.... and they Push you away!
Thats right.. the Big ole bubble is Busted!!!
"Not tonight.. I'm tired"!!!
Ok.. I Know Tired..... I work with my hands... I always have.... and when I'm done for the day I'm me!!! But I have never been to tired to Make Love to that Special Someone!
It may not be the Sex-a-thon we had a few days ago.. but she would be Pleased!!! ya know?
My question is .....
Have you ever told the Other one.. that you were too tired or that you had a Headache.. or you were not feeling well ...Just so that You wouldnt Have to have Sex with them?
Do You say No... To have "Power" over the other one?? Do U use "NO" as Punishment? Help me out here plz!!! Thx...

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Mar 5 @ 6:04AM  
I don't say "no"... why would I ?

Mar 5 @ 6:16AM  
Sure I have said no, and my ex husband, said no all the time....I would tell him,,,"just do it for me, you and when I get finished we can stop", maybe has something to do with being an "EX" husband

Mar 5 @ 6:24AM  
Do You say No... To have "Power" over the other one?? Do U use "NO" as Punishment?
Are you kidding? Punishment? I realize some people, and yes mostly women, do that, but it's just rediculous.

I'm thinking that if he walks in and wants to wrap me in his arms, I'm going to enjoy it...

But I have never been to tired to Make Love to that Special Someone!


Mar 5 @ 7:27AM  
casually sneaks back in and leaves a kudo, just cause.

Mar 5 @ 7:33AM  
I'm usually the one who initiates it, so if anyone's going to say no, it's him.

If I were the one to say no, I sure wouldn't use any kind of lame excuse like a headache. I'd simply say no. If asked why, I'd say, because I don't want to.

I don't believe in using sex for manipulation. I don't believe in using it for control. I don't believe in using sex for monetary gain or for favors.

I believe that sex is an expression of love and/or of passion. I don't look at men as human vibrators. I don't use men to "get me off." I can do that quite well on my own, tyvm. If I have sex with a man it's because I want to be that close to HIM; it's not just because he happens to have an erect and willing penis.


Mar 5 @ 7:46AM  
I've never been one to say "no" to sex for no good reason - meaning, to "get even" or "teach a lesson" or to get something I want (or, I suppose, don't want). Sex isn't a weapon or tool - it's a aspect of a relationship. Good blog topic!

Mar 5 @ 7:47AM  
Oops! "an aspect" not "a aspect"

Mar 5 @ 9:10AM  
I've never said NO, as a control thing, I do suffer Migraines, but all you have to do it take one look at me, and you'd know. I can't lie about them they show in my face, and my skin color and my eyes. They aren't a lame excuse.

Other than that, I'm not one to turn my partner down, and I don't use sex for a control, that would take all the pleasure out of it.


Mar 5 @ 9:21AM  
I think I have said no about 3 times and that is cause he was drunk and woke me up in the middle of the night and i was getting up at 4 am. dumbass which is why he is an ex! otherwise i don't say no i want it to

Mar 5 @ 9:28AM  
Said no to the ex husband frequently.. course he refused to hear no... but that's another story.

Otherwise .. usually I'm the one wanting it most.

Mar 5 @ 9:50AM  
I was married for 30 years and of course I've said no a few times.

When a man thinks about it all day then pops thru the door expecting "instant sex" he's just asking for a resounding "NO".

He's prepared himself all day for it...she on the other hand has a zillion things on her, bills, meals and a ton of other things she is responsible for to run the home.

If my husband would've approached me in a way that would ease my thoughts over to sex then I'd have been more than happy to oblige him...but the "caveman-drag-me-off-to-the-bedroom" mentality just didn't do it for fact it would piss me off and make me dig my heels in.

As for dating someone? I've had men come thru my door, grab me and start pulling my clothes off as he pushes me towards the bedroom. Again..fuck that!!!

THIS woman needs the mental stimulation first. It's said that desire for sex starts in the brain and I fully agree with that. But for men to "think about it all day" then assume she has too is probably gonna set himself up for a 'forget it bud...I got a headache'.

JMO....from a long time housewife....and the older generation.

Mar 5 @ 10:15AM  
I agree w/ soft touch all the way... She said everything I was thinking..
Been married for 20 some years here.. And yes have used the "NO" to sex as a way to get back at my other half....

I'm bad yes I am.... LOL

Mar 5 @ 5:18PM  
Just use your hand, that's what I would do.

Mar 5 @ 5:36PM  
I never use sex as a weapon to punish or get what I want. I enjoy it too much. I have never refused to have sex with my man......even when we were fighting. Afterward, we always forgot what we were fighting about.... don't fight....fuck instead.

Mar 5 @ 5:58PM  
Say no? Me????

uh oh! That may have been too much info....

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Saying No.....