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Northeastern Ohio a joke during elections in my opinion!

posted 3/4/2008 8:03:47 PM |
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tagged: politics, rant, straddle

This has happened a last few elections in Ohio. Seems like every damn time the liberals always ask a judge to extend the voting hours from 7:30pm to 9pm. Northeastern Ohio is known to be heavily liberal. Sandusky county asked the judge for the extention because for some reason, they had run out of ballots along the way and had to turn voters away. Two years ago it was Cleveland that pulled the same thing. Now statewide no one can release any election updates till 9pm...AGAIN! Obama's people asked for this, that's what triggered this chain reaction. Then it was Sandusky county. Finally, the Secretary of State granted them the extention.

Now come on people, there's no excuse for these kind of problems every election up there in that corner of the state. People here are allowed to votes in this state a month prior to the election. Why can't these people get their damn act together up there???!!! Soon afterwards people will start saying once again the there is fraud going on there in this part of the heavily liberal area. This always happens, well, for the last 3-4 elections now! Now I have to even wait for my local races till 9pm because of stupidity in that part of the state. Sorry about the little rant, I just want to let people know this problem in the northeastern part of Ohio is getting old real fast!

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Northeastern Ohio a joke during elections in my opinion!
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Mar 4 @ 8:10PM  
Well that sucks about the elections,
But I will tell you a funny joke, the only political joke that didn't go over my head. hah

Who is the only black man to beat a white womans ass and not go to jail??

Give up?

Obama =)


Mar 4 @ 8:11PM  
It's ok...we're all allowed a little rant once in a while

One would think after that fiasco in Florida in 2000 that all of the states would have a fool proof system set up to avoid stuff like this.


Mar 4 @ 8:12PM  
Now that was a funny joke!

btw, Obama hasn't "beat" Hillary.......yet!

Mar 4 @ 8:17PM  
Yeah, Sugar....My Scioto county along with the other 87 counties can't be counted now till 9pm. all because of another county, AGAIN up there in the northeastern part of Ohio!

Mar 4 @ 8:19PM  
Yeah...but at least votes will count in Ohio....lots of pissed off voters here in Michigan because of Howard "the screaming duck" Dean getting pissy and not allowing the primary vote to go through.

and my parents wonder why I can't stand the DNC

Mar 4 @ 8:23PM  
Suagr, ya got a point there!

But then at the end you guys and Florida will be playing a HUGE role by voting again and it finally being allowed to count if it remains close near the end.

Mar 4 @ 8:36PM  
Yeah...I suppose....and they will probably go to Obama....either way...blah!!!!!

I'm wondering if I can get away with writing in Goofy as a write in vote

Mar 4 @ 8:38PM  
Yeah, but then they would ask you which goofy, #1 (Obama), or #2 (Hillary). Then Howard Dean would probably jump out and say that vote was for him!

Mar 4 @ 8:43PM  
hmmmmm didn't think of that! about I write in Donald Duck? No....Howard Dean might take that to mean him......don't know how..but he might.


Mar 4 @ 9:06PM  
Damn Liberals!!! Trying to let everyone get there vote in!! They should be SHOT!!

Yes, I'm a Liberal!!

Mar 4 @ 9:12PM  
Sandy, like I had stated in my blog and comments, that part of the state has made a habit out of pulling this ever ection now over the past few years. There really is no excuse in waiting till right before the polls to close to jam everything up like that just to keep it going till 9pm. I'm sure Obama is aware of this little practice in that area of the state and is now trying this as others have so he can get as much votes in as possible before he loses so badly. In my opinion, this hurts Hillary, and he knows that. Like I said, there really no excuse for this election after election. People can vote a month prior to the election here in this state!

Mar 4 @ 9:18PM  
And no, I believe the weather is not playing as much as a role in it as some liberals want people to believe to try to hide the fact of election after election of pulling the same crape. I know, I live here in Ohio and this practice has been going on the last few years.

As of 9:15pm, there still an embargo on counting the votes in all 8 counties. This even means LOCAL races as well. There really is no fairness in not proceeding on with any local results throughout the rest of the counties.

Btw, we have had more rain down here in the south, along with river run offs from rivers and streams where there's been a flash flood warning here all day in my county, and that hasn't played a role whatsoever in people getting out.

Mar 4 @ 9:22PM  
Again is a UNION, area. Largely Democratic, and they hold industry and everything else hostage up there. It's not just NAFTA that killed industry in the Ohio. but you can't tell that to most people.

Mar 4 @ 9:23PM  
Hillary is winning Ohio 60% to Obama's 38% with 5% reporting in in Ohio right now.

She also won Rhode Island just now!


Mar 4 @ 9:29PM  
BlueEyes, you're right. The unions are very strong up there in that part of the state, and most of the unions have endorsed Obama. They and other liberals seem to not want to play by the rules in regards to a deadline. They want it kept going so they can measure the votes enough to try to beat Hillary this year it seems. Every other election it happend in it was the general elections where they pulled this with the Republicans. They know there's too much at stack in this primary for Obama to lose Ohio. That's my honest opinion in all this.

Mar 4 @ 9:42PM  
I want to make clear, not all democrats pull this, so my apologies to the ones that don't. I'm talking about the hard core liberals that call the shots up there in that part of the state that have made such a practice of this over the last few years.

Mar 4 @ 10:43PM  
Word just in the split the New England states.

Obama has to show well now in OHio and Texas. I can't remember is OHio a winner take all or no?


Mar 4 @ 10:49PM  
BlueEyes, I will Ohio was a winner take all state. Hell, I wish all the states were a winner take all. But as usual, they split the damn delegates.

Mar 4 @ 10:55PM  
No offense, but I don't want a woman president. So I hope he does win. I am voting for the first time this year =)
And so far I am voting for him

Mar 4 @ 10:59PM  
No offense taken. I said that I wanted Hillary to beat Obama, not win in November to be president.

Mar 4 @ 11:14PM  
I just saw where Hillary has taken the lead in Texas 50% to 49% over Obama. Hillary has been trailing there in Texas since they started counting. This is now standing at 39% reporting in right now.

Mar 5 @ 12:33AM  
Hey at least McCain won the Republican side today and Hukabee bowed out.

That's a good thing. I'll read the results in the AM, I'm heading for bed.


Mar 5 @ 1:05AM  
Hillary won 3 out of 4 states tonight. She did pretty good actually by taking Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. The tricky part now is how the delegates are devided up between the two. Like I said, if it were winner take all she would now have the nomination for her party. The delegates have kept Obama in this game so far, and quite honestly, I don't think that's fair to have her win California, New York, Ohio, Texas,and Mass. where she had to split the delegates in those states with Obama where it's kept him in longer. A lot of those delegates have ignore most people in those states when they threw their votes for Obama. Like I said, delegates should be set up like electoral votes to where winner takes all!

Not sure why Huckabee stayed in as long has he did. The fact that a Dallas newspaper who had endorsed Huckabee a while back kept their endorsement for him in Sunday's paper. I think he actually got what, 36% of the vote to McCain's 52%? Not too bad for him considering he was out of it a while back to where people didn't take him serious enough for the last two months. Now, who will McCain choose when it comes down to a running mate. Some people are saying Portman, Romney, Dewine, and Huckabee. Time will tell here soon.

Mar 5 @ 3:07AM  
Its a primary where you already have a lock in your party.....

Why worry about democrats now?

Mar 5 @ 3:09AM  
Because it's much more exciting to watch the democrats go at it!

Mar 5 @ 3:19AM  
Canu, I heard earlier that North Carolina is Obama country, and that he's expected to do well in and around Chapel Hill area. Also, Hillary is expected to do better in the western part of North Carolina. What's your take on that?

Mar 5 @ 3:25AM  
Since I'm not from Ohio...... I'll have to take your word for it that.... that part of the state is primarily (no pun intended) Liberal.

IF that contention is true......... why are they consistantly late? Are they vampires that only come out after dark? Do they not know how to tell time? Do they need a few drinks after work (those that work) to help them finally decide? Or are they waiting for early election returns from other states...... so they can vote for the projected winner........ and thus be "right" every time???

I'm SURE there is a Gov funded study just waiting to be unleashed on this phenomonon.

Mar 5 @ 3:34AM  
Ohio did see some heavy rain, especially down here in southern Ohio. But I doubt very seriously weather played a role in their elections up there. like I stated, they have been pulling this the last 3-4 elections, all being in the general elections at the time. Something is wrong up there, and there is reason to suggest that it's planned each election to pull something to keep the polls open much later. I found out a little bit ago in my today's newspaper that Sandusky county was allowed to count their votes starting at 7:30pm when the polls were suppose to close, but the other 87 counties couldn't start counting them till 9pm after Sandusky county started this whole mess about running out of ballots. But once they counted them they had to wait till 9pm to release them. How fair is that?

Mar 5 @ 5:54AM  
I'm sure Obama is aware of this little practice in that area of the state and is now trying this as others have so he can get as much votes in as possible before he loses so badly. In my opinion, this hurts Hillary, and he knows that.

Well it didn't work for Obama since Hillary Beat Him in Ohio!!!

I'm watching the news now and Flooding did play a HUGE part in letting the polls stay open late in Ohio.

Mar 5 @ 8:26AM  
Are you going to blame the liberals for the weather also? Why is it that if a person is not Reagan republican, that they are branded a liberal?

Please define the term liberal for me. Exactly what is the criteria for being a liberal?

The majority of Americans are moderates. On your holidays, I am surprised that you didn't advocate Rush Limbaugh's birthday be declared one.

Mar 5 @ 9:56AM  
Sandy, I still think the weather was mostly a front for them in Cleveland to use just to extend the hours. What excuse are they thinking of in November if it doesn't rain or snow? Watch, they're going to find another excuse!

Bruce, what a great idea....a Rush Limbaugh Day. Actually the guy makes a lot of sense. MOST of the time I agree with him. As for the word liberal, you have both your Democrat liberals and Republican liberals. When I use the term liberal it's more in terms of people like Ted Kennedy, Obama, Nader, Bill Clinton, Air America radio people just to name a few.


Mar 5 @ 10:11AM  
And another little known fact.....our Secretary of State (whom is a democrat) was furious at a judge's ruling on letting the polls in Cleveland stay open till 9pm, because Cleveland claimed the same thing about running out of ballots like Sandusky county did. She said that Cleveland was well covered in that area and no reason for a judge there to extend the hours for Cleveland as well.

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Northeastern Ohio a joke during elections in my opinion!