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After Dark pt 5 (since I skipped a day...Bonus)

posted 3/4/2008 5:48:52 PM |
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Going up again, he finds a nipple with his mouth and rolls his tongue around it. He takes it in his mouth and sucks and is rewarded with a soft moan and the smell of her arousal as her juices flow even more.

His erection had gone down a little when they walked in the it was hard again. But now he could control it...the urgency was replaced with anticipation. This is going to last...all night hopefully.

He let go of the nipple with a small pop, and began moving to the other tit, first over the top then underneath and finally taking that nipple and sucking...this time a little harder. She tasted so good!!!

Her breath is coming faster...more ragged now...she’s almost ready. His tongue makes a trail down her soft flat stomach, to the hemline of her skirt. She raises her knees up so he can go further, but he doesn’t...he’ll let her cool off just a little while he unbuttons her skirt and pulls it over her hips and off her legs.

Her thong sets off her body nicely, but is next to come off as he hooks his thumbs on either side and slides it down her legs. He sets this on the chair with her other things...then stands back and admires her body...long legs, wide hips and nice flat stomach with just a little softness to give her some curves...natural breasts that stand straight out...even when she’s laying down.

He kneels down in front of her, with her knees on either side of him..and begins playing with those tits again. Rubbing his thumbs against the nipples, he lowers his mouth to her mound and kisses it...breathing in her scent.

She doesn’t have alot of hair...just on the top. It feels good against his nose and chin, her wetness soaking his face already. He slides his hands down along her ribs and over her hips, cupping her butt to lift her up a little and letting his tongue dance across her pubic hair until he finds her pearl.

Her breath is coming in quick gasps now and she arches her back to give him better access. But he just touches it, then moves to her inner thigh...that soft, damp skin where her leg meets her outer lips. He kisses that little hollow, then sucks it gently. He moves his head inward, licking the outer lips and teasing the inner with his breath.

She can feel him moving toward her clit, and wriggles a little in anticipation, another moan escaping her open mouth. Her hands are still above her head...her feet are up on the bed with her knees up...his face is buried in her pussy, but he's going slowly...too slow!

She moves her body down, and is surprised to feel his tongue inside her...warm and wet, he slides it as far as it will go. Her pussy contracts, tightening around his tongue and he feels his cock spasm in response.

Pulling out, he runs his tongue from the bottom of her snatch to the top at her clit, stopping there and taking it into his mouth to suck on, his tongue making circles at the same time. Her hands move down to his head...she's never had anything like this done to her before...she takes his head and pushes it into her cunt, grinding it into his face.

He's sucking and tonguing her clit faster and faster...using his teeth just a little...he can feel her start to tighten up...he puts his tongue into her pussy and tastes her juice all over, drowning him...he goes back to her clit and gently moves his tongue over it...sensing she's too close for more...she's starting to clench, her breath is deep and ragged, her moans are loud and hoarse...she stiffens and arches her back and he stops...feeling her clit throb and her muscles clench and release he keeps his mouth on her but doesn't move.

Her hands are still on the back of his head and she sits up with a soft 'oooooohhhhhhh' fluid pouring out of her into his mouth.

He laps her pussy, letting her come back down, then taking her into his arms he turns her on the bed and pulls the covers back...laying her under them and then straightening up to finally undress.

His dick is still hard as steel...waiting patiently for the chance to release. He unbuttons his shirt, and takes it off, setting it on top of her clothes on the chair. Undoing his belt, he kicks off his shoes at the same time and unzips his pants...pulling them down and off before folding them and laying them on the chair.

He sits down on the bed...his dick peeking over the waist band of his boxers, and leans over to kiss her forehead. She's been watching him undress...thinking she'd like to help him, but unable to move with her body still contracting from the orgasm he's just given her.

Her eyes are a little glassy, from the beer and the orgasm, as she gazes up at him and pulls his head to her so she can taste her sex in his mouth. He can feel his nuts start to tighten again...God, she's going to have him cumming in his shorts!

He straightens up again...pulling them down, and she can see a drop of pre-cum on the tip of his dick. He gets under the covers next to her, scooping her into his arms and holding her closely. Her hands are on his back as they lay side-by-side, her knee between his legs and her wet pussy on his thigh.

He can feel her hard nipples against his chest, her breath on his neck...he wants to fuck her so bad now. He reaches into his nightstand, takes a condom out and opens the pack. Smiling up at him, she takes it from him and set it on the head of his dick, then uses her mouth to unroll it down onto him.

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Mar 4 @ 6:32PM  
waiting for next chapter.............

Mar 4 @ 6:42PM  
god damn....AND THEN WHAT!!!

Mar 4 @ 7:04PM  
Damn!! I want to

Mar 4 @ 7:19PM  
great grinning gawd o a bicycle.. I'm not gonna make it to friday.

Mar 4 @ 11:20PM  
I need a cold shower...

Mar 4 @ 11:58PM  
Yes …great stuff and I love how she puts the condom on, always so much sexier that way!

Mar 5 @ 9:56AM  
I sure wish I could find a lover like this dayummmmmmmm

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After Dark pt 5 (since I skipped a day...Bonus)