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After Dark 4

posted 3/4/2008 6:47:20 AM |
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He gestures toward the couch, 'Please...have a seat....can I get you something to drink?'
'Another beer would be great if you have one!' she answers, a little too quickly she thinks. She's starting to get nervous again, her buzz is starting to wear off.

'Do you mind if I smoke?' she asks, looking into the kitchen from her seat on the big overstuffed couch. 'No...go ahead! I'll bring us an ashtray!' he answers, closing the refrigerator door and opening a cabinet to get the ashtray. Holding that and the two bottles of beer, he walks back to the living find her sitting with her feet tucked under her, her shoes on the floor. 'Comfy?' he asks...grinning.
'Yes...I love this couch! I feel like I could just melt right into these cushions' She wriggles down a little, laughing softly.

He sets down the beers and ashtray, and then realizes he forgot to open the beer. '
I'll be right back!' he runs back to the kitchen, but can't remember where the bottle opener is.
Opening drawers, he finally spots one, on the 'fridge. Grabbing it, he sprints back to the living room, stopping before he hits the coffee table.
She looks up at him, blowing smoke, then sets her cigarette down and takes the opener from him.

He sits next to her, watching her unfold her legs and put her bare feet on the floor. He notices she has french-manicured toes...not what he would have expected. She sees him looking and giggles a little, 'Do you like it? I've never had a pedicure before, but decided to get one yesterday.'

She takes one of the bottles off the coffee table and deftly opens it, then hands it to him. After opening her own bottle, she sets the opener on the table and takes her cigarette, leaning back into the couch and putting her feet up on the table. He leans closer to her, taking the cigarette from her hand and taking a drag from it.

He puts his hand on the back of her head and begins to softly stroke her hair, pulling the curls through his fingers. She sighs and begins to relax, leaning her head back against his hand. Her hair is like a living extension...having it combed or stroked is a sensual sensation. He notices her response to his attention, and sets the beer down, putting out the cigarette with the same hand so he can continue his ministrations with the other.

He runs his palm down the length of her hair, almost to her bra strap, then lifts it up so he can run his fingers underneath it. He pulls the hair off of her neck and shoulders, and gently kisses the side of her neck...close to her hairline. She sucks in her breath...shivering a little with anticipation.

He hesitates, then lets his lips trail along that hairline until he's at the back of her neck....right where her hair meets her skin. He puts his lips there, licking her...tasting her clean slightly salty skin. She lets a whimper escape, her breath is quickening.

They are still facing each other, but so close she is almost on his lap...her head resting on his shoulder. She puts a hand on his chest, where his shirt is open, and slides it up to his neck. She lifts his head, turning toward him and meets his kiss with an urgency that surprises her.

He still has a hand on her neck; he reaches up to take the back of her head and grabs her hair in his effort to take more of her mouth. She leans back into his hand...he grabs harder, not wanting to let go. They both lay back on the couch...he pushes up a little on his elbows, so as not to crush her, but doesn't end this phenomenal kiss.

His dick is like a rock...straining against his slacks painfully. She can feel it against her, she puts a leg around his back and pulls him closer, grinding her hips against him. Her skirt begins to slide up, exposing her soaking wet thong, her inner thighs glistening with her juices.

He reaches a hand down between her legs...just palming her sex thru those panties...feeling her heat and moisture. He can feel pressure building, and pulls away, not wanting to come too soon.

Ending the kiss, he sits up...pulling her up with him. With his hand still behind her, he puts his other arm under her legs and lifts her up. She quickly wraps her arms around his neck...nuzzling his ear with her nose and rubbing against his slightly rough jawline.

He carries her to his room, sets her down on the edge of the bed and begins to unbutton her blouse...when it's open down to her waist, he pulls it out from her skirt and undoes the last two buttons...putting his hands alongside her ribcage, he slides the shirt up and off. Her breast are smaller than he'd expected, but perfect for her frame...he reaches behind her and unclasps her bra...pulling it off gently over her arms and putting a kiss on top of one of those beautiful tits.

He lays her blouse and bra on the chair next to his bed, then pushes her back and covers her with his body. He takes her hands and holds them over her head, so he can see and smell and taste all of her. Running his mouth and tongue from her right wrist, all the way down her arm, to the small dip in her armpit, he moves his tongue over the top of her breast and down to her cleavage, then under her breast...they’re just small enough that he doesn't have to lift it.

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Mar 4 @ 7:00AM  
Very Good

Mar 4 @ 7:28AM  
A great story .. sooo enjoy to read it again

Mar 4 @ 8:06AM  
*Tap's foot waiting for tomorrow to read the next part*

Mar 4 @ 9:58AM  
ohh it's gonna be another of THOSE mornings.. and me outta batteries..

Mar 4 @ 10:17AM  
Ok, ok this daily thing is both fantastic and terrible, now I have to wait….grrrrrrrrrr!
I’m not good at waiting!!!!

Mar 4 @ 12:03PM  
I gots plenty of batteries

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After Dark 4